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  1. Nice job on that hammer Conrad. I agree, the forge-finish on the cheeks is a wonderful contrast to the polished faces.
  2. No I wasn't unfortunately. But the guys down in Brentwood were great help with the welding.
  3. That Damascus looks nice Billy. I was able to do some forging on Saturday and made a fire rake (with a forge-welded handle), a shovel, and a poker. Figure it’ll go nicely with my new firepot that I got from the Nea England Blacksmiths. Plus a picture of the most adorable dog ever, the honourable Otter.
  4. I was looking at the picture of your skull keychains: I can take the picture out if you want. I just love the look of these and I wanted to know more about how they were made.
  5. I know I'm a year or so late, but did you do those eye sockets with just a ball punch or a specially made one?
  6. Nice clean forging there GolFisHunt. One question, why are the fuller parts so long? They look to be around a foot long, why not have them be just a few inches and save some material?
  7. That’s exactly what we did Frosty. There’s 5/8 ZIP board screwed down covered at every opening with ZIP tape. Then proper flashing and drip edge and then Grace with asphalt (not shingles) on top.
  8. I've seen one of those on Kayne & Sons Blacksmith's Depot going for around 1k. But that wouldn't be the one you have, this one's new.
  9. Got down to 15 or so overnight in ME... and then woke up to 1/2 inch of ice on everything. Nice Ouroboros pendant Rojo!
  10. I've been blacksmithing for a few years now, but only recently have I started building my shop. I already have some tools and an anvil, but so far I have been put off from buying a gas forge online because most of them aren't right for what I'm trying to do. (which is mostly knives, axes, and a whole lot of hooks and other ornamental ironwork.) However, I have no idea where to start with building a forge, so I figured I'd ask some more experienced smiths about it. I'm not totally against buying a forge, but building one seems like the better option for me.
  11. snow load isn't a problem due to the rough cut 2x10 rafters, which should hold the snow we get each year just fine. I'll talk to my dad about just using rubber, but he wants to do shingles. The pitch definitely isn't changing now!
  12. Good news and bad news. Good news, the rafters and zip boards are all up. The bad news is the hack who built the garage did nothing properly, from stapling on the overhanging drip edge the not having rafters and studs (none of them) 16” on center, which means that we had to space the rafters all funny.
  13. It’s almost flat with 2x10 rafters and sealed plywood. Possibly asphalt shingles, maybe a tin roof