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  1. Finally got my post vice mounted and also had my first go at welding.
  2. Hi, Good to have you on board, it may be putting a location in your profile you might be surprised how many members are near to you. It also helps people to provide the most relavant advice for you. I would really recommend having a good read through all the stickies that are here, they hold a huge amount of very useful information. Zeroclick
  3. No problem it is based on one that David Stephenson had he let me take an outline. It is made out of 3/8 mild round. For the tip I used the bottom fuller I had to spread the material out and give a good holding point. I then worked from that point back by heating up short areas and bending over the horn. For the section that goes from horizontal to vertical I started off with a loop and then tightened it up on the face. As David said to me the most important part is the recurve on the vertical that allows it to lock into the pritchel hole. I used it for doing the split cross and was really effective.
  4. I corrected the eye on my toasting fork, made a hold down tool which should make things easier and also had a go at my first split cross.
  5. I cant really offer anything further on the pros or cons of spring steel however i did recently see a hammer being made from a Damascus billet. Alec Steel posted a video not long ago where he made a cross pain hammer and also has made a farriers nailing on hammer. Both are beautiful and may be worth a look if you are looking for some inspiration.
  6. That looks really cool can't wait to see the rest of it.
  7. Those are beautiful.
  8. "All that glitters is not gold ... and all that's black is not cold!!" - Ausfire
  9. Oh come on i thought that was pretty good for my first try.
  10. That is shocking.
  11. I have to say since joining this forum I check it multiple times through out the day, I think it is well run and that Glenn does well to deal with the technical issues that have effected the site very quickly. I have found the site to be intuitive to use and have never had any problems finding what I am looking for. I think the issue with some new users is they don't want to read the easily identified stickies which are standard for all forums and provide a wealth of information on how to use the site effectively. I think like any forum there are a core group of very knowledgeable posters who give a lot of their time dealing with questions. Also the comradery of this forum makes it very accessible and means that I have never felt embarrassed to ask silly questions or post my pieces for critique.
  12. Oh well thank goodness for that I thought beeswax would be ok but really don't want to poison anyone.
  13. Thanks Alan that is a great set of books. That makes sense I will do that calculation on the next one and hopefully I will get good results.
  14. That sounds like a good week camping What would you normally use as a finish for thexample fire tools used for cooking. I have used beeswax on this one but wondered if there was a better option.
  15. That is a good idea I may try that with a couple. With these two my wife's grandmother has asked me to make them for her brother. I have not seen where they will be stored but thought I would make to small J hooks to mount them anywhere. I went for the method of 0.5 inch eye. So with 0.375 inch, so I did 0.875*3.14 for pi to give me a material length of 2.75. But it just didn't seem to pull round, it was most likely my technique which can only improve.