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  1. 1st off, Thanks Frosty, To answer as much as I can, Twistedcustoms, yes they are threaded at both ends. Frosty I have split and flattened one and it was a SOB! I was hoping someone here had worked this type of metal in some form or another and had advice on how to best work it. It seems to be some form of stainless steel.
  2. It's the couplers I can't figure out what to do with..
  3. So... I got my hands on a dozen or so chunks of sucker rod and most have the coupler still attached. I have messed with forging one but it was a bear to work with has anybody tried making anything with these? As far as I can tell they are generally AISI 4142 M, AISI 8630 M or AISI 1530 M which tells me nothing but hopefully will help one of you help me! Thanks! Ryan
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