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  1. Frosty:I will take a run into licky air and take a look at the regs cause it has been awhile but i was under the assumption we were talkin about spark arresters not regulators but hey I;ve been runnin propane thru my gear for along time.I havn't run acytelene in years and when i switched to propane new hoses,arresters and tip all bought new at the dealers went on the gear.I never asked about the regulators and the sales guy never said nothing but that is on me to ask specifically and back then i probally just asked what i needed to get goin cause basically it came down to cost and propain was cheaper than acyt for cutin.Back then there was no do diligance as there is now at least i didn't hear of it in industry till mid to late 90's until it became law. Also i've been mostly workin on the road for the last dozen years and i hav'nt been usin my shop alot until latly so i think i will go get some up to date manuals to see whats changed.On the road in indurstrial we don't see oxy propane burn gear just oxy acc up hear anyway the only time we see propane is a tiger torch and there not allowed in a live plant only new construction Anyway theres nuthing wrong with getting refreshed and caught up on things i havn't used or thought about in years...
  2. I think thats the best tp holder i've seen in a long time i think the father in law is gettin one for his cabin ..
  3. Well said Frosty i dont tell them to pound sand anymore i just look at me watch and say my 3 favorite words ''im draggin up'' and like Frosty says welcome to the real world.Heres some more real world high pressure weld'n truths every job you go to you have to test and pass a visual and xray ,on the job you have to pass visual and xrays along with ultrasound test sometimes together.They can call for 10% to 100% on xrays once on the job and theres the ever popular rule 2 failed xrays and down the road ya go also call skidding.Real weldin is not what you see on tv shortsleves or backyard weldin its high stress cause in the real world your only as good as your last xray yes the money is good but so is the stress. iM not tryin to deteer ya from weld'n and i don't know what your experiance is but it takes alot time to be a pressure welder i know cause i got 25yrs of it under my belt.Anyway there some of the things we go thru good luck and i hope ya do well...
  4. Buddy of mint dropped off an 18 wheeler axle goin try to make an axe out of a chunk anybody try one of them for a hammer or axe.
  5. Have you got any welding experience like plate welding cwb or open root cause if you dont i can;t see ya gettin a pipe ticket off a 5 day course not to be rude but i think those courses are made for guys who have alot of experiance doing other types of welding.But hay who am i to tell ya not to try ya never know man ya might come out and be a natural so go for it,your the guy payin for it.
  6. I like it man I got some axles comin can't wait to make an axe or 2 myself ,did you make the handle as well
  7. Finally got all the parts but got to go back to work project on hold till i get back always the way it happehns lol
  8. SLAG that doesn't surprise me i stay away from it .
  9. None of it's good for ya grinding discs probably killed more guys than anything they had a lot of asbestos in them.Sharpening tungsten without a mask is really hard on ya over time welding stainless killed a lot of welder any of the exotics are real hard on the body.A lot of the cancers and poisons get absurd thru the skin as well,welding with a t shirt on and no protection for your arms is dumb. Sorry about the post but my iPad has a mind of its own lol
  10. I got a steel splinter in my eye it had to be drilled out not fun.I was welding at a shipyard along time ago and had a glob of 7018 land on the tongue of my boots which happened to be Kevlar .Anyway there was a spalling reaction burned right into my ankle all I could was dip my foot over the slip to put it out.
  11. Well truthfully I really don't have an answer but my understanding of what Frosty was sayin and I could be wrong was more towards indirect heat not direct.Fingerless gloves and a torch like really ,what do you do for a livin just curious.One thing I don't appreciate is bein called arrogant I don't call folks names on here maybe I come across the wrong way sometimes in replies but I don't name call .I was accused of it once on here but that's another story.Maybe I misunderstood your first post and I hope I'm wrong so I'll leave that there.Just to clear up somethin I was carrying on a little with Frosty cause I like a lot of his info he puts on here and I only carry on with guys I respect.
  12. So how did ya burn your hand was it in a forge cause that's what I thought Frosty was talkin about I mean a house fire or something like that's a little different.
  13. I'm not tryin to be rude I just never heard of it so tomorrow I'm goin to try it to see if the green gas goes away i think I,ll do a vid to show the green gas of gag with vinegar and without.We grind down to bare metal plus a 3 m respirator cause that gas messis up your bloodstream if I'm not mistaken I'll have to google lol
  14. I thaught it was 6011 I hope you had a respirator on that's the first I ever heard of vinegar gettin rid of Galvy usually I grind it down to bare metal before I weld.I,ll have to try it is that regulat strength vinegar or industrial strength lol
  15. What rod did you use,keep practicing it will come put a wire wheel on your grinder it cleans off the flux and puts a bit of a shine on your weld.A little trick of the trade for ya to try.