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  1. Yeah i read about and watch several vids on substitutes. Im mainly wanting to forge blades and perhaps a wall hanger,pot racks things of that nature. Money isnt to much of an issue id just have to wait till that fund has accrud the funds. In other words if i have to wait and save to buy the best then thats what ill do. And if im gonna drop over a grand im my eyes its gonna be the best. Ill look around , but any thoughts on how much weight would be sufficient to forge my needs?
  2. Well moving on, on back to square 1. Thanks for your inputs and a few comments cheered me up so thanks for that too. At least it saved me a 3 hour round trip in my 1 ton duramax. Do yall think if we all signed a petition we could get nimba to produce a 180lber?
  3. well guys i just got a few pics of it and what a disappointment. Not at all as described just a complete let down. Grrr
  4. Well he said he bought it new 35 years ago, ive searched american anvil makers in the 70s and didnt come up with much besides fisher norris or getting one through sears. Does anyone know of any other makers or what quality was a run of the mill a anvil like. You'd think anything manufactured in America back then was of some quality wouldnt ya think.
  5. Great idea, hes already quoted me 150.00 bucks gets the steel so im thinking its got a new home anyways its just doesn't know it yet. Ill touch up my profile here in a min but im in Houston Texas and hes about 2 hours east of me.
  6. Ok so ive been buggin a few fam members and friends for a year now to keep a look out on a anvil for me and hopefully its paid off. My father in law does alot of bartering wheelin n dealin and his good buddy Mac (older gent) has one he bought new in 1970. Said its around 200lbs use it maybe half a dozen times and decided blacksmithing wasnt for him. Been in the corner of his shop ever since. Hopefully ill be able to get out there this weekend and find out what it is but for now ull pick your brains. Anvil quality in the 70s, what brands were available then. Hes the kind of guy that buys quality equipment so i dont believe its gonna be an ASO. Im thinkin its gonna be a Fisher for some reason. Hopefully fisher will be worst case.
  7. Whats up fellas, new to the site and new to blacksmithing although i am a pipe welder/fitter by trade. Ive been wanting to get my hands into smithing for some time now and just when ive about saved up to purchase a anvil its seems i may have come across a deal on a used one. Anyways see ya's around. Be blessed.
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