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  1. Congratulations Rashelle and James, it was fun to watch you two. James, nice job on the win as well!
  2. Beautiful little knife! I really like the shaping of your scales! Nice flow over the whole knife. Great job!
  3. Very nice! I have contemplated making one as well, yours is an inspiration.
  4. What a beauty!! Nice job for sure. If it's not a secret, where did you get the stag? That is a great piece.
  5. Forgot to say nice touch on the 'Dead Mans Hand'...
  6. Indeed a beautiful knife! I've always liked the low count PW.....lucky father in law!
  7. Welcome Jeep! Nice looking first run. Your PW came out nice. It might flow better if your spine ran flush to your handle, but thats just a thought. No doubt in a year or two you will compare with this one and see how much you've advanced. again, welcome aboard. Mitch
  8. Love it! I really like the sheep horn, though I've yet to try some. I have a knife made by Scott Roush with horn, and I've liked it ever since. Also like your bolster engraving / texture. Is it cold blued? thanks for posting. Mitch
  9. Another nice one! would have loved one back when I was active/deployed. good job. Mitch
  10. very cool, love the whole package!
  11. great looking bunch of knives! Glad you recovered! Nice photo's as well, do you do them yourself also?
  12. Very generous of you!! Love the look you get from the wood, scoring with a saw blad teeth...great idea. Never thought of wasabi to use as a pantina...will have to try that. Thanks for your response and pics! Mitch
  13. That should be one very happy nephew! Nice! Mitch
  14. Welcome to the forum Seth! Some great looking work there. Yes, the anvil cut out is cool. my favorite is the second from botton, with the two woods handle. nice to have you here. Regards, Mitch
  15. Welcome Duckwalk! Interesting blade! What is the materials? Do some (LOTS) of reading here, you can get some great ideas here on improvised anvels and equipment. Keep at it! Mitch
  16. Welcome to the the forum! Nice looking knives. Can youshow a picture of the edge/spine? I really love the contrast of the woods. Thanks for helping vets!! (I'm 100% disabled myself) What do you do? Regards, Mitch
  17. very nice! how did you size it? Ring mandrel?
  18. Another great looking knife, and testing. I would have loved to have one of your knives when I was ob active duty and out in the sand box! Keep up the good work! Mitch
  19. looks great, nice shape. good choice for the haft...all repurposed! my only concern would be the eye is round, would it be prone to turn on the haft when you start to use it. Great looking photos by the way!
  20. I'm not a sword guy, but thats a good looking blade! Still planning on using the gar skin? Would be another nice personal touch... Mitch
  21. looking great so far! look forward to your handle selection and hardware. Mitch
  22. Welcome James! If you have not already, google fur trade tomahawks, the first result should take you to the .com site of the same name ( I don't want to brake any rules by posting a link). The site is full of examples of axes and tomahawks you can compare with yours. Great find by the way! Mitch
  23. Thanks for that! Still got a want list to make life easier.... enjoy seeing other shop layouts, see how I might get better. look forward to this project pic's! Mitch
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