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  1. Wow, thanks for all the support guys. Frosty, I've been working my detective skills pretty hard. I am planning on getting in touch with a couple of ferriers in the area. We are just getting our meager forging setup ready to start heating and beating, just working out a couple of clutter issues on our patio, for safety. Jimmy, great to know we have someone relatively close to consult with. I'd love to meet you sometime and ask you a lot of questions. I'm sure that in the coming months I'll be asking the IFI community a lot of questions, probably in the hopes of helping fix mistakes
  2. Done and done, sir. Thanks for the advice. It took me all day to get the site to save the location to my profile though. This site has already helped generate a couple of leads for people who are in my general area. I hope to find more folks around me soon.
  3. Hello all, I and my 15 yr old son have recently become very interested in blacksmithing and have taken a couple of beginning classes. The "bug" has bitten us hard and we are now starting to gather things so we can forge at home. As we have started this journey I have been on the lookout for someone in my immediate area who might help to mentor us and teach us as we continue to learn and hone our skills. However, I have come up empty. The closest organizations, clubs, or mentors that I have been able to find thus far are all at least 2-3 hours away from us. So, as I was perusin
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