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  1. A concern I have is the quality of the welding that will go into it. Before I built a power hammer, I read and searched for every hammer group build out there and a some of them left me a little wide eyed from the atrocious welds. I'm far from a professional welder myself but from everything I've read on building Forging presses weld quality is a pretty big safety issue.
  2. What part of the state do you guys meet in? I would definitely be interested in joining your build if the costs are in your ballpark estimate range. I wouldn't have an idea how to do it besides following Jim Batons book though.
  3. Ok thanks. Ya, just your run of the mill 50lb tire hammer. I built it pretty much to the exact detentions as the plan calls for, maybe 1000 lbs in total weight.
  4. I just re-read your post and I can picture it better in my head now. Is your regular all thread good enough or should I search for a certain grade? Thanks
  5. I thought about mechanical fasteners but I like the idea of epoxy better. Plus I already bought the anchoring epoxy a long time ago so it would probably be a pretty dumb waste of money on my part not to use it. How come you guys are leaning more towards mechanical > epoxy fasteners? Is there an advantage or is epoxy just a relatively new method? From what I've read others say epoxy fasteners are much more shock resistant and are pretty much just as simple to install.
  6. I need to bolt my hammer down to the floor and was going to use threaded rod and concrete anchoring adhesive to do it. Do I need to buy a certain grade of threaded rod or will the regular run of the mill 1/2" threaded rod you buy at lowes be sufficient strength?
  7. You're talking about railroad rail right? You have 6' of that and will cut in into 3 24"sections and welded up in a bundle 24" tall? Would work better than what I originally thought you had in mind. But unless the goal is extreme penny pinching I would hold out for a different option. If it were me, before I put that much of my time and effort building something I'd be sure to o overbuild it as much as possible. If you want to brave the drive to Atmore, Al there is a scrap yard there that has a piece of maybe 4"x5" solid bar that's maybe 8 feet long. I think he sells stuff for $.32 a lb, I'd call first and ask if you can cut it into smaller pieces though before the drive.
  8. You'll wind up with a junk hammer, did that with my first junkyard hammer when I was young and ended up with a hammer more suited as yard art than forging. Apparently the hammers energy gets absorbed instead of rebounded when stacking metal used for the anvil horizontally.
  9. Just skimming through the first listings that pop up it looks like everyone with an angle grinder and RR track anvil is selling stuff they made in 15 minutes. Wondering if buyers skimm past that stuff or is the market so saturated with that stuff there you'd be lucky to have anyone find your listing?
  10. I've been giving a lot of thought into selling on etsy lately. I've never really sold much of my work before and it seems like a good place to start. What do you guys make that sells well there? I was thinking small things at first, wall hooks, bottle openers, maybe RR spike knives? Well made, does that stuff sell quickly there?
  11. Wish my wallet would let me go to quad state again, I'll let you know before then. Are you driving there all the way from Texas!? Quite the drive.
  12. Handn't really thought about it, this was kinda a last dich talk me out of selling it post lol. If I do put a number on it down the road I'll let you know. I know I'm never going to make armor though.
  13. What part of Florida are you in? Anvil prices vary considerably in the couple of areas that I had been watching before I got a reasonable anvil. If you are close to me, I would like to look at it, but would only be willing to meet you somewhere in between your prices from what I can see. 

  14. I have a beverly B2 shear that I'm thinking of selling, I kinda see it as an unnecessary tool. Anything I would use it for can easily be done on a grinder or bandsaw. Before I do though how do you guys use yours? Does It fill a nich In your shop another tool doesn't already?
  15. A swinging design could work, I certainly have high enough ceilings for it to get out of the way. How well does that funnel hood work for you with a tall fresh pile of coal? Is something like that big enough for that amount of smoke all at once?