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  1. Large Steel Balls, Uses?

    Where is a good place to buy some various sizes?
  2. Oh wow, your google skills are much better than mine lol. After a little spit polish on the tag mine is a 5x5 too, it looked like a 3 earlier. That is the same saw though. Almost a shame to do it but I plan to put a nice coat of paint on it and put it in my living room.
  3. The blade is 14.5" long. Defiantly will be taking some pictures when I get home within a week or so. I originally thought it was for really thick stock but 3x5 is hardly thick by any means, maybe it was made for an application where the cuts needed to be as parallel to the ground as possible?
  4. So I found this little guy today and brought it home, thought it would look pretty neat with a fresh coat of paint on it. Has anyone ever seen one like this? I did a Google search but so far no luck on any information out there on it. It was made by Louisville electric manufacturering company, no. 26065 type CD 3x5 capacity 90 rpm.
  5. Dried out can of itc100, can I reuse it?

    Awesome thanks!
  6. My leftover can of itc100 has dried out onto a brick. Can I pour a little water in it again to reuse or is this stuff pretty much done with?
  7. Luckily it's not going to take but a few minutes to make another. I think i'm going to keep this one to hang on my wall of mess ups instead of salvageing it. I went back and spark tested it and it does look quite a lot like cast metal.
  8. Haven't spark tested it yet.
  9. So I was making a spring swedge today and this happened. I just grabbed the thickest scrap out of the pile for this no Idea what it is, any help? Could it be cast iron?
  10. Cordless angle grinder experience?

    Has anyone used the new dewalt flex volt angle grinder? I've been eyeing them for a long while now
  11. How do you guys that make your own drifts end up with the final dimensions? Do you just aim for a squareish oval shape and call it a day or are you going for a specific dimension?
  12. Hydraulic forge press group build endeavor

    A concern I have is the quality of the welding that will go into it. Before I built a power hammer, I read and searched for every hammer group build out there and a some of them left me a little wide eyed from the atrocious welds. I'm far from a professional welder myself but from everything I've read on building Forging presses weld quality is a pretty big safety issue.
  13. Hydraulic forge press group build endeavor

    What part of the state do you guys meet in? I would definitely be interested in joining your build if the costs are in your ballpark estimate range. I wouldn't have an idea how to do it besides following Jim Batons book though.