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  1. bajajoaquin

    Experience with Blacksmiths Paradise?

    Interesting. I was unaware that my location affected the business experiences of others. Noted for he future.
  2. There was a reference to a 1000-lb anvil in another thread, and I followed up on it, finding the Blacksmith’s Paradise shop. Those anvils are pricey, but less expensive than what I can find in my area. I’ve also been having issues with the beat up edges of my pre-1850 Hill. So.... anyone buy from them? Any opinions on working with them? (no, I’m not in the market for that 1000-lb monster, but I wish I were!)
  3. bajajoaquin

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Can you elaborate?
  4. bajajoaquin

    W-2 Anvil Face vs Avg Anvil?

    Any update here?
  5. bajajoaquin

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Wow. Those are bigger than I thought given the first picture. Seeing the tapestry hung from the part I thought was a finial really changed my sense of scale! I got the rough forging done on my hardy (hardie?) cut off today. I wore a steel thong, and it was very uncomfortable, but I felt safer. I'll planish it a bit to make it look nicer, and then file it to finish. It looks like I didn't get the twist completely out of it. I'll just tell everyone that it's just canted enough to fit the curve of my wrist. It's a feature, not a bug.
  6. Yes, I'd like a hardy (hardie?). I can drill through 3.5" but not 7". I could drill 3.5 then 3.5 and weld together. Or I could put a 1" spacer between the blocks and build up weld between them to make an 8" wide by 7" tall striking anvil of about 210 lb. Sounds like the main reason for the orientation is drilling a hardie and lightning strikers, then.
  7. Working on my hardie cut-off, I've been using the hardie hole on my Hill 185-lb anvil. The process has gotten me to start thinking about making a striking anvil/portable hole. I have three blocks of steel I bought some time back that are each 13.5" x 7" x 3.5". A calculator says they weigh 94 lb each. Most images I've seen of striking anvils I've seen show them laid out so that mine would have the 13x7 plane flat, and it standing 3.5 high. This makes sense, as it's easiest to drill or punch. But wouldn't the efficiency of the anvil be best served by being on an edge, and being 7" or even 13" high? Most striking anvils I see are in the same weight range as my blocks. Heavier anvils are more efficient. Is the reason for relatively light anvils cost and ease of finding materials, or is there some other reason? I've got a light-weight (180-amp) MIG welder. I could probably figure a way to weld two blocks together, but I'd not have really deep penetration unless I just built up a big gap with wire. That would be a lot of wire. Worth while?
  8. bajajoaquin

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Not sure how those got in reverse order, but.... Anyway, I think that a woman with a few tattoos and magenta hair is pretty solidly within the normal range of fashion sense. It's a bit of a stretch to say there's much to be read there. From her instagram, she seems to like octopus tentacles like we like leaves! There are a lot of them. The other thing I saw was how she integrates wood into her work. There's a tentacle inset "softly" into wood, and a "don't panic" button also with the inset softened. It's a really nice look. Kind of like the wood was a soft substance, and she pressed it down. Maybe the wood version of how Elizabeth Brim made soft-look steel pillows?
  9. bajajoaquin

    What did you do in the shop today?

    yeah... "thong" barely covers a different body part in the US.
  10. bajajoaquin

    It followed me home

    Not really. I started a thread that got moved to safety section. Basically I forged my hot cut without cleaning off the cuttting fluid I’d used when I cut it in the bad saw. Not an awesome decision. All worked out, but still....
  11. bajajoaquin

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I paid extra for the OSHA-approved flip flops. Car is long gone, but the axles were from a CV joint replacement. Cheaper to buy the whole CV/axle assembly than to disassemble and replace just the joint. So I ended up with axles. (If I do more than a couple heats, I put on leather shoes. I work from home and I put my office in my workshop. Most days the forge stays idle but every now and then I get a conference call where I have to attend but I don’t really have anything to add. It’s a bit awkward when I forget to mute myself.)
  12. bajajoaquin

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I got a little bit of forging done on my hot cut. It’s the half shaft from my wife’s old car. I only get 10 or 20 minutes at a time to forge so I get a couple heats and then put it away.
  13. bajajoaquin

    It followed me home

    No doubt you’re a bigger idiot, but I’m still an idiot. No, sorry, I can’t leave it like that. You’re not the one who forged cutting fluid today. I’m the bigger idiot.
  14. bajajoaquin

    Heating Rapid-Tap (or: What Makes Phosgene?)

    Yes, there were separate questions in there: 2. what is the component that makes phosgene? Seems to be chlorine, right? 1. Anyone have an opinion on what's in RapidTap? And yes, I stopped what I was doing as soon as I realized I was smoking the RapidTap. I just decided to ask the follow up question about a known killer while fumes were on my mind. Thanks!