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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    The Lambretta brings back memories of Germany and Denmark and the cafe's havin a beer watchin the bikes go by....
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    What about JB Weld...
  3. MIG problems

    Hans i dont take to much serious lol its nice to talk with someone in the trade on another continent i don't no about the love thing but then again your European LOL ,never been to Belgium . Just France ,England ,Denmark and a few other places when i was in the Cdn army.
  4. MIG problems

    Your right about knowin what your doin when it comes to critical welding Hans ands theres a big difference from a pro welder with years of experiance and a guy who can weld that said me im not a fan of the fancy machines.To much to go wrong when your 200 feet in the air jammed in a vessel tryin to do an xray joint with leads goin every were to a bank of machines somewhere down there .All ya need really is your remote to work.If not your chasen leads for 2 hours all over the place trying to find the machine your on lol and for the guys that been there no what im talkin about.Those machines are nice in a fab shop setting but for a backyard guy there expensive to buy , fix and hard to understand.
  5. Titanium Trailing shield

    Miller makes a follower for there tig torch to use with titanium its pretty slick hope this helps by the look of the date im a little late .
  6. MIG problems

    IN Canada you need to be a certified welder to do structural you have to at least pass a 4 position cwb plate test and for high pressure pipe its the asme code no ticky no worky on commercial or industrial projects.Department of labour dont mess around and if a guy say welds a handrail in a bar for example and the weld fails resulting in personnel injury there coming for ya.Alot of guys think they can weld but have never tested or worked in the trade other than there backyard,as for a machine that tells ya how to do it good luck with that.A wps is a guide sometimes it gospel and sometimes its a starting point and if your machine hasn;t been calibrated how would you know your meeting the wps welding parameters.I worked in a nuke fabplant at BW and every 30 days the welding machines had to be calibrated by a tech and a qc checked our amps, preheats and interpass heats to make sure were in parameters. Me i like one dial on a acdc machine for stick and tig i dont care if its scratch tig or high freq. LASt week i did buy a Lincoln square wave 200 for a tig alum job its got a few of those high teck settings it welds great but i turned one setting off and left 2 default settings on we played with them i didn't really notice much of a differance that speeding up or slowing down your welding speed and amp controll doesn't solve.
  7. MIG problems

    I think ya got the wrong gas i never used a machine like that but a 190 amps is more than enough juice for almost any thing ,what type of wire and dia ya running i got a lincon 170 /220amps it hates .035 wire.If your shops not heated don't leave the spool of wire in it cause it will rusT out and screw up your liner as well which will cause a major headache.Argon and tig will weld most metals mild steel,chrome,stainless and alum but off the top of my head mig needs the co2 mix.And with the wire contiuing on after you let go the trigger to me says dirty contact pos/neg on the trigger or something reversed ,or a short in the control panel.Its hard to figure it out without takin it apart and checkin everything.
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Nice work 58er that is an excellent peice...
  9. How did you find your first anvil?

    Mine was a local casting at a foundry not far from where i live my neighbor bought it from a family that smuggled it out of the foundry.For 3 years i asked about it and he wouldnt part with it finally in the 3rd year he agreed to sell it i had to dig it up out of his back yard and clean it up.Its got scars but also a great ring and return at a 130 lbs wouldn't part with it till im to old to use it then it'll go to a worthy young person....
  10. Heres mine Beau my new retriever
  11. Swage Block Necessity

    Got me phone workin tkunkel heres a pic of the tea candle
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Just another viking heres a display tree i made for crystal ,and jewlery ithey went over pretty good. Heres a couple of good sellers i made this winter got a bit of custom work comin in its allright...
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    lol you wouldn't like out in my shop in the winter...
  14. Swage Block Necessity

    Well i would like to say yes i thought i had some on the members photos did a search can't find any and i cant upload any cause there in my new phone which i broke today two weeks after i broke my old phone.Soooo it'll be awhile .
  15. Swage Block Necessity

    I have a small 8# swage i got pretty cheap its got the spoon and bowl i use it alot for making tealite candle holders i think i paid 40.bucks or less anyway it works good