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  1. Show me your blacksmith pets

    His name is homer.
  2. Show me your blacksmith pets

    Oh he is comfortable I have him on a expensive regiment of medication. He had been diagnosed 6 months ago with a life expectancy of two months he was coughing and lethargic I came up with cocktails of about 13 pills a day that help to 1. Improve blood flow 2. Remove fluid around his heart 3. Increase stamina. The end result it has made him comfortable and active. I actually have gotten into the business of buying and selling blacksmith equipment specifically to pay his meds. I have no kids or wife so I can justify it as long as it’s quality of life for him not just quantity.
  3. Show me your blacksmith pets

    This is my 12 year old Weimaraner. He has been with me since I started blacksmithing unfortunately he doesn’t have long for this world(heart failure) but he has been a great shop mascot.
  4. 122LBS Arm & Hammer

    A&H are uncommon but not rare from what I Have seen over the past few years they tend to be in the same price ranges as Trenton’s for the most part a 144lbs in today’s market will likely be valued at 3.75-5.00 depending on location and condition.
  5. Anvil id needed

    Well I got an A&H and a peter but the feet seemed a little off from both of them but this guy claimed it was 400+ which is why I wanted to check it out
  6. Anvil id needed

    Not the greatest photos but I might go check it out could use a maker
  7. 122LBS Arm & Hammer

    Thanks. Yeah she is nice I think I will keep it as a demonstration anvil it will be used a couple events I have planned this year.
  8. What is it?

    Yeah I was thinking shoemaker also just not sure, second nails your guess would be better then mine on that
  9. What is it?

    They said it’s a hardy tool
  10. 122LBS Arm & Hammer

    It was made for Bullock out of Chicago. Got this part of a collection doesn’t look like it had Been used and abused on it minus the 1 chip on the heel it’s pretty much perfect.
  11. Stewart handy worker

    Started the restoration process still need to finish the brass plate, make the drill faceplate and figure out the pipe vise and grinding wheel
  12. Unknown anvil

    Yeah, that was my thought. I wanted to give him good news but when I saw a few more photos had to tell him it's not worth much
  13. Unknown anvil

    Never mind guy sent me a couple more photos pretty sure it’s cast at this point
  14. Unknown anvil

    A person asked for my advice on this but with only one photo I am not sure. I would like to give them some more information. I am thinking cast.
  15. Small anvil collection

    I am aware of the crazy prices for the mini Hay buddens, Fishers and the like none of these are them I have found the ones I do have the offers I have been getting are between 20-60 each for the smaller stuff and only about 3 or 4 have foreign names being china and india. I already sold the big HB which paid for the whole collections and a little extra so now its time to pick and choose which might be one or two smalls and maybe the Arm & hammer.