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  1. Grass Valley or about 2 hours north from Fairfield.
  2. gaswizard

    Info request about a Kinsley I&M vise

    Hello IFI friends, I just recently acquired a 6 1/4" jaw Kinsley I&M Canton Mass vise with foot pedal for grabbing material in the jaws. I have searched for info about this vise and come up pretty short. If there is anyone who has or knows much about this vise please let me know. How old? What was its purpose designed for? Cheers and happy metal working Paul
  3. gaswizard

    8 1/4" Columbian Leg Vise with rare base

    Just checked with a prick punch, you are right cast iron. Sure seemed like cast steel when it dropped on my foot
  4. gaswizard

    8 1/4" Columbian Leg Vise with rare base

    Good question. I pulled it out of 1910 blacksmith shop and they were together, same hole size on the base as the stud on the leg. I have looked online to see if there was any info on Colombian vises and there was but no bases. I would think other companies offered accessory's and that is where this base comes into play. The hole in the base was cast into place and not drilled.
  5. gaswizard

    8 1/4" Columbian Leg Vise with rare base

    Ah ha. Did not know about that part. Looks like something I can make easily. Thanks for sharing
  6. Last summer we had a red tail hawk visit out shop last year. The little fella stood on the railing for about 10 minutes watching us as we were watching him.The hawk flew to the back of the shop and I was lucky enough to take a couple picture before the bird flew away.
  7. gaswizard

    8 1/4" Columbian Leg Vise with rare base

    If you can pick her up with base over your head it is yours
  8. Last year I picked up a Colombian leg vise with cast steel base. The jaws on this are 8 1/4" and are in excellent condition. Weighs 205 lbs and the base is 50 lbs. Works like it was made yesterday, perfect condition.
  9. Yes I did and trailered it down to Nor-cal. Love to see pictures/video of your friends 100 lb Howe to see how it is set up. Thanks for sharing
  10. Marcus, I will check out his past threads. Looks like he was a longtime member with thousands of posts. Thank You for the lead. Cheers Paul
  11. You are probably onto something. I know I can shave and sand down the rubber down to fit the hammers needs. I will investigate. Thank You
  12. Andrew, Thanks for the info on Mr Wallace. I just checked the duro of both rubbers and they came in at 85A and 87A. The rubbers are 6" round x 5" deep not to big but a fun project to make them but if I can buy them off the shelf that would be great too. Cheers Paul
  13. Judson, Thank You for the info. Going to get on the horn pretty quick and track down the company name you sent over. Will keep you posted. Cheers Paul I thought about making them. I have a pretty big vulcanizer and can make the tooling for the cushions but if the parts exist and can save me some time great. I will contact Ray shortly. Thank You for the info. Cheers Paul
  14. Thank You Thomas for the info. When I get closer to the rebuild and installation of the Howe I will post something up. Cheers, Paul
  15. What is IFI ?? If there is a link on where I can buy or get cushions made please send that over.