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  1. That looks so good, getting some major workshop envy. Luke
  2. So no forging tonight but had a lump hammer that came off its handle a week ago which was fun. So one of the faces had been distorted with use, so thought I would make a broad cross pein. I am pretty happy with it overall. Cheers, Luke
  3. Really enjoyed this series like always can't wait to see what you've got planned next. Cheers, Luke
  4. Thanks Frosty I'll give both of those techniques a go.
  5. Thank you, the bit I don't like is on the right I think it has too sharp a bend making a bit more oval. I haven't got exact measurements but end to end it is about 6 inches, I started with 12mm square. Thank you I do need to get the size down a fair bit. I need to find a good piece of material to make a drift. My next project is to make a thin profile fuller to widen the veins a little bit and make them more obvious.
  6. I made this leaf key fob, I am pretty happy with how it came out but feel I need to work on my eye forming more.
  7. Hi Brazer, I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It may be worth keeping hold of your stuff for now with physiotherapy you may be able to regain some of your mobility. My Grandad had 3 strokes and 2 heart attacks and always got told he wouldn't get back to normal but managed it everytime doctors really don't know everything. And it may be possible for you to forge I have seen on YouTube a young boy who only has the use of one arm and he is forging it will be awkward but it is still possible. I hope things improve for you. Best wishes, Zeroclick
  8. Thanks Smoggy and Ausfire. I will try that they are going to get used a lot. Well that's what I thought I have got a pile of old rebar and this just seemed ideal.
  9. I made some heavy duty tent pegs for the local Scout group they have a gazebo that blows away in the slightest breeze. They are made from 10mm and have about 300mm to stake in.
  10. Yeh it is a good one there is also a good one at York auction house it is a good one and worth the bit of travel. The one at Bridlington is really good it can take you all day to even get round.
  11. Thank you I will do a spark test on it and post results.
  12. There is always strawberry field outside Bridlington. Or Redcar racecourse is usually decent.
  13. Cool I will give it a try when I get back in the forge. I mean from what I read about rebar it would seem odd for it to be wrought. But with it being war time I thought it may have been takenfor the effort.
  14. That is a really cool haul.
  15. So I have been working this scrap metal it is rebar that was in a WW2 tank factory and when I was working it is noticed an odd texture under a top layer of metal. I have not worked with wrought or seen it so wondered what people thought about this. Thanks, Zeroclick