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  1. What did you do in the shop today?

    I finished this little herb knife for the War Office a few days ago. I forged it out of an old file and used a piece of fruit wood as a handle. The War Office kindly turned my great whetstone to allow me to make an initial working edge, which I then finished off on an oilstone. I have left the blade fairly hard. It is pretty roughly finished, but a functional tool. She is ver pleased with it which is the main thing.
  2. Newbie Shop Story

    We have just started Summer down under, so may have to wait till the opening rains next year before I start the forge again. I do not go hunting with my muzzle loading rifle for the same reason of not starting fires. I to have enjoyed reading about what you are doing with your shop. All that latent potential just sitting there !!! Cheers Gordon
  3. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    Gentlemen, end of my holidays, and David finished off the lead flashing, linking the stoop to the smithy, we also stuck on a lucky horseshoe. The final job will be to concrete the floor under the stoop.
  4. I am going to have a crack at one of these in a day or two, wet rags and a 1.5mm cutting disc, I will let you know how many discs I use !!
  5. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    Gentlemen, nearly finished, still have to flash the stoop where it joins the smithy, and sheet metal flashing down each side of the stoop. Roof now all screwed down, gutters on, and hood on over the window. Just the right amount of stygian darkness in the smithy, Hephaestus would be best pleased. Last thing now is to concrete in the floor of the stoop and put up a hitching rail for the nags.
  6. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    Mate if you do get over we are only 40 minutes from the city centre so you had better come and stay. Cheers gordon
  7. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    The Pasty Pom, he is a roof leader from Bedfordshire. David will lead flash where the verandah roof joins the wall, he has already leaded in the forge chimney. He is quite keen on shooting muzzle loaders and is learning to ride, might even team rope one day. Nobody drinks Fosters down under !! We do have plenty of good beer, don't worry, I just got a taste for Millers on the rodeo circuit years ago, and it stacks up quite well against our own beers. I brew my own Coopers which is from my home state of South Australia. That is a great suggestion about my hoof picks doubling as bottle openers !! We will in due course set a concrete floor down under the stoop, I am also fitting a donated window into the shop opposite where the vice is. Thanks for the interest
  8. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    Gentlemen, I am now on holidays and have been with the help of my potential son in law, putting up the front stoop on the smithy, we finished all the timberwork today, and will tomorrow order up the roofing iron. I reused old verandah posts from our old house, and old jarrah rafters. A few Millers Draught afterwards !!
  9. I may pay a visit from down under, I reckon Barkerville and Williamsburg will be on my bucket list !!
  10. That looks a nice place to work, I assume a pioneer village? I did the same thing re staples to hold my anvil still on a wandoo stump. Cheers Gordon
  11. New Shop at Gidgegannup

    Gents, fired up the forge yesterday, had a few mates drop around, one worked the bellows for me, and also held the tongs while I cut a length of file with a cold chisel, then made a nice attempt at a herb cutting knife, also two hoof picks which a farrier mate swiped as the one I had made for his wife who is a riding instructor had been pinched by one of her students !! Hoof picks are something that you cannot buy a decent example of from feed or saddlery stores and can be made out of old horseshoes !! we then sat around and told lies over a few beers so consider the Gidgegannup Forge christened !!
  12. The long game to a "free shop"

    Sodamac, ditto, my shop was about 35 years in the coming, I aquired a forge 30years ago had it repaird at work for a carton of cider, converted an old leanto using bridge timbers etc total cost about $80 bucks A cash for assorted bolts, the rest all salvage! You will just maybe need to knock up a hood and flue and a hitching rail outside !! Great use of your network and great having some good mates to help !! Cheers Heelerau
  13. wrought + molasses

    I meant to include my mate holding the Bess barrel part way through the cleaning process with molasses !
  14. wrought + molasses

    I have used a weak molasses and water solution to clean up a Brown Bess barrel and lock, rust just washed off, good thing about it, does not attack sound metal. I have also cleaned up various axe heads and the like. A good rinse and spray with wd40 as they flash rust quick after rinsing. Don't put any pot metal or aluminum as it will destroy those metals
  15. Large Steel Balls, Uses?

    They are mill balls, I have some to and am pleased to have looked at this thread. I will mount at least one of mine on a stake so it will fit my anvil hardy hole/