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  1. Coworker found it sitting on a rock while he was walking around picking up trash, very possible one of the landscapers hit one of the "ornamental" rocks around the driveway. Just seemed too big to be a mower blade, but I do agree it looks like it snapped at a bolt hole. Also: it's nice to meet you frosty and Thomas, I always look forward to your responses in threads and you've unknowingly helped me a lot in my short time (about 9 months) forging.
  2. Sorry, I realized how bad of a description that is after I hit submit. I can snap a picture of the sparks from the grinder when I get to work tomorrow. If I had to go by memory and by the chart in "Metallurgy Made Simple" I would say they were "many fine repeating sprigs" so possibly manganese steel? I think?
  3. Throws off some bright sparks, short bursts. So I guess it's a mild steel?
  4. Good evening! I've been a lurker for some time now but I found some steel at work today and can't seem to figure out what it is so I figured it was time to ask some experts. Thank you in advance to anyone who looks!
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