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  1. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun to make, though it really wasn't too hard. I took apart an old folding razor knife to get the idea for the lock, and then I modified it for this knife. I also took gun blueing and blued it, now I use it as my normal carry around knife. I am pretty impressed with the steel actually, it holds an edge well!
  2. I realised that I signed in under my old account... Anchored Ironworks and Seth Lancaster are the same person =)
  3. Good day, I have been making knives as a hobby to make a little bit of money, but I have always used materials like saw blades and things like that for my knives. I am wanting to get into making some out of stainless steel, as there have been a few who have asked for that. Now that leads me to the question of what steel would be best, I am wanting a not too expensive, but fairly good quality steel which is not too hard to machine. I work with very few tools, and my belt sander is only a hand belt sander mounted upside-down. For my customers it is a selling point, as they want to support
  4. I have done a bit of this myself. A few years back I lost my job, so I opened up an Etsy shop and started selling my items. I had very low running costs, as I only had a small coal forge, I had an abundant supply of cheap coal, mild steel was not very expensive. But I find that many times people have a hard time finding YOUR item in the whole bunch of other similar items. What I have done then is I use social media and post photos of my work, and links to my store. I also for a time paid for my ads to be placed at the top. It brought in some cash flow, but it was not enough to make a living. I
  5. I have now finished with the modifications. It changed the handle material to be Umbila wood (Also called Kiaat) and I changed the spring for the lock. I still need to do some perfecting, but it is definitely a start.
  6. Yes, It is not finished yet, still needs the scales,. but I made a different spring for the ball-bearing that holds it closed.
  7. I have actually already re-done it. The problem is that the lock did not work very well, and it did not open smoothly. Now it works like a charm! Also the bamboo handle did not work very well. It was in a way too soft, and did not finish well. I used 1040, as that is the only metal I could get here in Mozambique. It is actually made from a grass cutter, which is 1040. If I had better steel I would use it, but I don't. Then you may wish to edit your location to where you really are located, we cant help you resource if your posted location in fantasy
  8. Well I cannot bring it back to the US with me, I do have my anvil over state-side too, so I will continue in my smithing. Of course I do not know, if I am able to come back to Moz, I will still have it here, as it will stay with friends, but if I am not able, I will have them sell it for me. So, is your answer no regarding the Afrikaans? I know guys who are Afrikaans with that name, as well as English. I ask as I am with an Afrikaans family here in Mozambique.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I have been in JHB, and we do go to South Africa every few months. Is oom Afrikaans? I did get may anvil in South Africa, from Durban. A friend in Pretoria brought it for us. For me though, I would much rather be here in Mozambique than in South Africa. I feel safe here, and I have no problem walking alone even in the neighbourhoods, where as in South Africa... If I have a death wish I would, but not for any other reason. But, we just found out that our residence permits were denied and so we will be going back to the USA for at least the time being. It was a s
  10. Okay, the hoes they use here are not like that, maybe because the cheap Chinese hoe heads are available here for a cheap price... I have not seen that type here. All the axes and hoes I have seen are Chinese or South African axe heads with either a branch handle, or a piece of metal pipe welded to the end.
  11. Oh, someone else who has been in Moz! It is interesting that there were smiths up there, there are none here, I mean there are the guys who have their welders and gas torches who make railings and things like that, but I have not seen any other blacksmiths here in our area!
  12. Thanks guys! It is a kind of hobby that I do in my spare time. It is a lot of fun, as well as helping support the work we do here.
  13. Thanks! I am blessed with a very big supply of very nice wood! Metal not so much, but I can make do :)
  14. Thanks guys for the welcome! That is interesting about the "crayoning" technique! I just hope I get to get some forging in soon with the weather... It is summer time now, which is the rainy season, as well as being very hot. I got a bag of charcoal the other day, and should be firing up one of these days. That is one thing nice, I can get high quality natural charcoal for about $10 for a 100lb bag! It works GREAT!
  15. Thank you! I have now added my location! I have not read that article! Sounds interesting!
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