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  1. Awesome work.. Thanks for Sharing Jeremy.
  2. Nice.. fine looking work.. thanks for sharing with us..
  3. Steve, I just read about your Dad and sent a prayer out for him and you and the Family.
  4. I would suggest that you find a local group and become a member, There's alot of them out there that would welcome you.. On another note, Be sure and get you some safty glasses and put them to use.. Safty is very important, Make you some tongs, and then make more, Then learn heat treatment and make punches and chissels. then make more tongs.. lol.. One other thing,, Welcome to the Family...Tom
  5. Prayer sent from PA.. and I will continue to pray for Jerry. Please keep us posted..
  6. Tom Lumpkins

    R R spike knife

  7. I know Dad is very proud of him.. He is doing good.. Please keep us posted on his progress. and keep that hammer in his hand,, that'll keep trouble from finding him.. thanks for sharing with us..Tom
  8. Looks good.. thats a fine looking anvil to...
  9. I was on my home yesterday and I talked with Unkspike " Jeff" and told him when I got home I was goin to fire up the forge and make some hotdog Forks. Well it didn't happen.. what a day...It took me about eight to ten hours to go 22o miles from Memphis to Clarksville,Tn.. here's a video clip I posted on You Tube of my day..Tom
  10. Looks good Chad,Whats the Weight , Thanks for sharing with us..
  11. Very Nice,, thanks for sharing with us..
  12. Pure Determination,, Sounds like your on track Mike. Thanks for sharing your day and thoughts with us..
  13. Tom Lumpkins

    Hand Rail

    Looks good Harley.. Looks like its been there for years.. Good Job...
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