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  1. HELP: forging presses

    I wish i had your skill on the computor cad program .
  2. HELP: forging presses

    I like it Ross i've lookin at alot of designs this looks like it should work good i'll be changin the gussets and the base of the ram were you mount the dies.I will put a larger base on so theres more weld goin on the base and gusset's. Other than that i don't see anything to difficult.
  3. HELP: forging presses

    Thks Ross its goin to be a little while yet i got to put an extension on my shop its 24x24 but its full so i need to build a 16x 20 lean to off it for cold storage for some toys.The wife wants the house renovated so im busy but like i said i have a 20 ton system in the house but untill i can move some stuff theres no were to put it once its built.Is there a materials list to go with these plans and when i start building i'll post some pics of the welding and fabbing.
  4. HELP: forging presses

    I like this design i think i'll use it when i build mine i have all the parts i just got to get the steel also i 'll be putting casters on it for mobility hope you don't mind me usin the design.
  5. Cost of Gas vs Coal?????

    Iron Poet do you live in Canada or US because if the insurance came out to my place and seen that set up which to me looks like duck work they would cancel my insurance on the spot .They made alot of people around here take out there coal furnaces because of fire risk and they can do whatever they want its there money and policies.If you can get away with it in your area give'er lol
  6. Glenn do you have any contact info for this association.
  7. Vertical up Welds

    You mean free hand, and if you drag the cup on the cap and leave marks it can fail visual yes if there bad .You got to watch for undercut on the edges as well .When your walkin the cup you want it to look like fish scales with no undercut on the edges or or cup marks on the cap.I mostly freehand for positional welding in the feild especially in tight spots when there goin to xray it.Free hand caps arnt as pretty as cup walkin caps but pretty dont pay the bills or pass xrays catchin your edges on the root and stayin clean in the fill and havin a good cap ,pass visual and xrays.Plus theres alot of other tricks that help as well like noing your heat for burnin rod.
  8. What i meant with 3/32 is just the rod size for 7018 it uses less amperage and usually very little grinding cause grinding sucks lol.Alot of guys just starting out dont relize that the optimum amperage for operating the rods in ideal conditions is printed on the the box, adjust accordingly.No book required, regarless of books rods or amps nice work and it looks like a nice shop.
  9. Looks good i dont know if its the pic or my eyes but it looks like a little perosity on the bottom were you started goin left then right once you grind it down youll know for sure.Got a quik ques not to bust your chops or nuthen why use 1/8 on thin plate and was there any heat warpage.ME i would of used 3/32 but thats me, regardless nice layout and work.
  10. Vertical up Welds

    My advice once you get 220 find an old miller acdc thunderbolt or a lincon acdc 125/225 and some 3/32 7018 and have at er with some practice in the 4 positions and get some cheap pipe and practice socket welds in the 4 positions and it'll come.Lol we all have problems some days with the xrays any welder ever tells ya he dont is full of it....OOPS just relized you said you got a tombstone must be lincoln use that for sure. I got a 220 mig ,a mobile miller and right now i do most of my tig and stick work with a 30 plus year old thunderbolt still tigs like its brand new lol. Well John i dont know how guys feel about the phased array down there but most of us pipe welders hate it here lol.That and young qc's who never welded before tellin us how to weld it and how it should look let alone cant read an xray somedays lol.
  11. Vertical up Welds

    The same as up here i just come off a new co gen powerplant job it was a 100% xray on most systems and they were usin the phaser ray gun i don't know if thats the right name but it showed the exact depth of the repair.
  12. Vertical up Welds

    I got a ques for ya how much xray do you see on engineered structural work compared to high pressure pipe work down there .
  13. Vertical up Welds

    I wasn't talkin about code work John if your referin to my post just general welding around the farm or backyard.
  14. Vertical up Welds

    Actually Lou vertically down is pretty easy its also called down handing alot of guys will fill large gaps with it then go up hand over that.Once you learn your heats and a few tricks most welding isn't that hard it just takes time to learn.