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  1. bubba682

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Peppie is right and where you live it should be no problem findin a certified welder to build it just keep your plan simple prep all the parts for the guy if ya can.Go down to your local welding supply shop chances are they can give ya the name of a certified welder that does small projects on the weekends for cash .What i did for the hydraulics is go to the supply shop told them what i wanted which is basically the workin parts of a wood splitter he done up a diagram to hook up everything up then i got a 5hp motor and had a friend wire it up.I think i had 12 hrs of welding time in mine at most 20 theres a referance for ya to ask a price on, i built a simple h frame nuthen fancy.You might save some money by askin around it defenitly won't hurt anyway good luck hopefully this helps ya...
  2. bubba682

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    Nuthens cheap in this rackett lol i got lucky on the hoses and connections i knew a guy that knew a guy who had the connections lol and the hoses to get it done for a pretty good price.What was your overall price i'll give ya mine just pm me to compare ...
  3. bubba682

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    As long as it puts the squeeze on is what matters looks good.
  4. bubba682

    Commercialy manufactured propane forges

    I'm just looking for what works no bs its to costly especially where im at in Canada its hard gettin componants thats why i asked im gettin ready to do my shop over then i'm building the forges so i'm doin my research for the gasser i want heat for damascus.So with that bein said along with the numbers you put up i'll start readin up on yours and start lookin at componants guess i got some readin thxs for the repiy
  5. bubba682

    Commercialy manufactured propane forges

    Lol icandry that last line you put on your post is the funniest thing i read in years...so Mickey what temps is your forge getting to..
  6. bubba682

    Commercialy manufactured propane forges

    I agree,and in most cases it doesn't take long for owners to become builders so it would also be nice to have the builders rate theirs from hottest to coldest for example to save new builders with time and money as well.I probably should of done a search first before typing that last comment oops...
  7. bubba682

    Commercialy manufactured propane forges

    Dan i agree a 100% i'm building 2 new forges soon 1 coal and the other a gas with an air blower i bought the 3 burner not knowing much about them at the time i took the dealers word especially since they forge damascus with them on forged in fire they must have them maxed out at 35 psi lol cause i had mine up to 20 and nuthin would fuse completly.There was alot of delams and it ate the gas.It is what it is time to move on for me at least we saved one guy the same mistake...
  8. bubba682

    Commercialy manufactured propane forges

    I got a 3 burner majestic it doesn't get hot enough to forge weld i have it hooked up to a 100lb tank it gets to about 2000 degrees .
  9. bubba682

    Hoodies, long sleeves and safety

    Got to have a hoodie on especially when were out workin in the minuses alot of places up here require the fire resistance ones for the last 10 yrs that i can remember, i think they come without strings. UP here long sleeves are required when doin hot work cuttin ,grinding and welding and don't caught without gloves on by dept of labour they are starting to fine individuals who don't comply with the safety laws.
  10. bubba682

    Budget Prebuilt Press

    I just built one a few months ago there great tools its 24 ton but for skill set im a journeymen welder i'm not sayin you have to be one to build it but if your welding skill isn't there at those pressures you'll find out quick.Other than that there not hard to build and they save alot of arm work all my hydraulics are based off a a wood spliter except the cyl.Mine cost about 2400 to build but i live in Canada where prices are higher.Just for example its 65 bucks for 5lb of 7018 welding rod...
  11. bubba682

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    I finally done the math on mine i'm just over 24 ton and its crushed everything i put thru in the last 8 months so with yours hittin the same tonnage it should be fast and strong which is what you want.One problem i had at first was cant like Jspool was talkin about i just welded in more reinforcement problem solved i think you should be fine you've got lots of reinforcement but its somthing to check right away and get corrected once you start squeezing.It can cause uneven wear quick in the movin parts.And one other thing you'll find out quick is if your freinds a good welder or not with 24 ton...Thought i'd finish with a little welder humor your welder bud should get a laugh out of it...
  12. bubba682

    Modifying mini-press?

    We go by cyl size here when we build thats why i asked so 4'' is good 5'' is gooder anyway it'll be a fun build to do i enjoyed building mine.
  13. bubba682

    Modifying mini-press?

    I like it if the price is right a 4'' stroke is fine see if you can get the controlls and pump from a log splitter it can't be hard to get a 5hp motor in the states used , dont quote me on the math but you should i think get it pushin 15/20 ton fast.What size is the cylinder its hard to tell in the pic.
  14. bubba682

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    If thats for me it does banana a bit but a pass or 2 thru the flat die squares it up pretty quick i don't think a little play will hurt anything.IN my opinion when tolerances are too tight thats when things start happening like binding , welds deforming or worse..
  15. bubba682

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    I rum combo dies on mine and they run from the center out where i use them is a off center hope this makes sense but they work fine