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  1. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    I just cut up some pine sawmill slabs and that's what I have been using for fuel
  2. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    I might can get one when I get home. But the fan keeps the forge clean because it's op but not leaf blower op
  3. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    I don't think I have any
  4. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    The pipe is a 2 inch diameter which goes into a square tube tee and then another pipe and I can turn it upside down and then beat it out or use the fan which is op for this forge but not to op
  5. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    No I haven't fired it up yet I waited till 2 to finish it because of the wind and I was using the torch but I have a section still and then I might have some welding to do to make a extension on the bottom I still have to make my mount But over all it looks good or I might shorten up the pipe a little
  6. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    Hey guys here's what I got
  7. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    I bought mine at harbor freight and it has paid for it's self the 180 mig flux but I went to lowes and bought some Lincoln wire instead of the hf wire that came with it and it has done what I have need it to do have a few minor problems with it now and then but nothing major
  8. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    thanks for the tip ill do that
  9. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    ok i think i can do it with the barrel i have
  10. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    question do you have to have both lids for this to work
  11. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    i will get started on this as soon as i get home one question is there a way to make a stand for this and a fan mount
  12. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    well I'm the one who built it and like i said it was one of those to get by with things i had it mounted on some horse saws and it finally burnt through them but when I'm using wood i can never get the metal in the right place to heat i might get a couple of good heats but their only on the edge and i took Thomas's advice on starting the fire in the forge and that help a lot and saved some time. but the forge just has its drawbacks to it
  13. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    well its more with what I have been using to get buy with and in the next couple of weeks I'm looking at getting a job to increase my income from $75 to around $200 which will be a big improvement and the other night while i was running it i got the forge so hot it turned red but i have been looking a more robust design. now the fact that you can forge weld with your brake rotor forge is beyond me because i have only twice got the heat sufficient enough for welding and that i had to have a massive pile of wood on top of it but i followed Thomas's advice on starting the fire in the forge and that has worked but i need a forge that isn't a get by with because i don't want this to be a lost cause because i am going to be doing a lot of forge welding Problems with my current forge fuel source - currently using wood looking for a coal supplier the rotor - if i wanted to heat a bar i can only heat the ends i cant heat the middle Current forge is not mounted. now i know earlier i was told to find a forge design that was proven but for lack of funds and driving range i could not build one but was better than i had now i don't know if I'm getting it but lets just say that a reltive of mine had a rich uncle who died and by rich I'm mean with a 1/4 of a million dollars and was a horder of things like there are welders and a forge a vintage old stand up forge with the rounded design and the blower on the side that's missing. now i may or may not get it and that's would be over a year away. the forge i want is a design that is portable, reliable, efficient, and all of the above. good space for extra fuel can heat any shape object at any place and I'm going to wrap this up because its getting kind of long
  14. Coal, Charcoal, Wood Forge Build

    well my forge is a hobbled together brake rotor that preforms its job only a fraction of the time and i just need something more reliable than what i have and how do i change my on off switch on my fan for a foot pedal for air control btw i want to use coal its just getting it that is the problem so im stuck with wood for right now