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  1. Got a handle on the hammer I re-worked, it is about 10 inches longer and feels really nice in the hand.
  2. Lol isn't that always the way. Tash has decided for me to get the workshop she had to have a craft room. Which now means I will not be allowed to put books in there. But as they say marriage is all about compromise.
  3. Lol that is very true never thought of trying that one. Mind you she is keen as well she likes to come into the forge and have a go as well. So is almost as keen as me to get everything sorted so there is plenty of space. But at least it is all moving in the right direction.
  4. I can't get away with that as it's electric, but the shed will be put up really soon.
  5. Well that filled up a lot quicker than I thought. Nearly all the stuff near the big door is going to get moved to the new shed so I will gain all that space back.
  6. Yeh it is just nice to go in and not have to move everything around just to get to my tools.
  7. It is quite all setup I have a lot of the garden stuff to move to the shed. But I will post an updated photo as soon as I can.
  8. So do I, mind you he has a whole garden of workshops and I can always make them something to appease them. My plan is to panel out all the inside and use insulation to reduce the noise, also the roof will be coming off and replaced with Kingspan insulated roof sheeting. Between both of these I should be pretty quiet. My only slight concern is smoke but I use coke and it is pretty light on smoke.
  9. No they are just cast concrete panels, however the roof is.
  10. Already done Well that was one concern but there is about a meter gap, and I have no power hammer Also the ground is quite soft so shouldn't carry the vibration to much.
  11. Hi All, So I have finally moved to my new house which is amazing. But even better is I get a new workshop which is alot bigger, it is 6m by 3m. I will be making alot of changes, to get it just how I want it and thought I would show all of you. Thanks, Luke
  12. This is so cool, absolutely love the whole idea. Luke
  13. This pile of horseshoes came home with me today. Got a few projects in mind for them already.
  14. That looks so good, getting some major workshop envy. Luke
  15. So no forging tonight but had a lump hammer that came off its handle a week ago which was fun. So one of the faces had been distorted with use, so thought I would make a broad cross pein. I am pretty happy with it overall. Cheers, Luke