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  1. It looks similar to what I know say a coal hammer, my grandad used one for smashingle up the largest bits for the fire. He was a mineral not a Smith. xxxx auto predict
  2. Looking at the vice I am wondering if it is one in the museum of ironwork at Ruon in France
  3. Over here we have different styles of eel spears / gigs. The styles depend on the bed of the water you are fishing in - narrow rod type barbs for muddy bottoms and broader heavier barbs for rocky bottoms. There is a book that has a chapter on the variations called nets and coracles if I remember
  4. It was, not hard just tedious then I had to follow with another 130 1 1/2 by 2 fron 8mm dia rod.
  5. Just finished some Tenter hooks for an order, roughly 5/8 by 1 1/2 Just over five hundred.......
  6. That is true, but reading some of the norse saga's the sense of humour shown does give me the idea that having the legs sticking out may have appealed to some of the folks present??
  7. You are probably right on that thought Thomas, A set of metal workers tools from the saxon period were found at Tattershall Thorpe near Lincoln in the remains of several wooden boxes having locks on them. There seems to be a pattern of reusing chests and boxes for other purposes, one of the best I know of is the Saxo-Norman burial ground excavated at York Minster some years ago. I need to double check my notes but if I remember correctly six or seven chests had been reused as coffins with all the fittings and locks attached, the best bit I found about this site is that one of the reused chests had been too short for the body so they had knocked one end out to make room so I have visions of this chest/coffin being borne through the streets with a pair of feet sticking out of the end......
  8. I do not know who to credit for this. Found this on Pinterest, sorry its a little late, working over Xmas.
  9. A scientist with the user name Thunderf00t has posted a film on you tube shooting down solar roadways a year or two back
  10. Is it a spear? A short haft and small head you have a nice javelin for throwing
  11. We go down the forge to relax after watching cricket, especially after the pasting we got from india....
  12. Hi Daswolf I am not really sure but metal calculators give 170lb for a block of steel 5" by 10" by12". I know I was struggling to lift it into the boot of my car.
  13. Watching BBC look north news for Lincolnshire last night up came a segment on how we need people as the old crafts are dieing out so students have created a virtual blacksmiths shop using 3D goggles so that people can try out smithing to see if they like it ??? I was hoping it was a spoof but everyone they interviewed thought it was a wonderful idea.
  14. After the last month or so working silly shifts I finally got some me time and treated myself to this... only 18 miles down the road and £60 18" overall 12 by 5 face and 10" high, the hardie hole is 3/4" square. There are no markings I can find but I guess it is fairly early.
  15. OK, not sure where this needs to go - possibly the safety section?? But whatever, just seen this guy on YouTube, check out the wheel of debt wood splitter. This has to be a Darwin award waiting to happen.
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