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  1. Hello: Well that particular wood cut wave was what I was after but it didn't quite turn out so "wave like"..but since two folks here have mentioned art piece that I guess I did accomplish this to a certain degree..Still I was hooping for something a bit move wave-ish....Next time may be better for that.. Still have a good deal of writing to do on book IV but I am knocking off the pages pretty good so far.. Presently I am, working on grip/handle materials and making hybrid wood/bone/stag/resin grips from vagarious materials.. If all goes as planned it will be my last book..Four books on one subject is enough if you ask me... JPH
  2. Hello: OK here we go...This is the first sword I finished in 2020...The blade is 1070..and the Hamon.. well, I dunno what to call it... Togari Gunome maybe?? This Hamon didn't turn out like I wanted.. I was going for more of a crashing/breaking ocean wave/surf sort of thing but that isn't what happened.. Like I have said before...Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted to.. It is finished with temple lion motif fittings from my art foundry guys in Taiwan..They do a great job..yes they do!! Much better than an old ham handed reprobate like I could do..... Black samegawa under that black and gold Chevron Tsuka-ito that I adore.. This is another proto for book IV which is coming along splendidly even if I do say so myself.. The siya is black lacquer that I dripped/ "flicked" Testors model airplane paint (metallic gold) on and then sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lac.. I got the idea from a tanto siya that one of my friends down here showed me a little while back...turned out not too shabby at all really but there is still room to improve on that...I do know I need to find a better price on that is horribly $$$ Happy 2020 ya all.. JPH (Oh this one goes up this evening on my website for serving plug here)
  3. Howdy again!! Well I just finished another of the "cover swords" for book it is...didn't turn out half bad if you ask me..especially for a bald barbarian.. This one is a O-Katana in 1070 Electrite (that is 1070 with a small amount of Si..) with a 31" blade...Shinogi Zukuri geometry with two scraped in Bo-Hi the full blade length .. Koshi-sori (most curve in the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the blade up from the habaki) which is an older style of curvature... Choji Hamon that is very frosty and has nice amount of activity the entire blade length.... Dragonfly motif mounts in bronze with gold and silver leaf detailings.. Black samegawa under black and gold chevron pattern silk tsuka-ito.. I think this one came out especially nice.. Hope these pics turn out.. JPH
  4. JPH

    Book IV Chisa Proto

    Brother Thomas: I am a lot closer than that...a lot closer.. still looking for a graphics person to do my line drawings... JPH
  5. Howdy!! Here is a piece I just finished for book IV..Chisa Katana 23" blade, Shinogi-Zukuri with two narrow Bo-Hi scraped in. 1070/L-6 laminated blade in the Kobuse construction build. Black silk Tsuka-Ito over deep blood red samegawa.. Hawk Motif for the fittings.. Black lacquer under red cracked lac... I think I finally figured out how to scrape in twin Bo-Hi so they look alike...FINALLY.. This one is being posted tonight for sale on my site.. JPH
  6. Howdy!! I solved it...a broken wire in the power line from the switch/relay to the motor....thankfully I have a bunch of that line so I replaced it and it is back up and running.... and I didn't wind up a grease spot on the floor either,,, Back to work for me.. JPH
  7. Frosty.. You real FUNNY G.I. ... real funny.. tinki-tau .. tinki tau.. Seriously.. this stuff is no fun as far as I m concerned..I am knocking this off for the night and will attack it afresh in the AM.. I need this one up and running as I have a large order to fill... JPH
  8. hello: Doesn't look like I am getting any juice to the I either have...I am thinking..a loose wire/connection..a broken wire or a combination of those or a bad relay.. I mean it just clicks when I hit the 240 on I am in a puzzlement.... the switch/starter in question is a Square D Class 8911 Series B Type DPS042 and they are a wee bit pricey so with my luck..that is probably it..but I would like to rule out everything else... Thanks Stevie for the suggestion.. Oh man...just when I start to get a head on stuff...these things seem to occur,,, JPH
  9. Howdy: Ok my press is not working...It was working just fine this afternoon... it was running..doing what is was suppose to......took a break, turned off the electric...both the 120 and 240... a while later I tried to turn it back on to do some more work and now nothing.. The motor will not start..all I get is a click of the switch when I turn on the 240.. Did a current check..things look OK as far as I know....and to be truthful electric stuff scares the bee-gees out of me... Plus I have no idea now what could be wrong as I am now in above my pay grade.. ANY ideas and how do I trouble shoot?? THANK YOU ALL I do not want to be a grease spot on the floor... going to check on the motor end to see if I have current while I wait for a reply... JPH
  10. Howdy... Here is something else from an old man's front yard...a quick and dirty Hugs and Kisses patterned sword... 28" ish blade...1070/L-6 and some meteoric iron for the blade, piece blackened bovine ivory grip with three piece phosphor bronze and buff horn guard and pommel plates...didn't turn out all that bad..Made this for a show we are attending this weekend...already listed for sale on my site as well.. Hope these pics turn out... JPH
  11. JPH

