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  1. What kind of grinders and three burner forges are used on Forged in Fire? Just wondering. Thanks.
  2. Not a misquote. Tractor Supply, Kerosene, $45/gal.
  3. O.K., starting over. I want to get into the knife making "business." But, I, really, don't want to do it with an eye to selling the knives. I would be willing to spend $1500 to $2000 for a good knife grinder, with the appropriate tooling and belts. Suggestions?
  4. Well, if I want to use the recirculating pump, I would have to put about 15 gals. in the parts washer. But, then again, I really don't need the recirculation feature, not, do I need the $150 price tag the fluids would cost. I priced kerosene, but the $45/gal. price scared me off. Still looking.
  5. It is a fact. No matter what size shop you build, it will only be one-half the size you need.
  6. I live in Oregon, on the western slope of the Cascades. Everything rusts. I want to clean everything I can fit in the parts cleaner.
  7. I have a Harbor Freight parts washer. It works fine, for what it is intended, but I am wondering about the cleaning fluid. I used 10 gal. of HET, 1501 (it really needs 15 gal. to reach the pump (but, not necessary). Here's the trouble. The fluid evaporates RAPIDLY. The fluid costs about $50 per 5 gal can. What would you propose - kero?
  8. Not to be too descriptive, but "some" of us are more ample, 3X ample.
  9. Gary Forge. I'm a retired archaeologist, with the name of Gary. But, the Gary in Gary Forge is not, really, named after me. There is a spear point in Texas called the Gary point - and, it is, plain and simple, UGLY. So the name Gary bridges my name, the spear point, blacksmithing, making tools, and me!
  10. Anybody got ideas re. building or getting a worktable suitable for plasma cutting?
  11. Haven't even thought about Forged in Fire equipment.
  12. Looking for a three burner gas forge (for knife making and other work) which will allow me to forge weld. The price should be in the $500 to $1000 range (no kits).
  13. I see Vevor grinders - 82" belts - for sale. What is plus or minus of 82" vs. 72". Looking for GOOD grinder, 1.5 HP +, variable speed, three wheel, under $1,000, if possible. Does anyone know about Vevor brand.
  14. Is there some sort of "T" valve which will allow me to share a single argon tank for my MIG and TIG welders?
  15. Doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe.