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  1. It is a fact. No matter what size shop you build, it will only be one-half the size you need.
  2. I live in Oregon, on the western slope of the Cascades. Everything rusts. I want to clean everything I can fit in the parts cleaner.
  3. I have a Harbor Freight parts washer. It works fine, for what it is intended, but I am wondering about the cleaning fluid. I used 10 gal. of HET, 1501 (it really needs 15 gal. to reach the pump (but, not necessary). Here's the trouble. The fluid evaporates RAPIDLY. The fluid costs about $50 per 5 gal can. What would you propose - kero?
  4. Not to be too descriptive, but "some" of us are more ample, 3X ample.
  5. Gary Forge. I'm a retired archaeologist, with the name of Gary. But, the Gary in Gary Forge is not, really, named after me. There is a spear point in Texas called the Gary point - and, it is, plain and simple, UGLY. So the name Gary bridges my name, the spear point, blacksmithing, making tools, and me!
  6. Anybody got ideas re. building or getting a worktable suitable for plasma cutting?
  7. Haven't even thought about Forged in Fire equipment.
  8. Looking for a three burner gas forge (for knife making and other work) which will allow me to forge weld. The price should be in the $500 to $1000 range (no kits).
  9. I see Vevor grinders - 82" belts - for sale. What is plus or minus of 82" vs. 72". Looking for GOOD grinder, 1.5 HP +, variable speed, three wheel, under $1,000, if possible. Does anyone know about Vevor brand.
  10. Is there some sort of "T" valve which will allow me to share a single argon tank for my MIG and TIG welders?
  11. Doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe.
  12. For the past few days, I've been putting together a sand blasting from Harbor Freight. Now, I know, Harbor Freight equipment is not the best, more like a place to buy something I might use every other year. Be that as it may, I need a sand blaster to clean up a few things. And, I'm sure, when finished, the Champion blaster cabinet will fill that need. The parts are adequate. The holes, generally, line up. It is what it is! The instruction manual (for assembly) are a joke, and not a very good one, at that. The drawing are obscure (and, tiny). Important steps are left out, or are out of order. And, it reads like a mystery book. That off my chest. It is what it is!
  13. I will probably use it to make knives. And, I know that my uses will not warrant the best equipment. It is a hobby. But, that does not mean I should equip myself with inferior equipment just because I'm not the best smith in the world (or, even on my side of the street). I've worked very hard for the money I have (and, there is not that much of it), and this is the way I like to spend it. And, on another note, up until I retired, I had a side-line. I wrote a weekly column for our local newspaper. My pen name was The Occasional Curmudgeon, a role I've treasured for most of my 77 years.
  14. I have decided on a Bader Grinder. Questions: I am an amateur smith and a beginning knife smith. As I understand it, Bader builds a 1 hp, a 1.5 hp, and a 2 hp model. And, there appears to be a wide variety of wheels, platforms, etc. Looking or advice on what to get, plus some suggestions on what belts i should get, as a starter kit. HELP!
  15. I have a newly cut maple piece, about 18" in diameter and 24" in height that I want to use an as "anvil" (along with my normal anvil) in knife making, and, I want to make sure the log doesn't split. I am thinking about putting a couple of metal bands around the wood. Any suggestions?