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  1. Not sure if I missed something or not, but I bought the new kinyon hammer plans from a guy named Paul, I guess he is the one who has updated the plans over the years. His email is [email protected]
  2. Anyone ever run into a forge like this? Really cool concept, wish I could find more pictures and maybe a few dimensions.
  3. I think my main concern would be how broken or worn out the dovetails on the anvil are. Might be a bad picture but they look squirrely. I'd check and see how much slop is in all the pivoting/bearing surfaces too.
  4. Ehh if you could buy that hammer for some pretend Mexican monopoly money who cares about the motor.
  5. Anyone familiar with how it would work if he were to buy this hammer and haul it to America on a trailer? Would the border patrol even care or would he be hit with import paperwork and fees?
  6. Those all look like good designs to make your own. Not much to building a table besides how tall you want it, mine are all about 36" tall in freedom inches. Other than I like my welding tables to have holes or slats to clamp stuff down in the middle of the table.
  7. Pro's- I'm a lazy and would much rather not have to deal with traditional power hammer die changes, plus it would be a cool project to build. And like arftist mentioned, production work... but ain't nobody got time for that with a day job. Con's- You spend a bunch of time building a die change system only to find out what you built is a garbage design.
  8. Wondering that myself, Raymond Head has the same view as Clay, this design is really only safe for 65lbs. Also mentioned to me the heavier ram you get the more sluggish it will make the hammer. Increase the motor size? I imagine there is a limit point for the motor size and how much of its power can be transfered through a direct drive friction wheel. So there must be a point to which a bigger motor would be useless to create a larger hammer. Personally I've thought about just increasing the thickness of the material used and laying down more welds than are required to create a larger hammer. At the end of the day though, a 50lb hammer is probably good enough for anyone that wants to build this design. There's less trial and error and head aches if you were to just follow the plans than if you were to modify it too.
  9. My 2 cents not really knowing anything... That Massey looks much better taken care of than that Russian hammer. But it definitely sounds like more of a hassle to put into use than that self contained.
  10. I was trying to figure out if that was a spring or not. Really cool, I'm jealous of your welds and cnc plasma it took to make that!
  11. I don't envy you trying to position that anvil during your weld up lol.
  12. Nice hammer, that anvil looks like is was made exactly for it. I'll have to check your Instagram out. Definitely have enough air supply so that never going to be an issue. I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I come to it when deciding to build a larger tup weight or not.
  13. So I recently made a score and found a 12.75"x38" 1,375 lb chunk of steel at the scrap yard and am dreaming up uses for it! This project is several years away from actually happening but I've always liked the MZ75 hammers and I see there is a kit to build one too. Has anyone ever build there own off that $1400 kit Ken sells? I need some homemade hammer porn to cement my decision on this route
  14. It does look like something neat you would see in a restaurant interior or similar. I've learned my lesson too many time about buying things to resale, almost always I seem to put more effort into it than the return I get back and it sits around forever before someone wants to buy it.... Sometimes I still make that mistake though but I'm trying to stop the habit lol.
  15. I wish there was pictures online I could find, usually vintage machinery has information on anything I can throw at it. I kind of like those movable ball weights in lue of a quil return spring. I kinda think I'm going to leave it be, if anyone is interested PM me it's in the Dayton Ohio area.