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  1. I built a 4' by 8' welding table with 6 metal wheeled casters. And, the things I learned from that, is that metal wheels on a welding table cannot be beat.
  2. GMoore

    Tong parts

    In reply to Mr. Powers comments, I personally have quite the blacksmith, welding, archaeologic, and general historical reference library (about 2,000 vols.). I was trying, however, to find names and terms which are varied and historic. The museum is historic in nature, historic, in the sense that it is regional. Our regional history includes pioneer trail information (we are on the Oregon Trail), timber related items, and agriculture.
  3. GMoore

    Tong parts

    I've been posting photographs of blacksmithing tools in our museum display (Sandy Historical Museum - Sandy, Oregon). and have been getting excellent responses. Thanks to all. We're about done. Now, I have another question. What are the names of the different parts of a set of tongs? I call the "handles" reins and the other end, jaws. But, I may be wrong. What do you call the small "balls" at the end of the reins, on some tongs? Do you call the handles, rails? Where do the jaws begin? At the pivot point? What do you call this pivot point (where the rivet goes through)? Anything I'm missing? Thanks
  4. Any idea what these are?
  5. I am an amateur smith, and, I volunteer at the Sandy (Oregon) Historical Museum. I am trying to document our blacksmith collection. We have a Hercules anvil (marked Hercules OLD .....). The anvil appears to be in the range of 100 - 140 lbs (it is fastened down and on display) and the word(s) following "OLD" are covered by weld marks. Any help (date of manufacture, location of manufacture, HB, I suppose, but would like to find out the model, anything else). Thanks loads. Gary
  6. Museum artifact. Any idea as to mfg. and type hammer?
  7. GMoore

    Museum I.D.

    Another one. Thanks, all.
  8. GMoore

    Museum I.D.

    Any ideas?
  9. GMoore

    Museum Id Help

    Looking for information on these tongs.
  10. GMoore

    Tong ID help

    Can anyone help by IDing this set of tongs>
  11. Going to need help in IDing a bunch of tools. This one is about 5" wide with a bevel on one side to the blade (end). Hollow end (seems to be designed for a wooden handle.
  12. I am volunteering at a museum in Sandy, Oregon and we have a nice blacksmith shop display (and, quite a few smithing tools in storage). I have taken on the task of identifying all of the smithing tools and equipment. Included in our display and collections are a number of tongs, an anvil, two post drill presses, a forge and blower, a post vice, hammers, and a swage block. Rather than trying to show all the photographs on these pages, it might be better, if you are interested in helping with the IDs, if I email you the photographs. Otherwise, I could place them on these pages (approximately 75 photographs). I am interested in the type of tool (function), the manufacturer of the tool (if known), the history of the tool type, the date(s) the items were made, and, any particular information you might know about the tools/equipment. Any and all help will be appreciated. email removed
  13. GMoore

    Used TIG

    Looking at spending somewhere between $1000 and $1500.