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  1. Hey, thanks buzzkill, glad someone here read my question for what it was and didn't add to it with lots of what if scenarios. Clear and concise, just like my question Informative read though, thank you.
  2. Simple question was simple, reading is key. This topic became more frustrating than herding cats....... Smh Thank you again JHCC
  3. Thanks! That's good news, Ill just keep the current pump on the unit then as it's rated at 5.47 at 1800 rpm. That would be 5.24 gpm using your equation.
  4. Thank you but not asking about the Hydraulic system, I'm just asking if a 1700 rmp motor is adequate for a generic forging press, I really don't care what the end result tonnage is, just one that's worth the time it takes me to build frame for it. Just as simple as that, am I wasting time with a 1700 rpm motor? That's what I'm asking. Most commercial ones I've seen are a higher rpm motor. Again I am well aware of the hydrolic system components that go into the equation.
  5. Ok, have any of you guys built a press out of a 1700 rpm motor?
  6. I guess what I'm asking is, is 1700 rmp good for a press? I'll work out the component particulars when I get to this project in the future. (I pulled the motor off the tank and there is a Marzocchi 5.47 gpm gear pump on it, says fixed displacement is that a single stage pump? ) Or do most people use a higher rpm motor in their builds? I'll definitely find a use for the motor, this was one of those you can't pass by opportunities for 25 cents a pound
  7. I just found a Hydraulic power pack at the scrap yard with a 5hp 1700 single phase motor on it. No idea on the pump, that might get replaced anyways. Is 1700 rpm adequate for a forging press? Goal is to have something at least in the 2 inch per second range. Not to picky on the tonnage as long as it moves some metal.
  8. I'm looking at clearing a bunch of space on my selves and have a swap meet comming up in my area. What do you guys think a good buy me now price would be for a dirty but working champion no. 400 blower around Ohio? Ebay antique sellers have really inflated the internet prices unfortunately. Is $100 about right?
  9. Why does dewalt suck? Never had issues with all mine over the years.
  10. Try and find an old junky worn out surface grinder for scrap price and build a belt grinder on it. Probably way easier and versatile than a shop built one if you have something that can pick up a heavy surface grinder that is.
  11. Doubt that hammer would need anything, horse stall mat under it and maybe some plastic to keep the oil off your floor.
  12. Not sure if I missed something or not, but I bought the new kinyon hammer plans from a guy named Paul, I guess he is the one who has updated the plans over the years. His email is [email protected]
  13. Anyone ever run into a forge like this? Really cool concept, wish I could find more pictures and maybe a few dimensions.
  14. I think my main concern would be how broken or worn out the dovetails on the anvil are. Might be a bad picture but they look squirrely. I'd check and see how much slop is in all the pivoting/bearing surfaces too.
  15. Ehh if you could buy that hammer for some pretend Mexican monopoly money who cares about the motor.