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  1. Matrikote over Kastolite

    I built a forge for a student several years ago. After the Kast-0-Lite had cured I put a piece of 1" square in and fired the forge, timing how long it took to get to forging temps. It took 11 minutes. The next day I painted a coat of Metrikote over the KOL and it took 7 minutes. Metrikote is an Infrared Reflective product. How could it reflect if it is covered up. The company that I get my supplies builds large furnaces and kilns and this is the way they use it. I have been doing it this way for about 10 years. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne
  2. Any idea what kind of hammer this is?

    If it won't fit in your shop, you need a bigger shop. Wayne
  3. 2 hp motor wiring help?

    You can do with that you can use 14g wire. For convenience you might want to use a 30a plug and outlet. There is some information on my web site. Check out my profile for the url and contact information. Wayne
  4. How about forge cooking?

    Some times when demonstrating I would make a big deal about making a skewer. Taper the end, put in a twist, forge a handle and then get it all red hot, skewer a hot dog, stick it all back in the forge for 30 seconds. "That my friends is a 30 second hot dog. Cooked all the way through."
  5. Questions about dimensions

    I have had students in my shop, using my forge, some entering from each end with no problems. I don't like square forges because of the inherent hot spots. With a round forge the burners can be placed on a tangent, creating a swirling flame and more even heating. Check out the Build a Gas Forge at the Forge Supplies page on my web-site. You can find the URL and e-mail address on my profiles page. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne
  6. Satanite wouldnt adhere to pearlite.

    Have you read the Build a Gas Forge attachment on the Forge Supplies page of my web-site> You can get to the web-site and my e-mail address from my profiles page. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne
  7. Want a borax-proof floor

    Kast-0-Lite is resistant to flux. If you have flux problems with your floor you are probably using to much flux. I weld Damascus billets in my Ribbon Burner forge with no flux. You will need a reducing flame and a Pyrometer. Let me know if I can help you. You can find my e-mail addy on my profiles page. Wayne
  8. Forced air burner - bad ???

    All blown forge supplies that I have seen have the Propane inlet upstream from the blower. Remember that Propane is lighter than air so if the Propane inlet is above the blower the Propane will fall down into the lowest level. Think of water. Pour it and it will fall to the floor and run to the lowest level (run across the flower to the lowest level). ALWAYS turn on the blower before the Propane no matter how it is plumbed. Let me know if I can help you. You can find my e-mail addy on my profile. Wayne
  9. another newbie

    Check out the Build a Gas Forge on the Forge Supplies page of my web-site. You can get my e-mail addy on my profile page. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne
  10. ABANA Bylaws Update

    Mostly it is a bunch of hoop-a-la. Minor changes that don't really change much. I have not studied them thoroughly but that is my impression.
  11. ABANA Bylaws Update

    Lest we all forget, in 2001 the ABANA board determined that the (then) Chapters could not Shoot an Anvil at any Chapter meeting or conference. The SEBRC (South Eastern Blacksmiths Region Conference has always shot an anvil as part of it's conference. We shot the anvil anyway. The ABANA board then kicked the 7 southeastern participating chapters out of ABANA. We contended that they had no control or dominion over us. They thought that we would come running back, apologize, and promise never to do it again. That did not happen! At the next Board of Directors meeting they determined that the word Chapter indicated that they had some sort of control and thus liability exposure, however, if they changed the word to Affiliate they would not have any control and thus no liability exposure. They further stated that if the "former Chapters" did not state otherwise, that the former "Chapters" would be deemed to be Affiliates of ABANA. If they were to now to exhibit some form of control, (require that Affiliates have 501(c)3 status) they have , supposedly, exposed themselves to potential liability for acts of the Affiliates. They won't do this, unless they forget the past history. Wayne, former member of the ABANA Board (after the above mentioned acts). btw, I wrote the By Laws now in effect.
  12. ABANA Bylaws Update

    Lutz It appears to me that the Proposed By Laws deletes all references to Affiliates in the Article III A: Affiliate Organizations. I did not find any where requiring Affiliates to be 501(c)3 organizations. Please specifically where you found such reference.
  13. Atlanta Apartment and Blacksmithing

    Lykam check out this URL. It is for the November meeting of Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association. It is going to be an open forge meeting, meaning that anyone who wants to can forge, demonstrate or just learn. There will probably be about 4 coal forges going. The meeting is about jigs and attendees are encouraged to bring some of their jigs and demonstrate their use. I will be there and be happy to visit with you. There will probably be between 25 and 50 smiths there and there is free smoked chicken to boot. Let me know if I can help you. You can find my e-mail address on my profiles page. I will be in Atlanta Thursday thru Sunday. Wayne
  14. Forge build help

    You should be able to come up with a 20# tank for free. The old valves can not be refilled and they are hard to dispose of. Just look around a little, go to a place that refills tanks and see if they don't have one that you can have for free, or go to an auto repair shop that does AC work and get a Freon tank, or go to the local HVAC shop and ask for one. If you drive your pick up be careful that they don't fill the bed up. They are hard to dispose of. They are probably just waiting for someone like you to come in and ask. My forge is a 30# tank with a 10" ribbon burner. It is not what I recommend but I was given a burner and it was to big for a 20# tank. Again, let me know if I can help you. See my profile for contact info. Wayne
  15. Forge build help

    Read the Build a Gas Forge on the Forge Supplies page of my web-site. You can get the web-site and other contact information on my Profiles page. That is a 30# tank. A 20# would be a better size for the reasons that Frosty mentioned. You could even go with a Freon tank for an even smaller forge. Two inch blanket is hard to form around in small spaces. Let me know if I can help you. Wayne