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  1. Hi there, In this project, I made a knife only from scrap materials and I was wondering what you guys think about it. what did I do right and what did I do wrong, I'm interested in both as it can help me whit my future projects. The wood is cherry and coated with teak oil for anyone wondering :D
  2. I'll be sure to give the Burners 101 thread a thorough read through. The basic info i learned before going on with this project, i got from a book from the local library. And for me it was enough to get me started. Frosty i would like to emphasize that this is in no way a ‘how to’ video but rather a documentation of my progress from nothing to something that works. That’s why i called it a prototyping project. Where i create a basic concept of a working burner. That's also why i ask for suggestion at the end of the video. So that i can improve on the concept. I have also mention
  3. Hi again First off, i thank you all for the suggestions i will be taking them into consideration. I have of this moment, changed the the converter flame nozzle to one that's not galvanized and will be mentioning it in the description of the video. Secondly the the reason i made the connection with a pipe plug was because i wanted to be able to take it apart and use the gas nozzle in other projects and make it so that the welding tip can easily be changed if a better solution were possible or if there were any kind of heat damage under the testing. Thirdly i already k
  4. Hi there, I have just made My first propane torch for a future gas forge project and i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how i could improve it. I have already improved it some but maybe there is something i have missed. I am looking forward to any suggestions
  5. Thanks for all the hints and pointers. In the future i will be making my video more suggestive instead of conclusive, until i get more experienced and familiar with the craft. I will also focus on describing the missing parts of the video better.
  6. First off, i apologise for the misspelling, english is not my main language. What i meant to say was that, it was a customized repair job and not a cosplay hammer. Secondly, i figured out the mushroom stuff later in the project. Mainly because i have just started with blacksmithing two weeks ago. Thirdly, my camera died while i was recording the heat treat. That's why it isn't there. Fourthly, handle is made of a type of pine or rather a type of spruce that’s common in the scandinavian area where i live and is named Picea abies or norway spruce. Lastly, i have made plans to
  7. Thanks for all the advises i really appreciate it. And i will be using the info to do modifications in the near future.
  8. Hi I´m new to this forum and far from a pro, i have made my first forge and was wondering if any of you had some suggestions on modifications i should make to my design to avoid future problems. I have made a video about how i made it and hope it gives a clearer picture of the design. I am looking forward to any suggestions Best Regards René A
  9. I have made a little video about how i restored an old sledgehammer and made it a new costume hammer with a personal touch. If there is any advise on better design for a sledgehammer, then i am open suggestions. I will be able to use it in the future.
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