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  1. Old tools should not be painted. Ever. Clean them. Fix them. Then allow them to show their age. Painted old tools are gaudy. Don't do it.
  2. would like to see some pictures.
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  4. I like it too. Only posted the video to give some context on what exactly 'steampunk' is. Neat stuff poppaclutch.
  5. Sad news. Seems like the old timers are passing on...... one by one. RIP Ivan....
  6. painting anvils is an abomination. sooner or later someone has to clean it off. better to never put it on. tru dat
  7. Bob S

    Post Vice Jaws

    It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so. Will Rogers
  8. Gedore looks like a pretty reputable maker of high quality tools. http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS268&q=gedore+tools&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Rn_xUaGKJIKuqgHKqYCoCw&biw=1233&bih=668&sei=l3_xUfSUGIW2qQGXvIGIBg#um=1&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS268&hl=en&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=gedore+tools+hammers&oq=gedore+tools+hammers&gs_l=img.3...127637.130585.0.131171.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49784469%2Cd.aWM%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.MpiVkF51mpA.O&fp=4f4e25c458f0e7c2&biw=1233&bih=668&imgdii=_
  9. My point was that ordinary right hand drills can be easily sharpened to drill left hand. Of course the spindle has to be run in reverse also. I have worked in screw machine shops ( repetition engineering!!!) and used left hand drills routinely as you pointed out. But if you don't have one you can make one out of an ordinary right hand drill. Just don't go too deep cuz the chips won't eject.
  10. Bob S


    what's an "entitlement age kid" mean?
  11. I was reading on another forum the possibility of using a left handed drill as an aid in removing a broken or stuck screw. This is fine and may even work but you don't have to go out and buy a special left handed drill bit. Just sharpen an ordinary right hand drill of the appropriate size left handed. That;s right. Sharpen an ordinary right hand drill left handed. Take a look at a drill point. It works, I and many others have done it. The only thing a right handed drill which has been sharpened 'left' won't do is eject chips since the flutes are going the wrong way. So take little bites, back out, use a shot of air to remove chips, and nibble nibble nibble. As always wear eye protection.
  12. ya gotta ax yourself...... do I wanna be a blacksmith or a welder?
  13. Elevated Temperature Drawn 150 or ETD 150 is a modified 4100 H steel made by Niagara LaSalle. It is developed by drawing the material while at an elevated temperature. The results from the process develop a high tensile strength and high yield strength with improved machinability. Other benefits to this steel are decreased residual stresses from cold working, hazards of quenching and tempering are gone, and the material has uniform properties from surface to center. It has Tensile Strength of 150,000psi, Yield Strength of 130,000psi a 10% elongation in 2”. This steel is commonly used for pinions, shafts, gears, axles, etc. http://www.tellsteel.com/AlloyETD150RoundBar.html
  14. looks burnt to me too. will be unpossible to weld. start over.
  15. doesn't seem likely. is a knifemaker responsible for future cuts? maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. in any case 'blacksmithing' seems to attract a lot of boogityboogity.
  16. I think I would buy that for 15$ but I would not carve it up to make a hardy of hot cut. It already looks like a good tool. Up here (minnesota) they use similar tools to cut holes in the ice for ice fishing. Maybe some kind of tree bark remover. But too nice to cut up for a hardy that could easily be made from a piece of leaf spring.
  17. Bob S

    Show me your vise

    It isn't up for discussion. Painting vices/anvils/etc is wrong. W.R.O.N.G.
  18. Bob S

    Show me your vise

    Paint on a vise (or anvil etc) is an abomination. Proceed at your own risk. Tru dat.
  19. Great thread. Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new thread... "How to light a match". And no doubt there will be a number of guys who will write several paragraphs on the question. And I will read them. :wacko:
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