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    Woodworking, making knives from old sawblades and new Scandi blades. Selling highly figured wood to knifemakers and gamecall makers. Helping disabled veterans.


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    Woodseller to gamecall makers
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  1. Thomas, no I haven't done the tea, thanks. I have heard that wet birch bark will do it. Probably many of the barks would.
  2. I've used mustard, horseradish, vinegar, lemon, limes, potatoes, tomatoes, beef blood, aspirins and many more to get a patina. They all work to different degrees. That day we had sushi takeout for lunch and so the wasabi got used. Here's a surprise for you Charlotte and Thomas, have you tried leaving the blade outside in the dirt? Thanks for the suggestion though. Just using the knife in the kitchen will eventually do it also.
  3. I like what you're doing very much. The Umbila wood really got my attention, great looking wood.
  4. M Mitch, all the kitchen knives are sold so I have no photos of the edge/spine. I could show some of the hunting knives that I sell at shows if you want to see them? What do I do? To help vets? I belong to the Military Order Of The Purple Heart and we raise money to buy items for vets in nursing homes. Until recently I drove vets to their medical appointments and did handyman work for them but I have moved to a new area of NJ and so I have to get settled and meet new people. I had the use of a shop in return for giving one out of every five knives or wood art I made to the gentlem
  5. The blade for this knife was cut by waterjet from one of the old Disston handsaws I inherited from my Dad. Using a waterjet doesn't affect the heat treatment of the steel. The saw was .05" thick so it made some very nice thin slicers. For the handle I laminated some nice crotch walnut onto curly maple. When I use curly maple in laminates I always use thin cloth that is the same color as the darker wood to fill the low points of the curls. I use Titebond III glue. The finish was super glue and then Minwax Antique Oil. I made 7 like this and all are sold. One of the buyers was a woodworker from
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