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  1. I made a power hammer it works good but were I live at its hard to get a lot of good materials and gear everything has to be shipped in if I can't source it locally.It gets expensive quick ,right now the materials I use are car springs and piston Rams.I want to make a hammer drift I just finished a punch and slitter out of an old jack hammer shaft.For me all my visual advice comes from video because there's not to many guys around here that do metalwork with a forge.I know one he's a real blacksmith that has a class but it's to expensive for me so I'll be sticking to trial and error lol
  2. Nice gear i think the shipping cost to Canada would be crazy but i'll give him a call for some drifts to see what the price will be.
  3. whats his contact #
  4. Fb is great for sellin but like ya say dont under price yourself and i like those racks,and like me buddy here says its great to have skills but its what ever sells that pays the bills.
  5. I like it goin to build one myself shortly .
  6. lol i love watchen the youtube videos good or bad its just regular guys keeping it going so what if there not indentured by a journeyman or properly trained without them things would die out.I say forge on to everyone cause we all got differant skills and abilities never look down on anybody cause in a heartbeat you could be lookin up at the same person.Heres alittle joke whats the differance between god and a blacksmith ...............God dont think he can blaCKsmth but a blacksmith thinks he's like god cause he can blacksmith lol.
  7. I wouldnt worry about usin that specialty rod for the repair because i read on here somewhere in this thread that it only comes in 5/32 which is to thick for those gouges to make a good repair and way to much heat i would stick to the 7018 if it mushrooms big deal reweld and grind to the desirable profile.
  8. If it were me i would try to work around it but if that becomes a problem i would use 7018 a1 low alloy high tensile strength stick 3 /32 theres heat damage any way sweat it out run quick stringers build it up grind it smooth cover it with some old welding jackets and let it cool.Evan a 50-60% rebound is still pretty good plus it'll look nice those rods are pretty good to use and 80 amps are plenty in the flat.Start your beads oppacite of each other each time you run a pass so the build up is even on the ends.
  10. Closed mine up today time to go back to my real job and money up lol for next season got some new ideas to work on and think about tackling.One thing for shore I want is a hydrolic press got a price on the system and a plan to build the frame,another project is a coal forge anyway we,ll see how the money works out lol.
  11. When you go to brake away with 7018 pause for a milly sec and go back a millimeter your break aways will look better less of a low thumb print and practice practice practice get good at one position then go to the next.Your flat is coming along the vert is a little harder you look a little to hot one heat does not work in every position.Keep practicen and asking ques it'll come.
  12. Wana be i really like the table were can i find a video of the legs technique.
  13. Real nice
  14. I worked at BW's shop in Ont all nuclear work inspectors checked everything lol they also had at the time the largest gun drill in north americas they say it was anchored into the bedrock i think it had 21 heads on it it did a nice job on the inconnel tube sheets.THEY had a 16' dia and 3 ' thick lots of drillin lol