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  1. Next step in damscus

    Hello: Why didn't ya just ask me direct??? I do NOT recommend using arc weld as it can really mess you up and as Brother Steve looks like crap... Look at it this way... How did the smiths "of Olde" secure material together BEFORE an electric weld was even thought of?? They used either wire or bands.... You work your way back and remove the wire/bands as you work down the bar..and there is NO problem with much of anything getting "in there" and buggering up the weld/pattern... Geeze..YOu could of just asked me... The photos below are of the raw materials I use... 1095 sheet... L-6 sheet.. and 200 series Stainless Steel HT foil... (Yeah..I weld this stuff WITHOUT it being in a can...why?? Because I's all a matter of knowing what to do with what ya have to work with..) and the first weld well as what it looks like after I am done with it... This isn't anything new or anything we are talking "Dark Age Tech" here.. Remember Occam's Razor... But then again..what the blazers do I know anyways??? I am just and olde fart .. FAB JPH
  2. One of My Last Nevada Blades

    Brother Thos: If you want some mosquitoes I can always catch and send ya some...just let me know... Anyways Just been coordinating with my slave labour..we have been scheduled for a mud delivery this Friday at we pour!! After that we wait two weeks and we erect the building...I still have to arrange the delivery on that (pic of the footings/foundation/slab follows).,.then it is running the water and power to it..putting all the internals in and then back to Nevada to get my equipment and I am back up and running a wee bit after that... JPH
  3. One of My Last Nevada Blades

    Ya 'all are very funny...I hate to tell ya this but I have never ever been bit by a mosquito.. they just don't like me...something about my skin they find unsavory...I am also immune from poison ivy/oak and sumac... but one bee sting and it is the dirt nap for me unless I get my eppy in PDQ.. Moved from desert to jungle...a lot of interesting critters crawling around...they don't bother me..I don't bother them...I just hope I can keep the peafowl off the slab until it cures enough so they don't leave tracks all over it...I already have the hex signs to put into the thresholds.. To keep out the bad ya know... JPH
  4. Hello!!! Well we have landed..we pour the footings/foundation and slab Friday on my new studio now that the trees are cleared and everything has been inspected.. so....two weeks or so after that I can get the building put up... Here is one of the last "Nevada" blades that I finished before the "Great Shutdown of 2017"... this one is one of my "Hugs and Kisses" pattern welded long/bastardswords... 1070 and L-6 for the blade materials...One of my infamous one piece baskets and a nice Chevron patterned bronze wire wrapped grip... 37" blade length with hammered in fuller too!! Turned out OK if ya ask me... This will be posted for sale this evening along with a few high carbon steel swords that I have been holding until now for bacon and beans money as well as finishing up the studio.... JPH
  5. Tips for 5160 knives and machetes

    Brother Thomas: A STRAIGHT!! (geeze that dates me..) Some patterns you "loose" to grinding between 60 to 75% to get the desired patterns...Yet that is what makes all of this "fun"... JPH
  6. Hello!! The monumental work by Mons. J.J. Perret.. "The Art of the Cutler" is currently being translated into the English language and I have been signed on as the technical editor. This IS a wonderful thing indeed... I need to say no more..Those that know..will understand..those that do not..well do some research.. JPH
  7. Damascus vs pattern welded

    Rick: I am already running that down.. just contacted my "French Connection".. heh heh heh.. JJ Perret was an amazing craftsman indeed.. JPH
  8. Damascus vs pattern welded

    Rick: I am not certain about this but the last I heard it was in the French National Museum...I will see if I can run it down. Mons. Perret did amazing work and this piece actually had the French Motto of "Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite " spelled out... Talk about pattern control to the 100th power... JPH
  9. Damascus vs pattern welded

    Brother Thomas.. Very true but I used toasted iron ore not black sand on this...very interesting to work from the rock vs the sand... They since closed down that whole area as the EPA had a conniption fit and had TiMet remove 100's of truck loads of desert topsoil (if you can call it that) to clean the area up due to there is also a chloride plant right down the road a tad as well... There use to be a rocket fuel place out here but that blew up a while back... JPH
  10. Damascus vs pattern welded

