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  1. Thanks for the response Steve. So am I reading your resonse correctly, that no one will insure knifemakers? Or did you just have to change companies and if so is it a national company you would be willing to share the name of?
  2. Rockstar, they said they viewed my social media and since I do more than ornamental ironwork I am not within their appetite, or something very close to that as I don't have the email in front of me. I am assuming it is the knives as that is all I have posted other than standard forged items. I have asked the broker and he is suppose to find out more specifically. I checked with my local blacksmith group and they did not have any specific names of agencies in the area that provide coverage. refactory girl, I thought I had found a specialty carrier in Industrial Coverage as they even had
  3. Thanks Glenn, I currently have an email in to them.
  4. I am trying to get insurance coverage for my shop and tools and for demonstrations at local festivals. I had gotten a quote from Industrial Coverage (got the name from searching here and ABANA) a while back and it seemed good, at least compared to the local agencies I tried. I finally decided to pull the trigger and they got back to me saying they would not cover me now since viewing my social media accounts they said I do more than ornamental ironwork and am not within their "appetite". I had clearly disclosed that i made knives and axes on the application they provided but either somethi
  5. Thanks for all the tips Gerald and Latticino! Here are some pics of a couple axes made since I posted. They are getting better.
  6. Thanks for the follow up Gerald. I looked up pics of the cape chisels. Should have referenced Mark’s book as all three are on my shelf. Here is a pic of the shoulders of one that I worked on tonight prior to the fold. Quit shortly after that as my 100lb propane tank got too low in fuel to get the forge to welding temps. Lots of great tips!!
  7. I will have to research what a cape chisel is, but thanks for all the advice. I have attached some pics of the preform of the axe in the initial pic. When I try again using your guys tips I will post some pics of hopefully a clean eye!
  8. Thank-you Gerald. I never thought of putting it in the vise. My weld seemed fair at the time but I need more practice with them. I certainly could have been drifting too aggressive also. I will slow down. That is a great tutorial you put together on YouTube. I have made quite a few different axes using that approach but have always struggled with eye weld. thanks again, Cody
  9. Mild steel for the axe body. 1075 for the bit. The bit weld seems to be good but then again that weld is not being tested by a drift. iron mountain flux to set weld, then borax
  10. Been making axes following Gerald Boggs tutorial on Mark Asperys YouTube channel and having trouble with the weld closest to the eye splitting when I do the final drift for the eye. Prior to drifting I was able to hammer the edges with no splitting and grinded the welded area and the weld looked good. But when I drift it splits. Any words of advice other than practice my forge welding which is my current plan? Is this a common problem? Will this type of weld hold against an aggressive drift? I tried to attach a pic of the step I am referencing. Thanks Cody
  11. Appreciate the responses, has been helpful.
  12. Thanks for the quick response, looks like a trip to the auto parts store tonight is in order. I have looked around Lowes and Home Depot, with no luck, but I usually never find what I am looking for in those places.
  13. I am looking for a source or an idea of where I can get flexible metal hose/pipe/tubing that would be 3-inch outside diameter to connect my blower to my forge. I am currently using dryer vent hose, which is working, but is not ideal. I have been searching the internet and local hardware stores, but haven't found what I am looking for. Would probably work better if I actually knew exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks, Cody Have you looked in the section about blowers for this information? we will relocate this there.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I am not looking to replace springs or use (at least not regularly) the traps I make. It is just a project I am trying out. My plan is to make a double long spring trap in the size of a number one single long spring just for fun and who knows maybe I can sell a few at the trappers rendevous. I looked through all the suppliers websites listed in the knife section and did not find the size and steel I referenced above. Maybe I missed it somewhere. Anyone else already know where this may be found? I will keep searching and if I can't find it, I think the sheet I found
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