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  1. My grandmother had guinea and made dumplings or cornbread dressing with them. All dark meat but very tasty.
  2. I too have used diclofenac. The castor oil works better on my hands. My knees however are too far gone. I'm candidate for replacement of both but after having my bladder removed last year, major surgery of any kind is out of the question for a long time.
  3. I have arthritis in my hands. Not as bad as what you're describing but bad enough. Thumbs are the worst. When it acts up I start rubbing hands with castor oil every morning. Rub it in good. Wrapping in hot towels helps even more. After about a week I'm good for a few months. I'm talking pain free for a few months. Try it. It really works.
  4. Yeap, scrap yard prices sound a lot better. Question, did all the tires have screws through them? See them with and without.
  5. These are the narrow buggy tires. I think I will pass and find some at the junkyard. I don't buy antiques.
  6. What's the going price for WI wagon wheels? I know a guy has some for $40 each. Looks to be around 36" or so. I know it depends on how bad you want them but I don't want to pay for decorations.
  7. I will be praying for May. I lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer. One of the best women I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Let us know when she rings that cancer free bell.
  8. I've never been bored enough to use a shovel. I hate that your longbow cracked. Longbows are fun to shoot. My hunting bow is 73#. I shot a 100# bow once. That's too much bow.
  9. punt, if you've got 30 ft. you can build a catch box from cardboard and shoot safely. Another reason for shooting bb's. I haven't tried ttf or pfs yet. Yeah, I shot the stick bows, ancient slings and blow guns. I was serious with the stick bows. Killed a lot of deer with them. Wish we had met up back in the day. We could have had fun shooting targets. I cut all my bands. Use a rotary cutter and make one cut without stopping.
  10. Looks like a good one to pick up cheap, grind the jagged part down and use for another 200 years. Who needs a heel anyway.
  11. You're right, the walmart tubes aren't as good as the older ones. You can get good replacement bands from people that deal with slingshot supplies. Splitshot or egg weights shoot really well.
  12. You can't imagine the rebound I get with a 3/8" ball bearing.
  13. pnut, do you still shoot? I found that I enjoy the target practice. Some days I shoot thousands of shots. I'm going to order some tubing in the future and try it.
  14. Billybones, inner tubes were good back in the day. They're not the same material now. I order my supplies from a company that does nothing but slingshots. I don't know the answer but just a guess would be thickness. For certain weight ammo, thinner will sometimes be faster than thicker.
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