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  1. Yeah it's hard to drive that far and not know for sure what shape it's in. Luckily this was only about 10 minutes from my house and the missing pieces helped me haggle down the price a bit.
  2. Found me a second leg vise. 5 inch jaws. Missing spring and mounting bracket but that's no biggie. Screw and screw box in good shape. With prices around here the way they are I couldn't pass it up for $40. Now just gotta clean it up and make the missing pieces.
  3. Thanks guys. Been trying to come up with easy ideas for some holloween decorations since it's right around the corner.
  4. Not today but last night. First attempt forging a snake. Also first time doing any upsetting so I could get enough material for the head.
  5. Haha that's right Ford and Mousehole for me.
  6. I feel exactly the same way. And it seems to be getting worse the older I get.
  7. Lookin good, really like that stand. If your lookin for an inexpensive forge build check out the JABOD threads. If you haven't already done so.
  8. I make most of my charcoal from pallets. Their easy to cut up and pack tightly in a barrel. I use the barrel in a barrel method. Not sure what its actually called but it works. If you do have to buy some make sure to get the lump charcoal.

    Show me your vise

    Picked this up the other day. 5 inch jaws, 62lbs. Got it cleaned up and put back together today. Caint wait to put it to work.
  10. Screws in good shape. One side of the mounting bracket is broke off but that's no biggie. Just got back ain't had time to look for any markings on it yet. I will definitely pay it forward
  11. Picked up a post vise off CL for $75. 5 inch jaws. Been looking for one for a good while now. Anyway ended up talking to the gentleman for a good hour. Come to find out hes got a rare lung disease so hes trying to go through some of his stuff that he dont want to end up going to the scrap yard. When he was able he restored old cars. He ended up giving me a bunch of model T parts for free. 2 front axles a drive shaft some suspension parts and a box that I haven't gone through yet. Also offered me a large plow but I couldn't load it myself. Tried to give him more money but he wouldn't take it. Told me to find them someone that would use them and put the money towards my blacksmithing. Good guy I plan on going back just to visit sometime soon.
  12. Will do. Water is rising but I'm on a hillside so just super muddy
  13. Hey pnut. I was at our harbor freight last week looking at hammers. Same story. They only had 3 pounders. Around here I've had the best luck at traderbakers flea market in Carrollton for tools. Its hit and miss I try go about once a week. It's a little bit further drive for you. If I see a 2 pounder next visit I'll grab it for ya
  14. My first anvil. 135lb C&A mouse hole.