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  1. Does anyone have experience with the 420 ear stainless steel (it is remelted 420 for making molds)? I was given a good amount of this and was wondering if it is possible to forge properly (for knives and other tools). I was working with a small piece about 2" thick and 6" long and it is very tough to forge. It eventually ended up cracking. If anyone has any advice or procedures , it would be greatly appreciated.
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    My personal Smithy 16x24 with a 5.5 ft loft
  4. Here is my solution for a Champion Blower 400 mount. I purchased the blower on Ebay for a good price (as it was in great condition) but, it did not have a mount.I hope this may help others who are looking for a quick solution for a mount. I used materials I had in my shop. Here is what I used: — I piece of 1 1/2 inch black iron pipe for the leg of the stand (cut to the length needed for my application). — 1 piece of 1 1/4 bar that I cut into two 3” sections — 2 pieces of 1/4 flat bar that I cut to the length of the sides of the blower base — 2 pieces of 1/8 flat bar (cut to same length as the 1/4 flat bar) that I quickly bent over my leg vise to form an L shape — 2 bolts and nuts… The design was pretty simple and works really well. It is very strong and solid and will not come loose. First I bent over the 1/8 flat bar to form the Ls at the top (this is what will grip over the blower mount rails that are at the base of the blower. I then welded the 1/8 bar at an angle (just eyeballed it) to the top of the 1/4 flat bar I drilled the bolt holes through all the pieces to line up the bolts. I then notched the 2 1/14 sections of the bar on the right side that is not welded so that the side piece will rotate and fit snug. I welded the 2 1 1/4 bar to the left side of the side plate. I left the right side free so I can adjust etc. I then welded the left side to the top of the black iron pipe for the base stand. You could add whatever you need to fit your setup for the base. Mine will be able to be removed from my forge...
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    Show me your vise

    Leg vise with rail stand. Its really solid.
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    Touchmark for Quinto Martin "Qforge"

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