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  1. yesterday i went to mister Carrol's shop to get an idea of how i want to set up my shop and to take a look at his power hammer. well to make a long story short he ended firing up the forge and we did some forging with the power, it was fun i enjoyed my self i think he did as well. ill get a video up as soon as i can. glad i finally got meet mister Carrol he's nice man and a great blacksmith.
  2. personally i go all out old, but the reason for this is because im 14 and iv got a lot of time on my hands. on the other hand i am looking into making a power hammer, so im not strictly a traditionalist. but using a hand file hack saw ect, sure made me have alot mare respect for the guys 150 years ago and such. my opinion. Ethan.
  3. looks like a well spent new years eve to me.
  4. i was just kidding i should have been more specific. when i come to you asking me about the clinker breaker and such i dont know what you mean. when it comes to coal size i know some one who's giving it to me for free (they bought a farm and a random pile of coal on it), the sizes very a lot, most around the size of a soccer ball (or foot ball in other country's) and dont get smaller then a base ball. i generally break it down a lot. and frosty no i was not trying to bait the curmudgeons. thanks, Ethan.
  5. hello, thank you all. sorry i took me so long to get a reply, so for some odd reason me and my dad thought that the 1/4 inch holes were to large so after reading these reply's i changed it back to 1/4 inch and it works fine. thank you all (even the curmudgeon )
  6. so i just got an old coal forge up and running, and i dont know what size holes the grate in the bottom needs. first i tried a really big holes about 1/4 inch, and then all the hot coals fell through and into the clinker breaker. then i tried small holes about 1/16 inch and that just keeps clogging. so i just wanted to so if any of people have had this problem you can help me out. Thanks, Ethan.
  7. so guys whats the point of the giant pitchl hole? Thanks, Ethan.
  8. im sorry about your friend, i dont know much about that sort of stuff. but if i see any ting galv i try to warn people that might not know because of incidents such as your friend. ( im sorry about your friend and hope i did not offend you). Ethan.
  9. hey in pic all the way at the bottom, are those galvanized pipes i see. if they are make that change and no matter what do not use galvanized pipes in any forge ever! (sorry if you already know this) Ethan.
  10. isn't this a forging forums not gaming forums?
  11. so i just temporarily mounted it to a bench and the spring seems to work. thanks, Ethan.
  12. So this is after about a 5 hour burn. and I think I got the handle attached right
  13. okay thanks to you all ill try to keep it posted
  14. thanks, were can i get adobe clay? do they sell it at hard were stores?
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