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  1. I like the casting work. I need build a more dedicated foundry for when I cast some more stuff waste to much gas using the forge. Plus need larger crucibles.
  2. Yeah I have done some casting of mini anvils in the past I might make a copy or two in the spring.
  3. I have bought many anvils over the years and sometimes whole shops just for one or two specific tool. I had a habit of also obtaining mini anvils in the process and kept them. Would love to see everyone’s collections. I assume since they don’t serve much use being so small I won’t get too much grief for not using them.
  4. So if I remember correctly these were military anvils right? Does anyone know the maker of them?
  5. Look at harbor freight they sell a similar cast iron one for around $65.00(they aren’t very good)
  6. Realistically the normal prices for an anvil in that shape sells for 3-6 a pound looks to be 130-140 pounds do the math.
  7. Yeah I have always been more of break it then fix it when it comes too situations like the bolts Finesse has never been one of my attributes . I can’t remove the pins either too rusted so since it all works I am just going to clean it up and put it back to work.
  8. Were you able to remove the bolts on the main steel jaw? I don’t want to used heat but those bolts are rusted pretty solid.
  9. Al, I just picked up what I can only assume is the same model is yours those diagrams are going to be a big help with fixing mine I already replaced the missing spring so it works at least.
  10. That’s what I meant as in more then likely used at a factory and they used it to identify it.
  11. This isn’t mine. I may buy it not sure will have to look at it in person first. I always found these factory plates so interesting that wanted to share it. I wish they could talk.
  12. I have seen that symbol beforehand on an a mini anvil beforehand. I don’t think it has anything to do with Vulcan that anvil style was very common with ASO, vulcan, fisher, Samson, badger and others.
  13. Yeah that was a decent price. It looks perfectly fine for a Vulcan just mount it and put it too use
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