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  1. Thank you direwolf. This was a basement of an old house. A buddy sent me that picture asking me if I knew what it was. Thank you for solving the mystery lol. I figured with all the knowledgeable people on here it was my best bet to figure it out. My searches were coming up empty
  2. Wasnt sure where to put this so everything else it is. Does anyone have an idea of what this is. Cast iron measures almost 3 foot from top to bottom.
  3. My first attempt at one of those tentacle bottle openers. I think next one I'll start with a little bigger stock and taper it more.
  4. Hate that for ya pnut. Hopefully it works out for you
  5. No prichel hole would put it pre 1830's. Either way though you got a deal on a nice anvil. I love my mousehole
  6. Das love the heart.Here's the only one I've made. 1/2 mild.
  7. Very cool. Gonna have to go make one now
  8. If you want cheap and easy I'd go with a jabod like pnut suggested. Lots of good info on them over in the solid fuel forge section. I built one back in May and still use it today. Good luck and welcome.
  9. You're right Thomas I'm not fond of missing dinner. No the triangle is 1/2 mild. I did try quenching the corners but I didnt notice much difference vs not quenching. Its gotta nice tone though.
  10. Made this belt buckle made from a broken lawn mower blade
  11. My first 3 attempts at bottle openers. They have been tested and all passed
  12. Yes just a wire brush will clean it up nicely and hopefully reveal some more info. Mousehole maybe? Either way you have 2 very nice anvils