    A Quick One

    hello; Been here now for 18 months...finally got everything more or less set up..Now if I can just remember where I put stuff I would be doing pretty good.. The new studio is close to twice the size of the old one so I have new places for things...I am slowly getting use to the new expanded set up...I actually have ROOM now... I am still working on replacing the equipment that "walked away" from my storage in Nevada.. the last piece is a bench mill and then I will be totally back up.. All in all I am back to work and finishing off my 4th book... JPH Frosty.. I do these free hand using a flex shaft machine and 1/2" dia drum sander arbors..wear a respirator... that is what I say cause this stuff is all sorts of nassy.. I rough cut in with 40 grit, smooth that out with 180 grit and start the polish with 320 and then work on up up to 2000. The last two I do wet..gets messy but oh it comes out like glass.. After the fluting I lightly buff with black crocus..change wheel and then go to the white rouge ..that rouge works on the bronze as well..oh it comes out smooth... Here's a less fancy one... JPH
  12. JPH

    A Quick One

    Hello: It's been a good deal busy around here with family stuff thanks to a brand new granddaughter arriving .. so this is something I whipped out real quick for site stock.. This one is a mix of 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron thrown in ..8 1/4" Maiden Hair blade... with phosphor bronze mounts...I used some of that bowling ball material for the fluted grip I have been playing with.. I sorta like it..This piece looks like a deep reddish maple burl... Turned out least I think so... The sheath is set with a very nice 17.65 Ct star ruby.. cut this one myself.. All in all I think it didn't turn out too bad.. Hope the photos work... as I said this one is website stock and is currently listed there.. JPH
  13. JPH

    Front Yard FORGERY!

    Frosty.. Some of the material I have been using I imported from India two years 300 pound of the stuff.. It has been cleaned, dried, sanitized and bleached with industrial hydrogen peroxide.. The smaller pieces I process here by cooking it out with a little TSP and letting it simmer away for a few hours depending on the pieces..but not too long as the TSP can have nasty effects on the bone surface..after the cooking I do a hot water soak then I air dry. Then I process it to get what I need.... JPH
  14. JPH

    Front Yard FORGERY!

    Frosty!! I tell ya..bone is a great material to work with but it can sure try your patience.. Yet I do not understand why more makers don't use it... It is a gorgeous material when properly worked... 60ish holes per drill...especially with one so small is not all that bad really...when you come to think about it...this material is pretty much dried out and free of grease and oils due to the way I process it... but it can get under your skin as far as working it goes...but the way it turns out is 100% and then some worth it!! As promised here are the sgains...there was 6 planned but I had a nasty inclusion in one so only 5 survived... JPH
  15. JPH

    Front Yard FORGERY!

    hello: That PDF is NOT legit. I have been running these down as fast as I can.. Copyright is still active and's not authorized.. On the drill...the problem is the bone is not consistent,,there are hard spots..there are soft spots..and hit a soft spot after a hard spot..the drill goes in..hits the tang and snap...hit a hard spot from a soft one..the drill jams...snap.. I get about 60 holes per drill..which comes out to about 2 grips worth... JPH