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  1. Great knife! I like that design alot! Gonna have to give it a try. It's cool when you get those little surprise faces or figures. I had a recent one that made me think of a snake.
  2. Yeah i believe they said the winds were in the 80-90 range and that's pretty uncommon around here, unless there's a tornado.... currently waiting on them to come do their assessment. Im more concerned more with the house, i prob won't get much for the shop
  3. Yeah def more anchoring. It wasn't open before it rolled. The front wall were doors that opened so i could have more floorspace.
  4. Yeah. It could've been a whole lot worse. at least the chimney stayed pretty straight Haha. Crazy that my shop got knocked over, couple trees down, shingles from the house everywhere, yet my grill (which always gets knocked over in a bad storm) barely budged.
  5. Shop-0 Storm and high winds-1 Guess I'll just have to build it bigger now....
  6. Beautiful knife! So clean!
  7. Thanks guys, i had fun making it. I really like the pull ring on the hook side idea. Thanks!
  8. Decided to give a try at a small grappling hook for the kayak when fishing. Some spots on the river have a smooth bedrock bottom, so i wanted something i can hook onto the roots protruding from the shores. Def a good learning experience for the next.
  9. That's pretty much what i was beginning to think. The stubborn part of me knows it has to work, so i keep giving it a try with the 5160. But it's getting old making paper weights ( I know, every mistake is a learning experience).
  10. Ive been on the path of trying to make tomahawks and hatchets lately. This is the 5th attempt. I don't have very much luck getting a good weld though. Each time i try finishing it a bit further and cleaning up alot more before the weld up. It always starts out good but starts coming apart during final shaping. The wrap is mild steel and the core is 5160, and the handle a piece of diamond willow that had the right bend in it. It'll be getting thoroughly tested during the memorial day camping trip.
  11. That's a beautiful pattern! Was the guard a random cutoff, or was it a cutoff from one of the steps on this blade?
  12. Ive been itching to have a go at a feather pattern. And i definitely won't be doing many more till i can get some power. Haha. Started with 13 layers of 1095 and 15n20. Built it up to the 500 layer range. Lost alot of material with that. I ended up sandwiching a 1095 core in there to be able to get a decent sized knife. Im still fighting with keeping my billets centered when hammering but i'm getting better. The handle is some honey horn with g10 spacers and copper pins. I wish the pattern was more even from side to side, but i'm still happy with it.
  13. Thanks grump, They're definitely a great gift for all occasions. That one was a last minute addition to a gift box and now i need about a dozen more now haha.
  14. Had to give the wood handle a try. I think there's gonna be more coming
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