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  1. I know this is not forging, but my working with my hands making tree of life cabochons and dream catchers twisted wire trees keeps me busy and my mind sharp. I got more people that want me to teach twisting wire into art than I got time to do anything for myself. That's good. I showed the buyer of my anvil stuff how to make the iron crosses. I even give him a copy of the cut sheet of how to make the cuts before forging.
  2. Thank you again guys, but the one thing I didn't sell is my post vise. It was my first, and I just couldn't let go of it. The anvil and I were very close, and had to choose, so I let go of it and kept my post vise that wasn't part of any deal. I can hold stuff and bang on it when the mood strikes. It will be always with me. You all understand the feeling of not letting go of personal treasures, that bring a smile to your face. It seems to me, that if I can still swing a hammer a few times, on a piece of steel in the vise, I am still alive. Weather I make something or not, it's not i
  3. I found a blacksmith that was just starting out. He needed an anvil, small gas forge complete with regs and gauges. Heavy duty solid wood stand for anvil, and tongs and hammers. He bought the whole lot including almost 50' of 2300F 24"x 1" insulation to make a large 3 burner gas forge. Half bag of clay and new firebrick. I got cash for the lot and was thankful that I could help younger fella, that is serious about continuing the trade with a real good start. Thank you all for your guidance and kind words.
  4. You haven't heard from me in awhile. This major stroke last March 12, 2017 has me a watcher and not a doer. My whole left side is ruined. No feeling in leg or hand. I tried everything I could trying to get back to normal. I cannot stand good, and tried making some steel cattails, and from a seated position it was hard to move about. With the left hand with no feeling, I even taped a glove on the hand because it kept falling off. I even taped the metal to my left hand to hammer on the anvil, that wasn't too good an idea. Then I had to put bandaids on good right good hand from cuts catching me
  5. Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas Enjoy The 12 Days of Christmas Card link removed due to language
  6. I can't play my fiddle but I can still play the harmonica. Can't whistle a tune, but I can still make music. Maybe I can make a calypso drum from an old oil drum. I can beat that with the hammers. All you guys out there really know how to make an old dog feel good inside, knowing that I am not alone here. With the Lord on my side being the pilot, I just follow where He leads me. I always pray for Him to help me use all the many talents He has given me to use and share those talents with others. This makes me try even harder to get back in shape and to enjoy teaching others so that they can do
  7. Thank you all for your input. I was hammering on a piece of metal in the house earlier, got to hit a few times before the hammer flew from my hand. I'll try duct tape to hold the hammer in my hand. I'm glad I have my first railroad anvil in the house. It's better than any therapy I have been getting. On the lighter side, I'm happy I can still cook one handed, and eating comes naturally. Now if I can get one of my home care nurses to hold the iron on the anvil, I think she might like it. Seems like I got nurses and therapy ladies here 5 days a week, now that's what I call home health care.
  8. Hi everyone. I had a major stroke a day after my 71 birthday. I just got out of the hospital today. I have lost the use of my left hand use and left leg. I don't know how I can do any more forging with one hand, standing on only one leg. Big decision of what to do with all my stuff, like anvil, hammers, post vise and 2 gas forges. Any ideas, please be civil in any replies. I had a major stroke eveyone
  9. This is getting way off topic
  10. No crimp on either end of the 11' pipes. I have been using them for outdoor plant and tree fabrication. They make good hangers for tools when welded to angle iron to attach to a wall. The cables in the pipe are galvanized. I weld to the outside of the iron pipe on projects I make outside. With the galvanized coated cables, they would not make a good burning bar. Thanks anyway.
  11. Real nice. Wish I could think up this stuff to make.
  12. Just something I got to finish today. Thanks Bubba 682
  13. My batch of calla lilies look like I'm giving an awards banquet or something.
  14. I like it too. There's always time for fun.
  15. I found that using clay they were longer than necessary. I will find out in steel. If you look at the original picture I posted, they appear long in relation to the length and width of cross. Experiment is what I will do to get it right. I have no idea how many times I will have to make them, to get it looking right.
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