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  1. If that's a drift then it's looking pretty good. you might still want to round the point so that it doesn't overheat when using.
  2. You probably want to grind the tip back a quarter inch or so to give it a flat tip and also grind it so that the punch looks like the last picture on your post from any angle. that will let it punch material more easily. nice job on the hammer dressing!
  3. Nice clean forging there Mark. Is the cupping tool made by intentionally forming fish-lips and then rounding it out?
  4. Nice work GolFisHunt. I really like the one on the right.
  5. Nice job on that hammer Conrad. I agree, the forge-finish on the cheeks is a wonderful contrast to the polished faces.
  6. No I wasn't unfortunately. But the guys down in Brentwood were great help with the welding.
  7. That Damascus looks nice Billy. I was able to do some forging on Saturday and made a fire rake (with a forge-welded handle), a shovel, and a poker. Figure it’ll go nicely with my new firepot that I got from the Nea England Blacksmiths. Plus a picture of the most adorable dog ever, the honourable Otter.
  8. I was looking at the picture of your skull keychains: I can take the picture out if you want. I just love the look of these and I wanted to know more about how they were made.
  9. I know I'm a year or so late, but did you do those eye sockets with just a ball punch or a specially made one?
  10. Nice clean forging there GolFisHunt. One question, why are the fuller parts so long? They look to be around a foot long, why not have them be just a few inches and save some material?
  11. That’s exactly what we did Frosty. There’s 5/8 ZIP board screwed down covered at every opening with ZIP tape. Then proper flashing and drip edge and then Grace with asphalt (not shingles) on top.