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  1. Im going to pass 400. hay budden and the sale is today for full price. 25% off tomorrow and 50% off Saturday I will go Saturday and see if it is still there. Daswulf is right hay budden! He couldn’t give me weight. That’s not worth the time and money but if it’s there Saturday I could justify the time going and talking them down lol Hopefully everyone that goes has the same idea I have and will save it for Saturday and I can get there when it opens and walk away with her.
  2. Decisions decisions it may be a buzz kill but 300 loss for a whole day factor in price. Wife said buy new. Lol
  3. I already know it has more rebound than My train track lol but thanks and I have a ball Bearing in my glove box for that reason
  4. Estate sale and I want it. Any ideas on brand from the one pic. Should I skip work for it
  5. 2 clinkers in 5 hours. Ash is hard to get rid of cause much needed air flow
  6. 12 bravo, combat engineer that’s the one. That is one nifty contraption I will definitely have to keep that in mind if I need such an awesome tool.
  7. Yes it is my Ptsd escape plan as well My brother was a tanker in Germany and then went to Afghanistan because of the terrain no tanks there! Surprise you are now infantry. He got blown up now has a tbi. I was a 12 bravo which was not fun. Bombs are cool. Not. I got blown up in 2010 I am all good with a pimp limp and a wicked short fuse. So I get your pain keep forging on and know that we are just “forged in pain” and that’s what makes us US
  8. That’s out of my league but forge this lol
  9. Get with the times it’s now a glider there more ergonomic lol
  10. History lives on! Glad to see that even as a person’s age declines the love for knowledge family heritage and creativity don’t fade as generations pass. Thank-you “old timers” for passing on wisdom even if it is redundant for you all to see the same problems over and over. Life’s not short make those spurs
  11. Anyone from the quad cities iowa or illinois side 

  12. it’s a good therapy session. I am a Union Sprinklerfitter to pay the bills I have just got into this and I will go for a tenth as well.
  13. What is was your reason for learning wanting this as a hobby/trade/art/job? For me it is a cure-distraction from a life of Ptsd! I might not be good at it and I just wanted to “hulk smash” stuff at first but it is evolving into so much more learning and love of being creative! Some veterans get a service dog. I get a service anvil.
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