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  1. Ive been asked to make some beads for a semi local artist and was wondering if anybody had a formula to figure out the starting size of a disc for various sized beads, ie diameter of a disc to make a 1/2 inch diameter bead out of 22, 20 , or 18 ga sheet, we haven’t decided on a thunk was yet. I know that with alittle time I could figure it out the long way but I don’t want to waste the materials and I’m not great with math. I can follow a formula but coming up with one is out of my league, thanks in advance
  2. Mr sells, apologies, I waffled for a while between where I put it and the alchemy forum but figured finishes were finishes. Thank you for the move. Special, Marc and Slag, thank you for the input I was a touch too hasty when I posted and should have updated after. I had seen that the wiki definition after I posted but life got in the way. That being said I only had had experience with vinegar and steel and didn’t know what it would do to other materials though I figured it would be mild enough. Got an answer on a FB gearmakers forum and they are bubbling away tonight.
  3. I’ve got a set of spurs that I’m repairing and refinishing for a guy, that are either browned or rusted. He wants them blued so I had planned to just dunk them in vinegar overnight to strip the rust off of them and clean them up before I do any repairs on them but I know nothing about the silver that is on them. If the vinegar just causes the silver to tarnish then that isn’t a big deal but they are not tarnished now so I’m guessing that it won’t tarnish from the vinegar I just don’t want it to get pitted.
  4. Thanks George. Kinda sorta not really. I bought all of the pieces from a water jet company. I made the rowels but figured for the first couple sets I could cheat alittle bit. I did bend the bands in the forge. Just used 10 gauge mild for the rowels, if they wear out too soon we’ll try something different.
  5. Thanks Tubal, I’m pretty pleased as far as a first attempt goes. Here’s hoping the guy they’re made for loves them too.
  6. Well these are a long ways from perfect but here’s the first set that I finally got done yesterday.
  7. I’m going to just fill the top an bottom divot to hide it. It will probably eventually wear through but I’m not too worried about it after a normal wear in period.
  8. I’ll put one up this weekend I’m planning on doing another pass with the file first though. Asked him what finish he wanted and said to leave them silver so that will make things easier, just fill in and polish.
  9. I just opened that side up some more and while not perfect looks a lot better
  10. Spurs are generally self cleaning I think.
  11. Here’s what I’m working with. I’m thinking I might be able to just cut that back to the back of the divot and be good. That side is too thick anyway. Took a step back and I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it was last night.
  12. I spose that’s one way of looking at it haha. My biggest worry is I’m already losing money time wise. I just had an idea though, fill the divot and wrap the shanks in copper with some decorative ingraving on it. Then the fill won’t show up at all.
  13. That’s basically what I’m planning on doing I’m just wondering if the mig/tig filler will show up after I blue them.
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