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  1. It does look like something neat you would see in a restaurant interior or similar. I've learned my lesson too many time about buying things to resale, almost always I seem to put more effort into it than the return I get back and it sits around forever before someone wants to buy it.... Sometimes I still make that mistake though but I'm trying to stop the habit lol.
  2. I wish there was pictures online I could find, usually vintage machinery has information on anything I can throw at it. I kind of like those movable ball weights in lue of a quil return spring. I kinda think I'm going to leave it be, if anyone is interested PM me it's in the Dayton Ohio area.
  3. Well, that cone pulley does look like a decent bending jig. It just seems blasphemous to start ripping parts off of it. Bar stock is definitely not in short supply at this scrap yard, it's a metalworkers dream! That's cirtanly a mountain of pulleys you have there. I don't envy you for when you need to take the bottom one out to use.
  4. I stopped by a scrap yard today and found a pretty unique old drill. I was very tempted to bring it home but I've come to the realization I have too much unused junk as it is lol. What do you guys think, is it worth going back and buying for .35 cents a pound?
  5. setlab

    Giant piece of steel

    I came here to see a giant piece of steel, all I see tiny piece of flat bar
  6. setlab

    Angle grinder

    Do yourself a favor and go cordless. And Dewalt > all others for reasons.
  7. setlab

    Power hammer

    I've moved my hammers around pretty effortlessly with a folding harbor freight engine hoist in the past. That said I have a concrete shop floor that the wheels can roll on. Everyone who has this hobby should at least have some tools to move heavy things around if needed, might as well start now. I bought my little engine hoist for $100 off craigslist and it's served me well over the years. I didn't read all the comments here but it sounds like you might have around 1200lb to lift? That shouldn't be too big of a move, just keep the hammer an inch or less from the ground when moving it and make sure you have a good lifting point where the straps won't slide off. If you're wary about lifting it up to a trailer you can rent a drop deck trailer from places like sunbelt rentals for around $70 a day.
  8. setlab

    Norton 6DB weight info

    That weight might be right, I'd estimate mine weighs 600lbs +/-
  9. I haven't had it for too long and it hasn't gotten used by me too much yet. With my oil change I just turned up the flow and stuck a nail under one of the valve levers to keep the hammer cycling for an hour or two and the oil drained out on its own. Still doesn't look like there is a drain plug under the paint, it would be a little bit more convenient to have one but it didn't take too long to change out the oil in the end.
  10. An oil change was something I wanted to try out. I've read a few places people saying how much more responsive the hammer was, just wanted to experiment a little. Plus it was like 30 degrees last weekend!
  11. Amen, I love this place. Just wish people who didn't want to reply didn't chime in stating that fact. Lots to learn just by reading.
  12. Well you don't seem that busy if you're surfing iforge... Just saying
  13. Not really a problem, why not ask a Smith with a similar hammer than bother a busy guy?
  14. So I'm in the process of changing my 30wt oil out for 10wt oil in my 33lb anyang and am just letting the oiler drip on full blast to empty it. Before I go chipping all the paint off the oilers bottom in search of a drain, Is there a set screw on the bottom of these oilers to quickly drain all the oil?
  15. setlab

    Will my flypress table be to light?

    All torque from a #6 should be close to the same no? But it's a deep throat Norton. I don't think it will twist the table legs out of square, but all the fly press tables Ive seen are pretty heavy duty.