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  1. Very nice ! "Keep the ends square", you mean the top and bottom of the ball turned peen?
  2. A person might need 3 hands to make a flatter work! I don't know that I need a flatter. Just looking for a project. I really don't know if I can get into knife making, more interested in other projects, just haven't figured out what! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Frosty, good information!
  4. I was thinking of welding a piece of 3x3x1 steel on the face of this old ball pien. Think this would work as a flatter or is the 1" an overkill?
  5. beef56


    I have many expensive vices and several vises. Blacksmithing is the common denominator.
  6. beef56


    I have tried to edit this post. ADVICE not advise!
  7. beef56


    I looked at this vise today. It is good condition, jaws and screw. As wonkie as the coil spring looks , it does work. Contrary to the advise of those responding I paid $70. I live in a very rural area and I could drive hundreds of miles to farm auctions and not find one. It sounds like they will bring at least $100 on the auctions. I am sure this will work fine once I make a mounting bracket. Thanks for all the good advise provided!
  8. beef56


    Thanks for the information. I will look at it this weekend. I have a machinist vice so it's not imperative that I have this particular vice.
  9. beef56


    I thought that was a bit steep too. I doubt the spring or the bracket would be terribly difficult to make but I shouldn't have to do that much work before I could use it. Unfortunately there just aren't that many available in my area.
  10. beef56


    lo I was told this was a Columbian 4.5" vice. From the limited research I have done the coil spring looks odd.Did Columbian make such a vise? He is asking $110.
  11. beef56

    Tong repair

    Thanks for the information. I hadn't thought of the contamination by brazing, good point. I will take a look at the tongs. I don't believe the crack is clear through so maybe it is just a flaw.
  12. beef56

    Tong repair

    I have a pair of tongs that have a crack in the jaw. I was considering v'ing it a bit and brazing it. I thought it would be smother and probably stronger than a stick, or wire weld. Is this the correct procedure? Thanks
  13. I recently bought a used Bader Space Saver. It only had a 14" cloth wheel and 10 belts. I called Bader and the lady was very honest. Told me to start out she didn't want to sell me high priced attachments until I knew what I wanted. I bought a 5" contact wheel and ordered some 2" belts so I don't have a flat platen either. I only paid $200 for the grinder and was willing to spend a few hundred on an attachment. I may manufacture a y-arm with tool rest and platen. I am new and still not sure what I want and need but was very appreciative of Bader's honesty. They have been very helpful.
  14. I am a newbie and have been looking at a hammer from Kens Custom Iron. He is only selling a 1.75 lb cross peen at this time. I was thinking a 2 lb might be a nice weight. Does anyone have any experience with one of his hammers?
  15. beef56

    Chili Forge

    I received my Chili forge. It was packed well and nothing to set up, just hook up a bottle. It is easy to operate even for a dumbie like me. Great product!
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