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  1. The chain can be sourced from hay conveyers. Check with your local Farmer's Co-0p
  2. The title of this thread is "A Use for Scale" thus this answer. I collect and save it. If you have to grind some area of a forging the ground area is smooth and does not look like forged work. If you try to forge it to get rid of that appearance you probably will change the dimensions. I sprinkle the scale on the ground area and pound it in. Because scale is harder than the steel it will impart the forged appearance. Wayne
  3. Or just go to Harbor Freight and get a "Center Point" 25' tape. The upper side of the tape is marked as standard inches and fractions, the bottom side shows inches and fractions but is at one half scale. So measure the length, say 10 7/8". Just look on the bottom side for 10 7/8" and you have the center point of middle of your measurement.
  4. I saw one of these at Quad State and have been recommending them for Ribbon Burner Forges. I did not see if the motor has replaceable brushes (like an angle grinder, the 2 plastic screws usually at the back). If it does not using a rheostat will probably burn it out soon. Would someone check this and post the results?
  5. You have a unique vise there, don't destroy it's uniqueness.
  6. Bart, I have never seen one like it, from the mount of the spring and looks of the spring it appears to be a French made vise. the other thing that I have never seen is that the pivot has a limit built in. Wayne
  7. There is a reason they are called aids and not "fixers". Mine sure help but they don't fix it. Wayne
  8. Jerry, I just drank a Margarita for you. Well, Ann and I just finished a pitcher, but one was for you.
  9. to make the knuckles I use a curved chisel each opposing like this (). Wayne
  10. Whiskeysup,, that was a very gracious response.
  11. Jerry, I add water to fill a 5 gallon bucket, plastic bucket.  Don't use a metal bucket, the salt will eat it away.  Be careful not to hit the side or bottom of the bucket with hot metal.

    Let me know if I can help you.


    1. Jim Coke

      Jim Coke


              Glad your back to help folks.. 

      Forge on and make beautiful things 


    2. jerry p.

      jerry p.

      Thanks for the reply Wayne. My 14 year old son got an hc rr spike at a yard sale and wanted to make a knife. I know it is not the best steel to make a knife but we had fun forging it out. He still needs to clean it up, and then we will heat treat it.


    3. jerry p.

      jerry p.

      Here is a picture of the knife so far, we may put a twist in the handle to try to make it a little shorter.


  12. RR spikes are 5/8" square. they are about .29 points of carbon is high low carbon steel. If you forge the blade, then quench it in Super Quench (5# rock salt, 24 oz blue Dawn dish soap (the concentrate) and a bottle of Jet Dry (dish washer spot remover) and fill to 5 gallons of water) you can get a hardness of about 53 RC. Try bringing the spike to non-magnetic and quenching in water, then bring it up to non-magnetic and quenching in Super Quench and listen to the steel SCREEM! Let me know if I can help you;. Wayne
  13. Check out the Build a Gas Forge, Ribbon_Burner, Building_A_Forge_With_A_Ribbon_Burner Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
  14. I like the Kast-0-Lite. It is far less expensive than Greencast 94, it is light weight and insolating. All should be cast over ceramic blanket. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
  15. I think that Kast-0-Lite is the superior product for lining a forge. I have never had a problem with flux eating the Kast-0-Lite. Also Kast-0-Lite is a light weight insolating product. You get a lighter forge and better insolated. Let me know if I can help you. You can send me a pm or e-mail. Wane Coe
  16. Just follow the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. No fire brick (heat sink) make the burner 3 x 3. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
  17. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I prefer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wayne Coe directions sending people off site removed
  18. I think that you would save money and get a better forge by just starting over. Let me know if I can help you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  19. In my post my finger got over one key. I meant NJ.
  20. I suggest that you start over. Check out the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx web-site. You can find the url and other contact info on my Profile. Let me know if I can help you I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wayne Coe
  21. And if you check with them they probably don't have a clue about forging and gas forges. I doubt that there is a problem but who knows what some bureaucrat will think. I know that there are many blacksmiths and bladesmiths in NH using gas forges. Let me know if I can help you. You can find xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wayne Coe
  22. It is much better to start off right. Check out the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and other attachments on the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You can find xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
  23. Frosty, you are to kind. I will send you a pint of Metrikote if you will test it and give your (honest, which is the only opinion that I've known you to give) opinion here. I don't think that I have your mailing address so e-mail me. the2ndcashbooy the way you did the forge weld is not the best way to test a weld. There is no scarf shown there. It is good that you did get a weld there but it would be better if you did a proper scarf for a test. Let me know when I can help you. Wayne
  24. I can say that when I added Metrikote or Plistix it cut the heating time in half to get a piece of 1" square up to forging temps. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
  25. A properly built Ribbon Burner, using the proper castable should not have problems with breakage. Stress risers occur at inside corners. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne Coe
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