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  1. For me i don't like their warranty or the way they fit the hands i find them to big and bulky for tight spots thats on the 5'' i'm definitely not a fan of it..For me i like the fit and finish on the Milwaukee when the makita goes i'm goin red..
  2. Got to agree with arftist dewalt grinders suck lol i'm startin to like Milwaukee alot right now ive got a makita 5'' ive been abusin for 10yrs now just had to replace the cords a couple of times.
  3. Wish i could draw like that lol its goin to be nice anything is possible with a square a tape and a 2'level and a welder you could squeeze cars with 1'' plate .All joking aside i like the design and the more compact the better in my opinion. '
  4. I been looking at one of those tables myself 58er do you no much about differant brands cause i was looking at a langmuir its a a small 2x2 table.I need to get a little more understanding before i pull the trigger what are some things you looked for and like about the one you got.
  5. I'd pass the mig looks in ruff shape with the little wire hanging out the top of the spool gun goes into the feeder and that 90 amp stick machine is only 90 amps plus if i could not try it i would not buy it.
  6. That'll work make sure you do at least 3 passes all the way around the i beam if you go stick use 1/8 rods 7018 and no undercut on the welds i'd be around 130 amps depending on machine remember your to hot if your gettin alot of splatter .
  7. Newf i got the same hammer mine gets warm as well the oil can be slowed down by turning the screws and the oil goes everywhere out of the ram lol but they work great.
  8. Hydraulics are not compressable but isnt your plan goin to use the cyl to push against the h frame which is welded to the table or did that change but anyway not to dribble on if thats the plan go down to a local pro shop tell them your weld plan.Get there advice on if ya got enough amperage in that mig or at least go over to the hydalic press building site on facebook and ask that ques from guys that build these presses.
  9. I got a 170 lincoln amp mig that runs on a 210 plug and i wouldn't trust it for those forces it would be differant for me if i had a big shop mig but those little ones i've got ,give me doughts , stick ya know your getting good fusion and penetration .If you weld to the table top your definatly going to have to preheat where your welding or i'd say your going to get some cold lap,lack of fusion into the plate.And thats where that weld can fail 18 ton will go thru your roof and if you start playin with the detent then i think that'll drive the tonnage up and stress those welds more.Talk to some certified welders down there see what they think and what process you should use don't always be leave whats shown on the inside of a mig welders cover better to be safe than dead or worse...
  10. If it were me i would weld an h frame to the table i'd use 2x4 tube steel at a 1/4 '' thick minimum, the table in the pic looks 1'' thick so i would sweat the weld zone on the table to 250 deg stick weld 3 passes all the way around the tubes .I'd put wheels on the legs i love being able to move mine around the shop and you will want to increase the speed of the ram speed is your friend on a press.I think i read your at 18 ton thats no joke your welds will be tested make sure theres no undercut or porosity and thats more than enough squeeze everybody now wants 50 next it'll be a 100.Mines at 24 ton its been squeezing steady for a year
  11. I had mine shipped it wasn't to expensive and alot cheaper than me driving up and back to get it i asked for it to be delivered on a truck with a lift gate and a strong enough pallet jack .WE had it off the truck and in place pretty quick very little lifting and rigging required.
  12. On mine Peppie i used a shaft off a shear tooth from a continuous miner and a i cut the web off a railroad track and flattened the track on my belt sander to make combo dies i wish i had access to a good machine shop that did little jobs for a half decent price.I'm lookin at gettin a small mill for doin my own little machining jobs.
  13. I anchored my 33 lb anyang to the garage floor with ready rod and dewalt bolt compound i put a 1/2 piece of plywood and a rubber pad under it the floor is about 4-5'' thick its solid no movement..The hammer and base weigh 1200 lbs so far no problems and i don't expect any knock on wood...
  14. Its been so long working on the shop i posted this in the wrong section lol oh well thxs 58er for motivating me to finally redo my shop i built a new barn for storage and to give me some room.I got to finish the ceiling before winter and install a heat pump.I finally tuned the forge on this week first time in awhile.