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  1. Marcus, I will check out his past threads. Looks like he was a longtime member with thousands of posts. Thank You for the lead. Cheers Paul
  2. You are probably onto something. I know I can shave and sand down the rubber down to fit the hammers needs. I will investigate. Thank You
  3. Andrew, Thanks for the info on Mr Wallace. I just checked the duro of both rubbers and they came in at 85A and 87A. The rubbers are 6" round x 5" deep not to big but a fun project to make them but if I can buy them off the shelf that would be great too. Cheers Paul
  4. Judson, Thank You for the info. Going to get on the horn pretty quick and track down the company name you sent over. Will keep you posted. Cheers Paul I thought about making them. I have a pretty big vulcanizer and can make the tooling for the cushions but if the parts exist and can save me some time great. I will contact Ray shortly. Thank You for the info. Cheers Paul
  5. Thank You Thomas for the info. When I get closer to the rebuild and installation of the Howe I will post something up. Cheers, Paul
  6. What is IFI ?? If there is a link on where I can buy or get cushions made please send that over.
  7. The rubber cushions are about 40% so yes they will need replacing. Still having a tough time with entering the patent # and getting no results. Found the US patent images, no information
  8. not yet Tried the numbers 379340 and nothing came up. I might be doing something wrong when searching those numbers
  9. Last week I brought home a 200 lb Howe blacksmith power hammer. This is a beast of a hammer weighing in at over 5800 lbs. I bought this over 1 year ago and finally had sometime to pick it up. It is all there but needs a few parts rebuilt. What I am needing, asking, and searching from fellow metalsmiths are publications, advertising, pictures, articles, ect, or anyone in the US who might have one of these who would be willing to share some incite and info on these. I will begin rebuilding the few parts needed to get this up and running. Andrew Alexander from Austin sent me 2 pages from an old book with a few words about the manufacturer. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank You Paul Ivazes