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  1. JPH

    Book Cover Sword

    hello,,,,I was raised in a multi lingual family...Mum spoke Kurd, some Greek and English with some Farsi.. Dad spoke Greek, English, some Kurd, Afghani and Farsi... My Greek is ok..same with my Kurdish (Kurmanji mostly..some Sorani..)...My Farsi is minimal as is my Afghani Constantinople was a beautiful city in the day...but that whole region is topsy turvey now.. When I deployed over there with the NNG in 2003 to 2006 I had a chance to go and visit with some tribal metalworkers and all I can say is WOW..I was humbled by the quality of the work being produced using a hole in the gro
  2. JPH

    Book Cover Sword

    JHCC Γεια σας ... Ελληνικά .. Αν ναι, να σας συναντήσω Τζελ Frosty.. If you and the Missus ever get down this way you are more then welcome to stop by...just let us know..I'm easy..We are about 21 miles NE of Tampa on the west coast... JPH
  3. JPH

    Book Cover Sword

    Frosty: When book I came out it caused all sorts of a ruckus in the "mainstream blade forging community".. Oh I caught a lot of heat and even worse.. But all in all...I helped a bunch more people that I cheesed off so who cares?? I sure don't. I just want to get this information out there as I am not getting any younger (been doing this now 50 plus years...) and while there are a few techniques I WILL be taking to my grave, 99% of what I know I will be more than happy to share (and if you can prove to me you will not do anything stupid I will show you that last 1%) as the more fo
  4. JPH

    Book Cover Sword

    Hello This one pattern was a real PITA to get in any sort of lengths over say 12/14 inches..p;us the feather is wavy which poses its own problems as well....but I think I have figured it out.. I will admit this one came out rather nice... Working with the copal was something very different from anything I did before, learned a lot there..but it just "makes" this piece work... As for book IV..I am finishing up a few more sections and then taking photos and doing the line drawings..so it will be a bit longer.. This one is going to be a big one..I will say that and ikt will be cove
  5. Howdy!! Just finished this one..took me like 8 months or so of a lot of failures and frustrations to figure out how to get a good "wave" in a feather pattern..but I think I finally did it.. 31" blade, double fullers, file worked spine..(wore out 3 files doing it..this steel is tough on files...) welded from 1095/meteoric iron and 1070..great contrast.. I am calling it the "Quetzalcoatl" pattern... hilted with steel fittings and copal grip panels..tuirned out pretty nice for an old man... I am keeping this one for myself.. This one is going on the cover of book IV for certain.. Thou
  6. Hello!! Here is a peek of one I just finished..and posting under a different heading.,..heh heh heh... JPH
  7. Howdy.. Here is another book IV prototype sword. This one is in Uno-Kobe Shobu Zukuri in Kobuse 1070 with a mild steel core. The Hamon is my Choji type II. Went a little extra on the siya.. All in all came out OK..At least I think so... I just posted it on my site this evening. Hope these photos turn out better than the last ones did.. JPH
  8. FL: I get my steel from two places mostly.. Pacific Machine and tool Steel in Oregon xxxxxxxxx or Security Steel in MI xxxxxxxxxx Telephone numbers are not allowed Hope this helps. jph
  9. Howdy!! At long last...I have finally finished my limited series of 125 Japanese style blades.. This one is number 84/125 ( I used a random numbering system..giving everyone a chance at a lower number..) Hand forged 1070 Kobuse construction ( 1070 jacket wrapped around a soft iron core).. 28" blade..Shinogi-Zukuri..Gold and black silk ito over black same-gawa. Temple lion theme fittings. The siya is wood, with black horn fittings and gold and black finish in my "two tone" style.. Came out OK if you ask me.. I'm FRRRREEEE!!! I'm FRRREEEEE!!! DONE!! This one goes up on my si
  10. GNM: You have got to remember that I have been doing this stuff for 50 years..experience means a lot in this line of work..and believe me..I have made more than my share of mistakes and had a lot of things that didn't work out right.. JPH
  11. Geo.. Did you see that 8 pound hammer next to that welded billet?? That is the hammer I use and have used for the last 35 years or so since I worked up to that weight from my 6# one.. As far as wire and tongs vs welding and welding on a "handle"..I use wire as the way I work a handle would only get in the way. By not having a thingy sticking out off of one end I can simply reverse the piece in my forge as continue working section by section.. I am a wee bit old fashioned in a lot of ways... JPH
  12. I know this may not be the answer you are looking for but I have found that I get better results in welding larger sized bundles..I start with 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" by 12" to 18"..(plus I use sheet/shim stock and weld anywhere from 30 to 70 or so pieces the first weld.)...this is a decent amount of material..at least for me and it allows for enough laminate for me to make just about any pattern I wish..plus if I have any excess I simply set it aside for another project..Last time I checked steel usually doesn't go stale.. JPH
  13. Hello: If you are referrig to a blade like he one below I just finished today.. I used a 14" dia serrated wheel on my frankengrinder running at approx 7200 fpm.. Just go slow and work the curve and recurve..Takes a little bit or practice but not all that troublesome once you get the "feel".. JPH
  14. GNM: In answer...I forge the fullers in using my fly press..this does them really spiffy and I can feel the steel move under it as I work..plus it does both sides at the same time.. as for cleaning them up...I use my Foredom flex shaft machine and a lot of those little sleeve sanding bands..it doesn't take more than a few minutes to do if I do my part and get the fuller as even as I can under the fly press dies.. On working that bb material. It is basically some sort of polymer/acrylic and once I get above say 300 grit I start to polish wet up to 3000 then a light buff with black em
  15. Howdy!! Here are four I just finished..two have my infamous bovine ivory, two have some of that bowling ball material that stumbled upon a while back. All are PW and the fancy one is silver mounted and has a 18 ct plus hand cut blue flash labradorite cab set on the sheath throat. Sorted through 10 lbs of rough to find a piece that matches the grip colouration....I think I pretty much nailed it on that. I took my sweet time in cutting it as well....didn't want to mess it up. Not too bad for front yard fancy if ya ask this old man.. JPH
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