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  1. Thanks guys! The copper accent was super fun. Here is me sticking the forgeweld. VID_62370318_224349_253.mp4
  2. Had a commission for a firepoker with a wooden handle. Did the forge welded turkey footed style with some reverse twists patterns in it. The copper on the handle was melted down in a crucible in the gas forge and poured into a flat mold, then drifted square to the size of the "tang" for the handle, then textured with a ball peen before assembly. This was a fun one. Leather spacer between the copper and purple heart to fill the void.
  3. Experimenting using leather spacers in this knife handle. Not something i typically do. I typically do full tang with single handle medium rather than mutli-piece construction. Turned out pretty decent. This will go to my neighbor as a gift for all the antler he gave me for free. Handle material is deer antler, leather spacer, and walnut.
  4. First post in years i would guess.. made myself a little J-hook to hang my work headset on. A little down on myself for punching the hole off center. Oh well...
  5. Thank you! i have read it. I will be in touch soon. Still getting settled here.
  6. Just moved to Lincolnton NC. Looking for some local smiths to meet up with and talk with. Any leads on equipment would be well received!
  7. Is there a better place in the forums to post looking for people in my local area?
  8. Hello all, ive been around here snooping for a while and have been in the chat. I just moved to Lincolnton, North Carolina and was hoping someone is near by. Id like to Get some equipment built back up. I just sold everything (again) to help pay for the moving truck. Let me know!
  9. I like the part where he used a flatter to make his flatter
  10. Might add some support for the hardie side.
  11. I appriciate the advice. The whole thing weighs about 90+lbs. If it does not suffice for what im doing, i will absolutly try turning it up. I also have some rr iron that i use on its end.
  12. Just finished making this today. The stand is 4 - 4x6 cut at 35". The "anvil" is a railroad tie plate. 1"thick. I can start making harty tools with rr spikes as bases as they fit perfectly for obvious reasons. This should be more than enough for me at my skill level.
  13. Yeah i got the gear case top off. im just trying to find a model number on it. i would assume it has one.
  14. Recently picked this up and have been trying to restore it with little to no knowledge at all. Looking to see if anyone know what model i may have so i can try and find a schematic for it.
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