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  1. Thank you
  2. Now that would be fun to watch.
  3. Those are really cool, do you mind if I steal the idea
  4. This is such a cool trailer. I have been working my way through your videos and would never have guessed it was in the trailer seems so stable.
  5. Love this design just seems really well designed. Can't wait to see it in action.
  6. That looks really good, I really love the low layer count damascus.
  7. Thanks Frosty that is really cool to know. I hadn't heard of that hammer type.
  8. Thanks guys I was so happy to get it. He had two for sale the other was a 12 lb standard sledge but that had already gone. But he sold me this one for £1 and I couldn't have asked for better.
  9. Picked this up yesterday, it is 6 lbs with a ball pein.
  10. I use a stack of computer HDD magnets, I have two stacks of ten and it has completely killed the high end of the ring.
  11. Nice anvil I have exactly the same one and love it. You might want some magnets on the heel to deaden the ring and your ears will thank you.
  12. Yeah that may have been it but it seemed right by the colour. But to be honest I was getting to hot myself, so I have come out of the forge for the day and I will start a fresh when I next get in.
  13. I made a hot chisel and rounded off a rounder punch as I wasn't happy with its profile. I then tried to make a couple of leaf key rings, but for some reason I kept getting cracks along the transition from leaf to stem.
  14. No problem. Vinegar seems to be the best way to be sure you get the coating off. There is a thread about it if you search.
  15. From what I have read it is best to keep Galvanised metal away from any high temperatures. They should only be used for quench tanks, to prevent Zinc Oxide and even if you are outside it only takes small trace amounts to cause some pretty serious damage. If you use google with galvanised , you should get a lot of threads on the subject. It would also be good if you put your general location in your profile, you might find you live near a member, also helps with advice.