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  1. Looks pretty close to 9260. I like to use them for tomahawks.
  2. Pretty, and according to wikipedia bronze is harder than wrought iron, so the rebound should be good too.
  3. Ever thought about trying to cast one of those bronze anvils over a steel faceplate? It's something I've always wondered about, and a 6 pound one would make a nice little jewler's anvil.
  4. The machine shop at work was getting rid of this. 130 lb Vulcan with a perfect face except for a couple of spots where some idiot torched it. I remember back in 2012 when I was desperately searching for my first anvil, I never would have thought that people would be giving them away to me for free just a few years later.
  5. I made a handle from bamboo flooring once, it's held up fine so far but isn't the most beautiful wood and I ended up finding some small voids in the material. Some day I'd like to actually split and laminate some bamboo by hand.
  6. I found the source of the chart with a reverse image search, http://www.aikiweb.com/weapons/goedkoop1.html. It looks like he's hitting the wood with directly with another piece of wood, which is not exactly analogous to the type of stress it would see when used as a tool handle.
  7. I've achieved a good blued mirror finish with "slow" rust bluing. I use Mark Lee express blue but my understanding is that most of those instant plum browns followed by boiling will give you the same effect.
  8. I actually looked into that but the costs were waaay too high for me. Interesting perspective. I hadn't thought of that.
  9. That looks fantastic. I've been wanting to make a vise from forklift tines forever. Just out of curiosity have you thought of putting the screw on the outside a la the vertical vise? It would save having to drill those 2 big holes and you would be able to grip longer pieces.
  10. Yeah I'm only planning to use it flat when I have a striker, which is rarely, or when I'm drifting something.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. The stand is made to hold the plate either horizontally or vertically. See the pieces or angle iron extending down in the middle? Those form a channel to hold it vertically.
  12. I thought of that but an anvils horn is the same way and it's never bothered me. As for the 2 butcher type dies, they could go on a different side of the square but I'm not sure I'd actually use them.
  13. Thanks. Does anyone see any disadvantages to putting one long taper on the top like this: As opposed to individual dies with a hard transition between them like this one by Brian Brazeal?
  14. I got this 2" x 20" x 20" block a while ago and just finished up a stand for it tonight. Made from scrap wood and old bed frame angle iron. The next step is to put some different radiuses into one of the edges so I can stand it up and use it as a die anvil. Eventually I'd like to make a few different sized holes through the face for drifting and some shapes in the other edges too. I guess I need to invest in an angle grinder now...
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