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  1. Mayo is really good, but i hardly ever use it actually. It always bumps me to see that people consider mayo one thing. In fact, most fries-places have 2 kinds; normal mayo (made with lemon juice), and sweet mayo (made with eggs, and in general smoother). And then there's tartar Then you go abroad and everybody considers mayo the sweet stuff, like in the hamburger restaurants in those bags.
  2. Well; I have a medically schooled wife, I've seen lots of this virus and I've seen what it can do, and how dangerous it is. And I'm serious when I say, do not underestimate this, as this virus can have a serious fysical impact on you. This is the time to invest in yourself, avoid this thing, get healthy, learn a new skill .. that kinda thing. However; it's not going to go away. There are too many things that simply do not logically make sense. Here in Belgium; we currently do not have a governement, due to our deadlocked political system. But the "temporary" governement has an easy time
  3. I leave them open outside of my shop for a couple days untill I can no longer smell propane. Then I use a very large adjustable wrench to remove the valve, then I fill it with water. If it has been filled and emptied a couple time for a couple of days, I cut them with a plasma torch. Sometimes the valve is stubborn, but I've never broken one off.
  4. Well; only a picture will do. The anvil is broken in half, about 10 inches behind the pritchel hole; it's welded back together by a stickwelder; and reinforced by welding a plate over the seam, and a strut under the square horn. Both feet under the round horn are also broken off; and replaced with a square-iron bracket. anvil horror :-)
  5. I don't get that either. Maybe it's location based. Here there's no shortage of anvils nor post vises, new as well as on the second hand market. Postvises, anvils ... I don't get it. Give me 400€, and I'll get you a post vise & an anvil in a couple days. Just for facts, I checked the local Belgium based second hand website. 3 post vises today, 5 anvils. And one anvil that got abused to an insane degree. The Square horn broken off halfway into the face, welded back with a strut, and half of the foot broken off, with a bracket as replacement ... the sorriest anvil I'v ever seen ...
  6. My first anvil is 82 cm from the concrete floor. My second was 80 cm from the floor; and my third is 77 cm from the floor. I've moved mostly to the 77cm high anvil; but I've also moved away from knifemaking a bit lately.
  7. I've seen 2 small anvils with hi-end anvil markings but cast in poor cast iron, obviously fakes. One was a UAT, and the other was a SZ Skoda anvil. At first I thought the faceplate on both had been removed; but the side were milled to look like a faceplate. So; yes; there are counterfeit anvils, although not a lot.
  8. About the original question; get the biggest heuer front Vise (the forged steel versions) you can find; I've banged hot steel on it for years, and it's still kicking well. But legvises are better for shock absorption.
  9. Hello; Well actually i did that experiment a while ago. I took all my anvils; cleaned & polished them. On each I put a slab of copper(about 2 x 2 x 0.5 inch), same thickness, cut from the same bar. I took a 50mm (2inch) ballbearing, and dropped it from a meter high on the copper plate on the center of the anvil. I couldn't detect a difference between anvil hi-end anvil (solid tool steel vs tool steel face plate). My iron swage block had a noticeable smaller dent, even compared to a railroad track. A piece of cast iron was about the same as mild steel, I didn't have a cast
  10. That's the reason I keep a whole stack of railroad around... Help me as a striker for an hour, 58 cm of RR. 2 hours; 58 cm of RR with 2 fish plates welded in Sometimes, when people really want to get into this, but really are rock bottom, I'll just give them away.
  11. There are more than enough anvils more to the north, usually the french "pig" style, even more north (other side of France), you are in my corner of the world; and there are plenty anvils around here. Now being spoiled anvil-wise, you need to understand what you want to do, and what kind of anvil you want for that work. I have anvils which are completely harder than a file, and made from tool steel; they will not support cold work on edges. There are also softer anvils; anvils with faceplates ... Once you figure that out; use the Thomas powers anvil acquisition process; take your time, and you
  12. A2 / 1.2363 is an air hardening steel. As in, get it beyond critical or non-magnetic, hold and aircool, and it will harden quite deep. It's a very fine steel actually :-) However, hardening a block of this size is NOT simple. You cannot heat up one end and let it aircool, as the heat in the other end will anneal it. You also cannot heat up one end and quench it, as it will crack the top layer. You need to get it entirely hot, soak for a LONG time, and you need to quench it some way suitable for this steel in this size, as still air will be too slow. If I needed to harden this, i'd get pr
  13. In Belgium, we've had succesfull treatments of very bad cases with serum from people who fully recovered (same blood-type). However; we've also found that a lot of people "thought" they had it; but turned out just then normal flue. People really would like to believe they are immune; I understand, but here we only test people based on 4 factors: Flue-like symptoms after february, and 3 of the usual symptoms; most of the time: Fever; cough and loss of taste/smell. Usually they report all 3. This "seems" different from the normal flue; as the flue usually has only one symptom. I've never had a
  14. Well; this is week 2 in lockdown-light (as in, we're free to go shopping and whatever; but try to stay at home). In Belgium; this is starting to flatten the curve; as our ICU beds are about 50% full. (counting an ICU bed as artificially ventilated with 100% oxygen and doctor & nurses available). if we don't loose too much health personel, and people stick to the social distancing for a while; we won't reach the 100% mark; where terrible choices will have to be made. We probably won't stop this, but we will stay below the breaking point of our infrastructure. However; this is Belgium, there
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