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  1. bubba682

    24 ton design??? Input please

    The steel is strong enough but i don't like the way your last drawing ''A'' looks ,to me its the weak link theres goin to be alot of side pressure or twist on 1/4 ''webbing I wouldn't trust it.Talk to an engineer like was said or a hydraulic mechanic they probably no more than an engineer anyway lol...
  2. bubba682

    Hydraulic Forging Press

    That is a nice press but he never did answer my ques on a price and makes me think its expensive so for guys with small shops i'd say its not practical.But eh i could be wrong and it is a nice build ...
  3. bubba682

    Hydraulic Forging Press

    Whats the lid,i would definatly go for 24t or more i kept my builds footprint small as well cause of space limit issues as well.You should take in ram speed as well as tonnage i think fast and strong is better than big and strong for a small shop.Thats my opinion you'll probally find lots of opinions out there lol .ALSO when you start doubling up and goin bigger so does the cost...
  4. bubba682

    Hydraulic Forging Press

    I didn't set a foot peddle up im betwix and between on doin it i like the hand lever, i had to buy all my hydrolics from a supplier ''gag'' anyway we just don't have the scrap yards up here like you guys do.I have 12'' of work space between the uprights and 8'' of travel if that helps.Will 2hp be enough i don't no everything i read said min 5hp its not a big deal, if it works great That plate you got is more than enough i wish i could get some cheap lol.The only real headache i had was the wheels stay away from made in china...i was moving the press and next thing ya know berrings everywhere.Oh and i was the guy doin the cursen Wayne was filmin lol
  5. bubba682

    Hydraulic Forging Press

    I do but there on the maritime blacksmiths facebook site my friend put them up anyway i got a new phone and i got to make a new video and pics.Its self contained and mobile 18'' wide 36'' long base 60'' high.Its got a 2 stage 5'' cyl 10'' stroke, 5hp motor ,its fast and it will squeeze lol.Were figuring between 26/30 ton i also used Randys book as a ruff guide it was good for making the the dies and mounts and alot of the differant dies that can be used.The hardest decision is which way to mount the ram this is the first one i done if you can weld use a square and a measuring tape there not hard to make.Also its made out of 1/4 '' x4'' square stock reinforced at the ram and base mount with 1'' plate and its all welded with 3 to 4 passes of 7018 stick.If ya got any ques just pm take a look on that site and see what ya think
  6. bubba682

    Hydraulic Forging Press

    I finished mine this summer they are a game changer all i can say is take your time and design the press the way it works best for you and your shop.
  7. bubba682

    Finished my 25 ton C frame build

    What would be a general price on the press.
  8. Were payin 25% more xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx goin in today to get some stock before she goes thru the roof...
  9. HANS i gotta say i like that forge its makin me think on which way of building a coal forge.I was thinkin of building a fair size stationary forge but the size you built would give me alot of options of workin inside and out of the shop anyway i got a couple of weeks left in the house renos then i'll decide...
  10. bubba682

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I like that blade profile JHCC did ya do it by stock removal or hammered it out..
  11. bubba682

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nice work 58er how many hours...
  12. bubba682

    What did you do in the shop today?

    There nice lookin hardies Hans im goin to check out a machine shop here and see if i some chrome or stainless end cuts cause your idea will save alot of time and money [plus make some nice tools..
  13. bubba682

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I use 309 alot on the exotic metals in my shop it saves on pre heat and post heat as long as its not a critical weld its also great on piston rams on backhoes and boats ,etc for repairs. I used it on the anvil and ram dies on my power hammer when i cut and welded the rail track to mild steel plates.
  14. bubba682

    What did you do in the shop today?

    The scalers are nice but we never get them on new construction last time i used one was 17 yrs ago at BW's boiler shop in Cambridge Ont.And when it comes to slag and xrays ya can never be to clean lol...