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  1. New Workshop (Finally)

    I did look at the hofi style, but the walls have not got the structual integrity to handle the hole being drilled through. Also my shed is right up against that wall with only a 6"gap. And i cant go out of either side as the left is right on the border of the property so would be in the neighbours garden and most of the right side is the house. The reason i was initially going out the top right is there it is a wooden board that raises that side of the roof to create the slope. And i was trying to avoid the roof as they are the old asbestos sheets. But i think with the legal requirements and if i put a big pipe in the initial location it will be right in front of the kitchen window which would not go down well. That was why i was going to use the exhaust vent. Cheers, Luke
  2. New Workshop (Finally)

    Ok so after some more research on the laws it has to be at least 5 foot (1.5m) above the highest point of the roof so it looks like I have no choice but to go straight through the roof. So think I will just go with the two options below and make my own cowl to go on top out of some sheet metal I have. I will just have to damp the roof and wear my face mask when I drill through and hopefully it will go well. Cheers, Luke
  3. New Workshop (Finally)

    Thanks for the reply, I did have a number of concerns myself with the choices but couldn't find anything that I could really apply to my set off in terms of the building I am in, so I thought best post something that may be possible and see what feedback I got. After looking at more setups I do agree that this won't be suitable but it is how to move forwards. In regards to your points. 1. I did read some information about aluminium ducting on the form but I thought this related to the insualted ducting, So would steel spiral ducting be ok as it still has the raised areas. Along the horizontal run I was going to a series of brackets to support. I am guessing this would be ok then. 2. Apologies I miss read the spec on the fan I thought it was 298 CFM not in meters, and yes I did have my concerns for the material on it. But I thought the distance from the heat source would address the risk. I agree after reading that spec that it is totally unsuitable 3. I did find an alternative cowl which is made from Stainless Steel and rather than having the backdraft it has a larger opening and only has a mesh on the inside to prevent birds getting in. I have remeasured the space I have and may be able to just squeeze an 8" pipe in the space if I reinforce the surrounding area, the only issue i would have is finding a way to mount an up section on the outside of the building I will try to get more pictures of the setup. I will also try to find more on the regulations in the UK I only seem to be able to find ones for internal chimmneys. Many Thanks, Luke
  4. New Workshop (Finally)

    So I was wondering if my previous post was so stupid that it has shocked everyone into silence or it got missed in all the new posts. I am aware that an 8" or bigger would be better, but for now I have to work with what the building allows. When I get a new roof on the place I will be going for a full chimmney with the height and diameter required. But do you think what I have outlined would at least clear the small amount of smoke and CO that will be produced. I am burning coke so the levels of smoke are negligble once the initial start up is done. Also I intend to fabricate a wide hood to help with capture. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Luke
  5. New Workshop (Finally)

    So I need to put a chimmney in as the weather is now taking a turn for the worse and can't leave the doors open anymore. Going straight up through the roof. So I was planning to take the route through the side following the red lines on the picture, then to increase flow add an inline fan where the blue smudge is to keep it away from the heat and then the cowl linked on the outside. I could really do with some advice on this as I have read a number of articles on the site, and I think I have found a midground that will work for my setup but was hoping to get a second opinion. 6" ducting ( I know 8 or 10 would be much better I don't have the space on the exit point to fit the diameter) Inline fan ( hoped to compensate for the samller diameter by increasing the flow) Cowl Thanks, Luke
  6. Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to our cousins across the pond and wanted to ask what everyone is most thankful for this year. Cheers, Luke
  7. Can you tell

    I agree totally with this I have been really lucky in meeting a lot of really friendly and supportive smiths who give me really good advice. That is brilliant and really proves the point that it isn't possible to judge from a single lesson. Which episode was your student in.
  8. Can you tell

    Well this is what came to my mind when the statement was made, in this case it was based purely on forging ability. I found it hard to believe that you could tell in such a short time that the ability of an indiviual had gone as far as it could go. The problem is it was something that got stuck in my head a bit like an ear worm, and started to make me doubt myself. My end goal is I would like to do blacksmithing professionally, but what if I had reached the limit of my ability and I just thought this is a dangerous think to say publically.
  9. Hi Everyone, So I was listening to the Blacksmith's Pub podcast, I think it was Episode 20 (but I am not a 100%) and the guest said he was teaching a class. With one guy attending and he said within 10 mins of forging he could tell that this guy was never going to be able to go professional. This made me think is this really possible, and thought I would ask what people thought about the idea. Cheers, Luke
  10. A new smith aproaches

    Welcome, sounds like your off to a great start. Can't wait to see some photos of your work.
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I made a leaf key fob, but I made a new veining fuller to use out of coil spring. I am happy with the look it gives. I also made a little door stop for in the house, was also my first attempt at a scroll only a little one but I am pretty happy with it. Both are made from 12 mm square.
  12. It followed me home

    I did think the same when I opened a few but they were all sealed, apparently just been stored for a very long time in some very bad conditions. The one on the top was out of the scrap bin though.
  13. It followed me home

    I got given all these coil springs today, they were all unused and still in the boxes. Should be good for a good number of tools.
  14. Hello out there

    Hi Phantom, You might be able to use parkersteels for stock if they deliver to your area. I have heard a few good reports about them.
  15. Meat Hook...Now what??

    I had never heard of this before but just had a quick read and is an interesting concept.