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  1. beef56

    Chili Forge

    I received my Chili forge. It was packed well and nothing to set up, just hook up a bottle. It is easy to operate even for a dumbie like me. Great product!
  2. I intend to take unbolt and remove the I-Beam on top of the stand.
  3. I have a 125 lb Hay Budden on a stump that is too tall and too large in diameter. I had planned to cut it down or build another. I have this stand I could use. It is about the correct height and is heavy, nearly 1/2" thick. I am thinking I need to put wood between the anvil and the stand. Will this stand be ok or should I build another one?
  4. I am a newbie and bought a Chili Habernero a few weeks ago. Stacie from Chili was great to work with and answered all my dumb questions. They are more expensive but the setup takes about 3 minutes and it is ready to go. I have used it a few times and have no buyers remorse. Easier to learn on this than trying to learn after building one or buying one that requires modifications.
  5. I don't know what to buy, contact wheel, y arm, or attachment with platen and work rest. Bader makes a nice selection but they are expensive !
  6. I sent pictures and called Bader. The arm doesn't fit the Space saver grinder. I am considering buying a 5x2 serrated wheel that will fit the yoke where the cloth wheel is mounted.
  7. I picked this Bader Space Saver up the other night. It came with a 1.5" cloth wheel and 10 belts. It also came with the extra arm that has a .75" serrated contact wheel. I am unable to attach the extra arm, not sure it is for this grinder. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks Thanks, I will do that.
  9. I bought this sight unseen a couple weeks ago and picked it up last night. I was not disappointed. It cheapened up the Chili forge I just bought!
  10. I have s chance to buy this Bader grinder for $200. He claims it works and has 9 new belts with it. From my research Bader makes a quality grinder. Does this sound like a fair price?
  11. beef56

    Chili Forge

    I don't think I will regret the purchase. The most common complaint about the Chili is the price, not the quality. I could have built one or bought one much cheaper but would they perform? I can almost bet my first burner and forge build would be less than stellar!
  12. beef56

    Chili Forge

    Well, I ordered the Habernero forge today. Sounds like a great product once you get over the sticker shock!
  13. beef56

    Chili Forge

    Thanks Mike for designing the burner. It sounds like Chili used yours and it is a success. I could build a forge and burners but don't want to take the time. I only have a few hours one day a week to work on it. My wife says I would spend $500 on supplies and it still wouldn't work, she may be correct! I am leaning towards the Chili in spite of it's cost.
  14. beef56

    Chili Forge

    I am considering buying a Chili Habernero forge. It seems I would be paying a substantial premium over a NC Forge. Are they that much better quality? I have read that the Chili is more fuel efficient which, if true, could offset that initial cost over time. Also does anyone have any experience regarding re-lining the Chili forge? This may have need discussed in an earlier thread but I don't have much success searching this forum. Thanks in advance!