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  1. I'VE got v dies on my press none on my hammer i like breaking down bigger material like truck springs with the press then going to the hammer to work the smaller stock if that helps aid your decision.
  2. I'LL let ya's know how long the steel on a ribbon burner will last without refractory i'm doing a test now.I built mine out of a 2'' pipe coupler and a 1/4 plate welded to it with 25 1/4 holes drilled in it so far so good.I have been running it everyday since i built it at forging temp on 5 psi for 3 to 4 hours a day for the last four days no problems so far .The only thing i do to protect the plate is run the fan for 3o mins to protect the burner from the residual heat after i shut er down. I check the burner every 10 mins with a heat gun when its running and it gets between 125 to 300 deg were it sticks out the forge so about 2'' from the tip.I checked the bottom of the burner in the forge with a mirror to see if the holes were ovaled or showing sighns of burning out so far nothing actually the remnants of the the drilling are still around the edges of the holes.
  3. I got the new blower i hit welding temp no problem i played around with the fuel air mix for awhile one thing i did was get the nozzle red hot im thinking to much fuel.After a few adjustments i got it runnin pretty good and no red nozzle.
  4. I ran the new forge for an hour as hot as i could get it no backfires i took the temp of the burner were its tacked to the body it was under 200 deg once i get the bugs out i'll probably replace the plate with something more suited for heat like chrome i can't find no cast around here.I'M not lookin forward to the big bang lol...The burner is a gas miser that is something i like and if it works the way they say for welding it'll be worth it.
  5. Thats alot off pressure lol the noise is beyond though its loud i just wanna get to welding temp and no noise so i hope the stronger blower does the trick.Mine hasn't bachfired yet but i only ran between 3/10 psi .
  6. Dan i've been following this thread and i have the same noise coming out of my ribbon burner with the same blower my burner is not like yours though ,i went and talked to the guys on the homebuilt forge site on facebook.Their opinion and mine for me is not enough airflow so i got a bigger blower comin if ya got one thats bigger try it. That noise is a definite fail for me and im only able to get to 2050 deg hopefully the blower solves the problem.I went cheap on the ribbon burner its a 2'' coupler with a 1/4 '' plate welded on and drilled with 25 1/4'' hole for the first experiment into ribbon burners.I
  7. Nice dies did ya do them by hand or did you mill them.
  8. It looks like the disk says for aluminum in the green if so it would blow up pretty quick in steel so im curious is it an alum zip disk and what were you cutting.
  9. Mine is a 33lb annyang i like it ,does everything i want.
  10. For me i don't like their warranty or the way they fit the hands i find them to big and bulky for tight spots thats on the 5'' i'm definitely not a fan of it..For me i like the fit and finish on the Milwaukee when the makita goes i'm goin red..
  11. Got to agree with arftist dewalt grinders suck lol i'm startin to like Milwaukee alot right now ive got a makita 5'' ive been abusin for 10yrs now just had to replace the cords a couple of times.
  12. Wish i could draw like that lol its goin to be nice anything is possible with a square a tape and a 2'level and a welder you could squeeze cars with 1'' plate .All joking aside i like the design and the more compact the better in my opinion. '
  13. I been looking at one of those tables myself 58er do you no much about differant brands cause i was looking at a langmuir its a a small 2x2 table.I need to get a little more understanding before i pull the trigger what are some things you looked for and like about the one you got.
  14. I'd pass the mig looks in ruff shape with the little wire hanging out the top of the spool gun goes into the feeder and that 90 amp stick machine is only 90 amps plus if i could not try it i would not buy it.