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  1. Timber Ridge Forge

    Hay Budden ID/repair advice. Send help!

    The anvil is a great beginning anvil. Unless your an experienced welder. I would suggest not messing with it. The fact is you will more then likely to more harm then good
  2. Timber Ridge Forge

    Hay Budden with unusual Hardie

    Several over the years although they are uncommon they aren’t 1 of 1 custom made hay budden anvils.
  3. Timber Ridge Forge

    Some kind of burner?

    Thanks Thomas!
  4. Timber Ridge Forge

    Some kind of burner?

    This came with the hog tongs and everything else. what is it?
  5. Timber Ridge Forge


    I am a 6”3 Big old softy when it comes to animals. I am also a realist so I get the purpose back in the day just still feel bad(especially when I saw the diagram of its usage).
  6. Timber Ridge Forge


    Yikes! Just read about them seems rather Cruel but who am I to judge.
  7. Timber Ridge Forge


    Here are a few more photos
  8. Timber Ridge Forge


    Gotcha thanks guys. It was something I noticed literally it was among about 20 tongs so I appreciate the information.
  9. Timber Ridge Forge


    I picked up two of these in a lot of tools my guess is for a farrier but would love to know
  10. Timber Ridge Forge

    Swage block of my dreams

    Yeah this was a lucky find but it was 120miles outside of Chicago near Madison wi. I really didn’t need everything. I learned long ago buy everything you see. I plan on keeping the block and selling the rest. It’s hard to justify spending this much on a tool after the holidays any other way.
  11. Timber Ridge Forge

    Swage block of my dreams

    So I always say patience pays off. I ended up agreeing to buy most of the contents of an old farm blacksmith shop. The block is 16x16x4
  12. Unfortunately I didn’t ego’s can prove to be the Internet blacksmith down fall dude you seem to have a problem I don’t understand. I said it “might” a poor quality cast iron anvil can still last a life time and high quality anvil can have casting flaws so maybe take it down a notch there frosty. I never said it was the case 100% of the time
  13. I dumbed it down! Too much?
  14. A couple factors go into the life of an anvil but the main ones are proper usage if someone has no clue what they are doing uses it. It might not last a life time. The next is quality a poorly made cast iron anvil might not last as long as a high quality cast steel. Other factors include size and environment. The fact is a quality anvil used right and taken care of should last multiple life times.
  15. Timber Ridge Forge

    Range hood vent?

    So I have started casting some stuff in my shop in my forge. I have wanted to install some better ventilation regardless of the casting. I have never really had a problem before hand as I can open the doors and get some good air flow also have a filteration system I turn on normal when grinding or any situation where stuff is flying but this stuff is just nasty. I have two vents on the roof was thinking of installing an old stove range hood with fan to some stove pipe. The question is? Is this an adequate solution and two what’s the recommend height from the forge. I plan on building a portable foundry so this is more for the forge in the future.