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  1. One thing you need in these presses is speed and a the ability to controll it along with force and i don't see any of that in your design.In other words you need to be able to squeeze the material quickly and release it quickly and repeat before you lose the heat in the material thats why hydraulics are the best.Save your cash till you can build or buy a press..I'm not trying to be to critical on you but i've built one so i got a bit of experience around them and if you look around long enough you can gather the parts and build a nice hydraulic press..
  2. I would give my eyeteeth just have one of those torpedo welders by lincoln i've used a couple in my time nothing better to me and i love the look for in the shop painted in the red or blue colors...
  3. I bought a lincoln 200 amp square wave tig 2 years ago its an inverter i love it its compact and can be plugged in to 110 or 220 plugs i got it for aluminum but it does stick and tig nice and smooth i'm starten to throw this in the truck when theres power available and leave the mobile home the odd time. Stay away from the chinese stuff on the interweb yeah its cheap but eventually your going to pay. Stick to the tombstones and thunderbolts they are bombproof i got a 40 ish year old thunderbolt still in the shop on hot idle just in case lol. If ya wanna try tig all ya need is an acdc versio
  4. Nice set up i built mine the same on the hydraulics set up for the same reason low profile and shrouds work fine i like the curve on top i used 4'' tube to build mine basically a simple h frame. Mines at 19/20 ton range it crushes and punches everything i feed it i got to get some time to add the foot control i only been waiting 3 yrs to hook the foot lever up lol. Again nice build by.
  5. To much work for me lol think i'll stick to a wire wheel or a scotchbright buffing wheel on the pencil grinder.
  6. In my shop i run a 50 amp breaker that runs a stove plug recepticle my welders plug into that along with my press there not run at the same time lol but that handles all the heat i wanna run in my welders no problem ,for example.A 20 amp breaker will kick out alot welding you might get away with a 110 machine but it all depends what your welding the old machines like a your talkin about will need amps so i'd say hook up a stove plug set up if ya can or get a price from an electrician..
  7. Nice knife i really like the shape and handle..
  8. Go to school get a job welding figure out what kind of welder you want to be actually get tested in those procedures and work in the field for awhile then get your journeymen ticket certified welder does not happen overnight.Alot of people think there great welders cause the can stick two metals together but untill you actually had your welds inspected,xrayed,die tested or ultra-sounded or various other test and your welds are passed by a qualified inspector you are not certified as a welder.You will just be a person who can stick two peices of metal together so go to school then get a job we
  9. I used Randys book to build mine i've been usin it for over 2 1/2 years the biggest thing i learned is speed of the ram is more important than tonnage as long as you got 16 ton or more of squeeze. I'M gettin around 21 ton out of short 10'' stroke piston and a 5''' dia cyl with a 5 hp motor with a fast dual stage pump in a simple to build h frame.
  10. I got a 33 anyang myself its all i'll ever need well that and my press they make life easier but i must say there seems to be alot of envy in the blacksmith world lol...
  11. It sounds worse off the pump that things toast i didn't think it was the pump side but it was hard to tell in the first vid..
  12. Hard to say from the vid it sounds like the shaft is hitting something it can't be the pump if it didn't do it before with the old motor so i would send it back but i'd try the old motor first to make sure its not the pump side of the connection.Nothing worse then sending something back and it wasn't the problem.....
  13. Well thats a good price so what are you goin to do get a 5hp since the 3hp doesn't work good enough i think mine was around 2400 for parts and material from scratch things are a little more expensive up here.
  14. Theres lots most guys are on facebook in the Maritime Blacksmith Assocition.
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