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  1. When I'm searching for a tool to use in the shop, there are two words that will make me walk away. RARE and ANTIQUE. You may find someone one day willing to pay your price but as far as I'm concerned, no anvil is worth $26/lb. If I wanted it I'd offer $100.
  2. Some of them tame quite easily also. My neighbor caught a sow and 4 pigs a few years ago and asked if I wanted them. I had them eating cake and marshmallows out of my hands in just a few days. As far as meat, I'd rather eat them right out of the woods. They get really greasy when you feed them out.
  3. Recently I've started liking The Dead South. Their songs have a good beat to them for banging on hot metal.
  4. Boy, I could get started cheap back in them days. Jokes aside, that was a lot of money back then. Most people would have to finance a purchase like that.
  5. I would love to go to Tannehill one day. It's only 2 hours from me. Maybe something I can plan for next year.
  6. Cats are ok but I think they should hunt. My wife feeds ours so much they are lazy. And we have about 12. I don't care for them around my shop. I have a dirt floor and I'm not to keen on the little surprises they leave buried for me to step in.
  7. Twistedwillow, I have found a sky hook helps to lift it so you can get the bar stretcher on.
  8. Yeah, Frosty, that's what I'm afraid of. I only got about a dollar in them so no loss. I have used the bandsaw blades before from this mill. They are pretty cheap. Very thin and full of stress cracks. I'll use this one for plate stock.
  9. I have a friend who used to work in the storeroom at the mill. Maybe he can tell me where they buy them. I see they are made from carbide, m42, hss and chrome. Some of these were bent. I would think they would be too hard to bend.
  10. Haven't been doing well lately and not much I can do around the shop so I went down to the scrap yard today. Did very well. All that wire rope has 1/4" strands. That's a lot of hooks. Some long chain pins about 5/8" dia. Piece of bandsaw blade, some rebar and piece of shaft for another anvil sub. Also picked up a few of these. Didn't know what they were but figured it out. Planer blades from the sawmill about a mile down the road. Best I can find is they are hss. Anybody used these before? I could have gotten a truck load but didn't know what they were at the time. They're 28" long and very sharp.
  11. It is rock solid while sitting and working. I can also lean forward, backward and to the side with ease. Very easy to get used to. The disc is so low to the ground I haven't had a problem. Since my surgery last year I have learned not to get into a hurry for nothing and watch where I put my feet. I think I'm more stable now than when I was healthy. So far the disc has not been a problem. There are also round disc blades that don't have teeth. I didn't have one at the time. I only used the blade because my floor is dirt. If I was on a slab I would have tried something like an office chair. It just needs to be stable at the correct height and mobile.
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