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  1. On our one there's a manual pump at the back that's connected to the valve chamber with a thin copper pipe. You may want to check for a small hole on the top of the valve chamber to see if yours had something similar that's gone missing. Will try and take some photos tomorrow if that'll help
  2. Sorry Alan, been hectic and not had a chance to have a good look yet. I've determined it's nothing to do with the ram guide, but that's as far as I've been able to get so far
  3. I've already got a copy of the user manual, thanks to your helpful upload! I'm reluctant to mess around with the valving, but will give it a go if necessary. I briefly inspected the valve a few weeks back before we got it running and didn't notice anything unusual, will have to take another look though. I'm in Somerset, UK. I have a friend in Wales with 2cwt, will have to get in touch with him. It's fitted with a manual hand pump. I opened both cylinders and the valve and cleaned it all out, as there was a lot of old sticky congealed oil in there. I then gave it all a thin coating of fresh oil
  4. Ah, but I am a sucker for old machinery, and will always take in a sad old tool and try to bring it back to life. This breaks my heart!
  5. Hello all. My workplace has just acquired an Alldays and Onions 1CWT hammer. It's well battered, but with a bit of TLC I've got it running pretty well. However, until it's warmed up properly, the ram really struggles to raise properly back into the tup allowing it to deliver a full blow. It just judders up and down delivering small short blows. The warmer it gets, the more this improves. I've noticed the "Relief Valve" on the back of the hammer is missing, and has been replaced by a simple homemade flap valve. Was wondering if this could have anything to do with my problem. Any thoughts on wha
  6. Springs are just inherently dangerous. Don't let it put you off, just ensure any springs are well covered to protect yourself.
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