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  1. Is it against the law in no to have a propane forge in nj I had a neighbor complain and I think they are just being a xxxxx Wondering if anyone here might know about legality stuff in nj.
  2. I have an old one burner propane Nordic Whisper Baby that I got used from my Farrier School when i graduated (i was young and dumb and thought that $100 used was clearly better opposed to $400 new) but to cut long story short I have found it to be a bit anemic (probably why they sold it to me ) other then that it works perfectly fine but I was wondering if anyone here had experience with the Whisper Baby I replaced the the interior years ago when i first got it but it probably only has a few hours of burn time on it since then. Thanks in advance for anything you all might be able to help with
  3. Thank you I am not planning on grinding or milling it, since I have ZERO experience with either grinding or milling. I think it has a good amount of character so I am looking forward to using it.
  4. So a few years ago I acquired an old peter Wright but then life got in the way and it has been resting at my parents house until today when i decided that I want to start Black-smithing so i know that this Anvil has seen some hard use well before I got it but I was wondering how much hard use it got since it is missing several of the hallmarks I think it is a rather early export ( New Jersey USA) i took my hammer to it and she rings very nicely so i know she still has a lot left to give. I am working on getting a stump this weekend to begin setting it up and have plenty of old horse shoes to bang away on. My wife is very excited about me working with metal since she has a bit of a love affair with metal. any information on the Anvil would be greatly appreciated, i think the engraving shows up better in the picture then it does the naked eye.