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  1. Thank you it has been a fun project. I started with a 1/2 hp motor, moved up to 1hp both bogged down. I am now in the process of fitting a 6000 rpm 9in angle grinder motor to it. I have had it hooked up but need to step pulley it down it's a little to much but it really takes the metal off and shows no signs of bogging down at all. I'll likely do another video when I'm through.
  2. Thought I would share my DYS 2x72. 2x72 scrap grinder.: https://youtu.be/pjqzM5yGMWI.Table saw turned belt grinder.: https://youtu.be/xWobnS-f48k .Table saw 2x72 belt grinder belt tension.: https://youtu.be/lkRZBqZVxcg
  3. Hey Joel I've just recently picked up two 4x6 bandsaws one new from harbor freight and another older model I bought used. So far they are treating me great. They took a bit of adjusting but that really goes with any tool. I've been cutting 2" hardened steel and steel tubing without any trouble. They are not the fastest but they are faster than a hand hack saw and they are cutting square. I let them do their thing while I work on other things. I have added better wheels and have plans to mod the vise. In my opinion they are a good investment.
  4. Area specific as in availability within the area will effect value.
  5. Damion78

    Show me your vise

    The vice I just built working good so far.
  6. My 35 gallon steel drum slack tub froze over this winter I just threw a chunk of hot scrap on it when I needed it. This was not a problem until the seem blew out of the bottom from the expanding ice during an unexpected deep freeze.
  7. Damion78

    diy vise

    Thank you, I think it probably came to around $ 70. The steel I had picked up just to have the forks for whatever but paid around 30 for what I used, paid a few bucks for the screw, spent 30 or so on the hole saws I used to cut the holes. Then factor in the welding rods I had and the flap disc I used. Cutting the holes was the hardest part, I used a hole saw and a drill so if you can find a better way that would help. I also used files to elongate the hole on the moving jaw.
  8. Damion78

    diy vise

    Thank you.The screw is from an old carpenters vice I believe, I looked at some screw jacks also and they would have worked well I think but I picked this one up for a few bucks so I went with it instead. I had thought of using two forks at first and grabbed them because my idea was to build one like a wooden carpenters vice but went with this because I wanted to save the material for another project. I've found I really only use the rail anvil for light small work and I think I will still be able to utilize it in some aspects. All in all I am really happy with how it turned out. I may still need to do some dressing on the face but that can be done if and when I find a need to.
  9. Damion78

    diy vise

    Thanks a ton for all the pointers. The hinge pin is a half inch and It will be replaced with an appropriate bolt, I just didn't have one on hand when I was working things out .
  10. Damion78

    diy vise

    A wheel would be nice. I have a small one on my band saw vice and I like it better than the other one I have with a handle.
  11. Damion78

    diy vise

    Putting a handle on is definitely on my list of things to do, it twists freely but that would wear a guy out and it would be hard to get it real tight. The jaws do come together flush. I haven't done anything to the face yet because I wanted to see how things would work, I'll look into dressing them. If I understand correctly the idea would be to have them squared at around half an inch or inch for a common stock size and a radius to give more contact to variable sizes?
  12. Damion78

    diy vise

    Thank you, it was a what do I have project so I went with the dumbbell screw, I believe it is 3tpi seems to work ok but I have plans on looking for a better one.
  13. Damion78

    diy vise

    So I haven't had any luck finding a post vise and I've broken one of my bench vises so I'm building my own here it is so far. It weighs around 120lbs, stands 38 inches high, and has 5" jaws.
  14. I am honestly stuck on the issue. I would really like to own a "real" anvil but my railroad tracks anvil and my forklift tine anvil work pretty good so far. There are a lot of other tools I could get for $500. This is just a hobby for me I may just wait but then I may not.
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