    Hello: At first glance I thought it was alloy banding but after looking at it under magnification I realized that there are some rather funky dendrites in there as well..I have shown this one to a couple of other folks and we did a sparky on it and it comes back that there are some rather interesting trace elements in it...the one that got us was the Ti.. The area where I got the ore (a iron rich area just a tad down wind from TiMet) must of been contaminated with TI due to the processing plant...which could possibly be the culprit,,no makes for a very interesting piece either way JPH
  11. Damascus vs pattern welded

    Ohhh K. I wanted to stay out of this but I can't. Pattern Welding is Pattern Welding and Crucible Steel is Crucible steel and at one point they were both described by the same term: "Damascus Steel" ...You are fighting centuries of folks using this term to describe both of these materials and frankly..the earliest "Modern" reference I can readily find that used the term "Damascus Steel" to describe Pattern Welding was from JJ Perret in the 18th Cent... (That man was AMAZING!! His "Liberty" bar is mind blowing..).. So the way I look at it you have "Crucible Damascus" for the Wootz. Bullat, Jahuar folks...and "Mechanical Damascus" for the Pattern Welded crew. That would be, at l;east as I see it...the easiest way to end this "controversy" ..if ya ask me..which you didn't so take it for what it's worth... Besides..What do I know about this stuff anyways?? I am just an old Hammerhead.. (I am att a photo of some stuff (that I made from raw ore here in S. NV.).. that was suppose to be a straight Bloomery Steel a couple years back that I hammered into one of them there Sam-Mary swords...For some reason I got a "Wootz" like structure on the unhardened portions of the blade..It is NOT alloy I am still trying to figure this one out..This is a Kogarasu Maru style of Kat...the hardest part was that arrowhead shape at the end..believe it or not.. So tell me how would you all "classify" this puppy?? It's Bloomery steel with a "Wootz" pattern.. JPH
  12. Pakistani blades

    Hello: Easy answer.. Yes...No...or Maybe.. all depends upon who is using what and all..Quality varies greatly from workshop to workshop.. When I was deployed to Asia Minor back in 2005 for the last I had some "free time" and went back into the mountains to visit my family and I did make contract with several local "village blacksmiths" that for what they were working with were doing SUPERB work. But these are Kurds. Not Pakistani...No real electric power (maybe 3 or 4 hours a day)...A LOT of hand labour (strikers and files and slow rock grindstones ).. but dead on HT and the tools they made were very high quality as most were old leaf springs or reclaimed files... Primitive does not have to mean low quality...Here again I am talking Iraq/Kurdistan..not Pakistan... That while area (Pakistan) is unstable and things change rapidly from day to day..sometimes hour to hour.. Personally I would suggest that you learn to do your own and not have to worry about the X factor. Ask yourself this question...Do you really want to put your name on something that you have, idea as to the quality of the materials or the level of craftsmanship involved in the most important part of any edged tool? I mean if the blade's YOU that they are going to call... Not Haji ... Now if you want some barstock or bare blades... get them from a well established maker...someone who knows what to use and how to use it...someone who stands behind their work...that is my suggestion...It will cost you a bit more filthy lucre but at least you will KNOW what you are getting... JPH
  13. To The Wall..the Last Three Weeks

    Hello: If you wish to acquire one NOW is the time as I am entertaining best offers through my website's "Jim Needs A Studio Sale",,,
  14. To The Wall..the Last Three Weeks

    Mosquitoes are no problem...I have never been bitten by one..they do not like my body chemistry I guess... I am going to start a snail ranch though..I am going to be a mollusk magnate ...come on down for branding time... Seriously I am going to start to raise them as there is a major market for fresh snails and the climate is much more "snail friendly" than here..Just have to keep the peacocks out of my snail pens... Back to work for me JPH
  15. Hello: This will be photo heavy. I am getting ready for my move down south to our new place next month so I have to get as much work done and posted as I can in order to get enough filthy lucre to build my new studio. Hence the 18 hour work days for the last three weeks. I need to move a LOT of I need to make a LOT of cutlery! I have another 16 pieces that should be done in about 14 days. All the below pieces are PW and are available for immediate sale on my website... Thought I would post these and share before they all go away. If any of you have any questions by all means feel free to ask. Hope these photos come out.. JPH