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  1. Shop apron

    I got a leather one made by a leathersmith it cost 50 bucks and got the cows brand in it looks pretty good.
  2. Air hammer

    Im lookin at the 65 thats all i need i got a duel stage 5hp with a 60 gal tank to feed it.
  3. Air hammer

    I'm lookin to pull the trigger on a new air hammer i'm waiten for the priced shipped to canada from big blu got the oxygen mask ready...I might need it
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I like the poker ausfire i got an order for 4 sets of of tools and stands anyway the poker pt is being difficult as well so im thinkin of sneakin some tig in at the fold or splittin the point and curlin it.My forge doesn't like flux so untill the spring when i get my shop extension done and new coal forge built i think im goin to cheat with some tig lol.
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Hey JHCC whats with all the splatter all over your work you makin bird-shot ...coudn't resist there grammer hammer lol
  6. Touchmark/Makers Mark stamps?

    I got mine this week from Buckeye engraving its two lab retrievers heads facing opposite each other cause i do alot of hunting with my retrievers so the name of my forge is Two Dog Forge..
  7. stainless steel

    Im pretty sure it was a 3m product John now that you mentioned it.
  8. stainless steel

    The best thing i ever used was a pencil grinder with a cleaning disk that looked like a black rubber sponge i can't remember the brand name but after you cleaned the weld it shined.
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    jlpserviceinc i really liked your post on what to charge i had really busy fall and i am about to have a busy spring and i have been asking myself the same ques am i pricin to high or low.I think im to low so im goin to increase the custom work to see how it works out if it don't i'll have a half price sale in the summer lol...
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I like that axe Nick that will work well for me on the atv time to make one.
  11. Metrikote AND ITC-100

    Hey coops were did you get the metriKote from is it from a Canadian site i got some itc 100 .
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Nice basket twist Lou ...
  13. Hydraulic press

    She sure is purdy there Kev by put up a few pics when ya get her goin squeezen some steel.
  14. Hydraulic press

    Shes comin along nicely i'm going to have to source the pins i got a 3'' ram from an excavater cyl i i was thinking of getting turned for pins but im not sure on the strengh. The only to i really got left to get is the pins and get the plate punched for the pins.Theres a hydrolic shop i deal with im sure they;ll have them, i hope.
  15. Hydraulic press

    Sounds pretty scientific there Beaver lol basicically i'll be tig ing the first pass then i'll be puttin a couple of passes of stick over it and just weld er out. Im not worried about speed i want good fusion for the first pass.I'll make up for speed with the stick its just basic welding theres no special procedure for welding that frame.If i had a deeper penetrating mig i'd use that after i tigged it but all i got is a 220v/170 amp mig i wouldnt trust it for the press and hydraulics it just doesn't have the ability for penetration and fusion required.We always preheat in Canada its cold up here i don't need any micro cracks forming in the weld because of moisture that could lead to a catastrophic failure.Low hydrogen rods dont like moisture now if i run 6011 for a first pass i might get away without a preheat as long as air temp is above freezing.Personally i prefer heating it up to 250/300 degrees to me it makes for a better weld, up here most high pressure pipe precedures require it depending on air temp for example.So when it gets cold, out come the tiger torches for small bore and chicklets for the big stuff. Alot of the certified plate shops up here sweat it out to 250 degree before its welded .Anyway thats how i do it and so far so good passed alot of xrays and made some good cash over the years. Oh and Kev she looks good buddy what steel did you make the pins from. .