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  1. You mean free hand, and if you drag the cup on the cap and leave marks it can fail visual yes if there bad .You got to watch for undercut on the edges as well .When your walkin the cup you want it to look like fish scales with no undercut on the edges or or cup marks on the cap.I mostly freehand for positional welding in the feild especially in tight spots when there goin to xray it.Free hand caps arnt as pretty as cup walkin caps but pretty dont pay the bills or pass xrays catchin your edges on the root and stayin clean in the fill and havin a good cap ,pass visual and xrays.Plus theres alot of other tricks that help as well like noing your heat for burnin rod.
  2. What i meant with 3/32 is just the rod size for 7018 it uses less amperage and usually very little grinding cause grinding sucks lol.Alot of guys just starting out dont relize that the optimum amperage for operating the rods in ideal conditions is printed on the the box, adjust accordingly.No book required, regarless of books rods or amps nice work and it looks like a nice shop.
  3. Looks good i dont know if its the pic or my eyes but it looks like a little perosity on the bottom were you started goin left then right once you grind it down youll know for sure.Got a quik ques not to bust your chops or nuthen why use 1/8 on thin plate and was there any heat warpage.ME i would of used 3/32 but thats me, regardless nice layout and work.
  4. My advice once you get 220 find an old miller acdc thunderbolt or a lincon acdc 125/225 and some 3/32 7018 and have at er with some practice in the 4 positions and get some cheap pipe and practice socket welds in the 4 positions and it'll come.Lol we all have problems some days with the xrays any welder ever tells ya he dont is full of it....OOPS just relized you said you got a tombstone must be lincoln use that for sure. I got a 220 mig ,a mobile miller and right now i do most of my tig and stick work with a 30 plus year old thunderbolt still tigs like its brand new lol. Well John i dont know how guys feel about the phased array down there but most of us pipe welders hate it here lol.That and young qc's who never welded before tellin us how to weld it and how it should look let alone cant read an xray somedays lol.
  5. The same as up here i just come off a new co gen powerplant job it was a 100% xray on most systems and they were usin the phaser ray gun i don't know if thats the right name but it showed the exact depth of the repair.
  6. I got a ques for ya how much xray do you see on engineered structural work compared to high pressure pipe work down there .
  7. I wasn't talkin about code work John if your referin to my post just general welding around the farm or backyard.
  8. Actually Lou vertically down is pretty easy its also called down handing alot of guys will fill large gaps with it then go up hand over that.Once you learn your heats and a few tricks most welding isn't that hard it just takes time to learn.
  9. f 18 are you walkin the cup or free handing the tig torch
  10. Frosty:I will take a run into licky air and take a look at the regs cause it has been awhile but i was under the assumption we were talkin about spark arresters not regulators but hey I;ve been runnin propane thru my gear for along time.I havn't run acytelene in years and when i switched to propane new hoses,arresters and tip all bought new at the dealers went on the gear.I never asked about the regulators and the sales guy never said nothing but that is on me to ask specifically and back then i probally just asked what i needed to get goin cause basically it came down to cost and propain was cheaper than acyt for cutin.Back then there was no do diligance as there is now at least i didn't hear of it in industry till mid to late 90's until it became law. Also i've been mostly workin on the road for the last dozen years and i hav'nt been usin my shop alot until latly so i think i will go get some up to date manuals to see whats changed.On the road in indurstrial we don't see oxy propane burn gear just oxy acc up hear anyway the only time we see propane is a tiger torch and there not allowed in a live plant only new construction Anyway theres nuthing wrong with getting refreshed and caught up on things i havn't used or thought about in years...
  11. I think thats the best tp holder i've seen in a long time i think the father in law is gettin one for his cabin ..
  12. Well said Frosty i dont tell them to pound sand anymore i just look at me watch and say my 3 favorite words ''im draggin up'' and like Frosty says welcome to the real world.Heres some more real world high pressure weld'n truths every job you go to you have to test and pass a visual and xray ,on the job you have to pass visual and xrays along with ultrasound test sometimes together.They can call for 10% to 100% on xrays once on the job and theres the ever popular rule 2 failed xrays and down the road ya go also call skidding.Real weldin is not what you see on tv shortsleves or backyard weldin its high stress cause in the real world your only as good as your last xray yes the money is good but so is the stress. iM not tryin to deteer ya from weld'n and i don't know what your experiance is but it takes alot time to be a pressure welder i know cause i got 25yrs of it under my belt.Anyway there some of the things we go thru good luck and i hope ya do well...
  13. Buddy of mint dropped off an 18 wheeler axle goin try to make an axe out of a chunk anybody try one of them for a hammer or axe.
  14. Have you got any welding experience like plate welding cwb or open root cause if you dont i can;t see ya gettin a pipe ticket off a 5 day course not to be rude but i think those courses are made for guys who have alot of experiance doing other types of welding.But hay who am i to tell ya not to try ya never know man ya might come out and be a natural so go for it,your the guy payin for it.
  15. I like it man I got some axles comin can't wait to make an axe or 2 myself ,did you make the handle as well