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  1. I've never been bored enough to use a shovel. I hate that your longbow cracked. Longbows are fun to shoot. My hunting bow is 73#. I shot a 100# bow once. That's too much bow.
  2. punt, if you've got 30 ft. you can build a catch box from cardboard and shoot safely. Another reason for shooting bb's. I haven't tried ttf or pfs yet. Yeah, I shot the stick bows, ancient slings and blow guns. I was serious with the stick bows. Killed a lot of deer with them. Wish we had met up back in the day. We could have had fun shooting targets. I cut all my bands. Use a rotary cutter and make one cut without stopping.
  3. Looks like a good one to pick up cheap, grind the jagged part down and use for another 200 years. Who needs a heel anyway.
  4. You're right, the walmart tubes aren't as good as the older ones. You can get good replacement bands from people that deal with slingshot supplies. Splitshot or egg weights shoot really well.
  5. pnut, do you still shoot? I found that I enjoy the target practice. Some days I shoot thousands of shots. I'm going to order some tubing in the future and try it.
  6. Billybones, inner tubes were good back in the day. They're not the same material now. I order my supplies from a company that does nothing but slingshots. I don't know the answer but just a guess would be thickness. For certain weight ammo, thinner will sometimes be faster than thicker.
  7. Thanks Kexel. I just make them because I enjoy them. I still have quite a few to make for more kids. My payment is to see the smiles on their faces. Daswulf, Message me a pic and some dimensions of it and your address and I can send you some bands. As long as it doesn't use tubes that is. All mine shoot flat bands and most are forks from trees that fell during the storms last year.
  8. Most of you know my situation. I'm pretty much confined to my front porch most of the time, weather permitting. I moved a few tools to the porch so I guess you can say it's my temporary shop. Also, this is not just today but over a period of time. Thought some of you could relate having shot slingshots/catapults at some time in the past. Since my surgery I don't have a lot of control over my bladder and there are few places I can sit. A straight back patio chair with a special cushion on my porch is one of those few places. But, it gets pretty lonesome sitting there day in and day ou
  9. Yeah. Just needs some fine sanding on the blade. Can't tell from the pic but still got some scratches.
  10. It still needs a little polishing but this one I finished last June, a few days before my surgery. 1084 steel, whitetail antler and black walnut with brass hardware.
  11. Thanks Frosty. Yeah, I know, get well soon. I didnt realize how bad it could be when they start cutting on your innards. The stones are bladder stones and don't hurt. The worst is they can cause infection or, as in my case, stop you up. No fun catheterizing ones self. Thanks again for the smile.
  12. Thanks guys. Means a lot. I can't wait to fire up that jabod again.
  13. Most of my meat every year is deer. I didn't get to hunt this past season due to my ailment but my brother had a good season. On good days I can help process the meat. Together we processed 11. Freezer is full. I can imagine what it's like processing an elk or moose.
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