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  1. Got a Bader BIII grinder. Am looking for suggestions on sanding belts to start with (for grinding metal and wood - scales), sat 10 belts. Suggestions for grit, brand, etc. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help. that's the fellow.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, there was a contestant on Forged in Fire who was eliminated early. But, he was a hammer maker, and I would like to find out who he was. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Decided on the KMG. Suggestions on types of 72" belts (brands and "grit"). I know I will add to this initial list, but am looking for about a dozen belts, of various types. Will be making my initial dive into blade making. I think I will start with pre-shaped blades, until I get the hang of grinding on the KMG, then switch over to making my own blanks. Thanks, in advance.
  5. I, really, appreciate the lead. I've been reading everything and looking at everything available - for about three years. But, reading about them on advertisements does little more than tell you what the manufacturer wants you to know. Users can tell me more. Nope, decided against the Bader. Too expensive. Your KMG suggestion seems to hit the spot.
  6. O.K., one last time. I'm looking for a 72" knife grinder (hopefully, with a stand) for LESS than $2000. I want to buy the best for the money. I don't need wisecracks. I don't need curmudgeonly put downs. I'm 78 years old and can out-curmudgeon almost all of you. I did write a newspaper column for about ten years, titled The Occasional Curmudgeon. No, I don't have experience in making knives, but I am a fair smith. No, I don't have the time to play games. Please, if you have a good suggestion, give it. Thanks
  7. Commercial link removed. You can list the name or take a screen shot of the picture but linking is a violation of TOS.
  8. This is for a plain plasma cutter, no computer involved. I guess i could build one on my own, but I'm wondering if there are plans/ideas out there. If I know the design, I can build it.
  9. What kind of grinders and three burner forges are used on Forged in Fire? Just wondering. Thanks.
  10. Not a misquote. Tractor Supply, Kerosene, $45/gal.
  11. O.K., starting over. I want to get into the knife making "business." But, I, really, don't want to do it with an eye to selling the knives. I would be willing to spend $1500 to $2000 for a good knife grinder, with the appropriate tooling and belts. Suggestions?
  12. Well, if I want to use the recirculating pump, I would have to put about 15 gals. in the parts washer. But, then again, I really don't need the recirculation feature, not, do I need the $150 price tag the fluids would cost. I priced kerosene, but the $45/gal. price scared me off. Still looking.
  13. It is a fact. No matter what size shop you build, it will only be one-half the size you need.