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  1. Who's made a set of spurs?

    Sorry I didn't use the search, I've never had much luck with them on this or any forum so I usually don't bother. I also forget that this farriers section is here.
  2. As I've moved away from smithing and more into gear making I got a request that ought to get me back into the forge. I was asked to make at least 1 set of spurs. I talked to a former gear maker at a ranch rodeo tonight and he said to use 4140 for bands and shanks, he however never really got into the spur making and has been "out" of business for a few years. Are there any gear makers here and what steel do they use? What do I need to know before I dive in this winter?
  3. Etching makers mark

    Thanks thomas, my googlefu is not strong so I never can find what I want or give up before I get down to the right post. I just don't know much about the chemical/alchemical properties of stainless other than there are a bunch of them. I'll give that a shot
  4. As some have seen I've been making buckles and dressing up yeti type cups and I have been struggling with how to put a makers mark on them. The buckles can be stamped but the tumblers are alittle more difficult. My first idea had been to cut a tag of copper stamp on my company and the date but was told that that looked terrible so I've been trying to think of a better way. As I was pulling wire on a new fence just now I got to thinking about acid etching and wondered if anyone knew of a relatively inexpensive way to etch the bottoms of these. According to the place I get them they are 18/10 stainless. As always thanks in advance, pancho
  5. Thanks frosty, do I need to attempt to temper or leave it alone after the quench?
  6. These are the best that I could do for the moment. That bend may not be real visible and I just noticed a crack in the blade, I think the crack should be a fairly easy fix if I can get the thing retreated I just don't know how to go about that on this unknown steel. The brand name has been worn off
  7. After the fire we have a shovel that either was work weakened or annealed and has a bend in it and just curves into the ground. I would like to try to hammer out the bend and retreat it. How should I go about doing that or should I be wasting my time? If it can't be done no big deal but this shovel has been through heck and back with my wife so we would like to resurrect it but if it becomes a "useless" wall hanger that's fine
  8. Buckle wip

    That's what I was doing or trying to do but I'm fairly unpracticed with this application. The blobs in the second picture I just ground off and I figure since I'm going to leave this buckle "bright" unless I'm showing it to someone nobody should really notice it. I think the engraving would look better if I not only had more practice but also better gravers. The ones I used were ones that I had made and were pretty crude. And thanks guys
  9. Buckle wip

    It's a long ways from good but I like it so far
  10. Burned 90s Polaris 4wheelers

    Thanks SLAG, we have grass coming back in most places and after the grass these two were the worst of our losses, only one ran and it was kept up at the wheat pasture for the heifers winter grazing, more of a spare.
  11. Burned 90s Polaris 4wheelers

    Not a great picture but here's the other one
  12. Burned 90s Polaris 4wheelers

    This is how burned both of them are, I haven't had the time to do anything with them yet
  13. I've got 2 4wheelers that were total losses in the wild fire last month. I am planning on robbing as much from them as I can before they go to the scrap yard. Right now I have coil springs and axles on my list. What else should I look for on them that wouldn't be a waste of time trying to pull off?
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    First project in the new shop, still needs some tweaking but I think it's usable as is. Got the idea from the DF in the shop YouTube channel
  15. Kansas wildfire

    Grass is growing and charity is still coming in, there are a lot of better people than I who are helping us out.