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  1. Hey guys sorry for no post in a couple of days but I have good news and bad news but mostly good news Good news is that I got my driver's license today!!! So here's where the bad news comes in I have to make some repairs to the truck mostly lighting. Now the not so bad but not good news I am relocating to an actual shop my dad has not too far from my house. Meanwhile I am having to help him fix the shop because it has some problems but thoes will be resolved so. I probably won't be posting on this thread again I'm getting my other forge today. So I'll post when the new shop is sort of done
  2. How you been Charles nice too see you. Guys the video is uploading I will send link later
  3. WeWell I'm gonna take a break mabye make a video and show you some things I can do that but I'm running out of fuel if you are still with everything. That is because he is going to use it for something else. You know what I am going to make that video or get that other forge. I haven't shown my drift pin I've been making I haven't exactly been sitting and doing nothing but I currently have to get all my metal from lawnmowers that's how I made my hot cutter which works BTW and my drift pin I still have to make my hammer drift but I've been doing something so don't go telling me im making excuses I said that I have a problem I'm running out of wood and I've been looking for a cheap coal substitute. I'm not trying to start a fight but I'm just saying I have a problem and your telling me to go back to doing something I've already been doing what you told me to stop doing now your telling me to do again. It doesn't make sense. I would be making hammers but my forge is still in the shop and I'm using the old one right now so let all calm down and get focused. I don't like to fight that just not who I am I don't like offering people. So calm Me and my brother at that time were getting in trouble for crashing our dad's truck in the ditch. And we were young then I was more of an indoor person back then I didn't get out as much as I do now. So we're not that different. Gang so are y'all like the only people who post on here not to be offending in any way but it seems like every time I start a new thread y'all reply every now and then someone new comes along. So just wait about 5 pm and I should have the video up so I'll show you my setup might even fire up the old forge and show you how difficult it is to keep fuel in the bowl. So chill I will post a link later
  4. I'm talking about the length of the pipe and the reality of using trashbags. I know what 3 ft is and I'm saying that I'm gonna need at least that and removing the coating from 3ft of pipe is just agrvating when I can use coal cause I'm getting tired with wood. Now I can send 250 on steel but here is my reverse ask what good is it when you can't get your metal hot that's why I haven't bought bar stock yet and tooling is expensive. I'm on a low budget you know how long it's gonna take me to aqurie the funds to buy the coal 3 or four weeks if I don't dip in my savings. I've been looking for cheaper alternatives. I've done research.
  5. Making things when you don't have the right kind of scrap metal is kind of difficult I would love to make an new belt grinder I would also love to build a power hammer but I lack framing materials I'm about 6ft 5 in so I'm gonna need at least 5 ft of tubing and I don't know how many bags that is gonna take but I think I have my negotiations in order and I'm gonna save for 500 lbs of coal for $250 and problem solved The problem is that I don't have steel i don't have the right kind and if I do it's my dad's and he's probably using it for something. I have all of the main components of a hydraulic press, power hammer, but lack framing materials and it's expensive
  6. Yeah but I don't have a tank to soak the steel in .
  7. I would but I don't have the oh wait I just bought some 1 inch conduit but wait its galvanized. We came to a conclusion I buy from this dealer and it's 250 for 500 lbs
  8. I might be buying from them after all we found a dealer in NC and that company sends it to where I buy my tools from sometimes so I'm getting as much as I can.
  9. That was what I was doing to begin with then Thomas told me to light it in the forge I cut the slabs into strips I'll make a video and post it on YouTube I finnaly have a channel up now Backyard Ironworks. No public videos yet but ill show how I run things.
  10. I have an axe but it lacks the precision and consumes too much time for one piece of wood I'm using slabs I need them to fit in the brake rotor it runs out of fuel in the bowl and I can't get any back in. Construction site you realize that I live in the middle of nowhere my dad owns a portable sawmill we use wood for heat but I use mostly pine slabs And I don't leave the shovel in the fire but thoes fiberglass handles wear over time in the fire quickly
  11. Problem with that I converted the durm into the forge and that's not the only problem If I could get the wood into smaller pieces that will fit in the forge it might be plausible Another problem I'm running out of wood, also the burning down part takes longer to do than my forge burns and I've lost 2 shovles to the fire more or less the handle I think I have found a new supplier on Craigslist. .50 cents a pound bitounimous
  12. Turns out I'm not buying coal from them to expensive
  13. they have the specs on it. i have to call them tomorrow. and wait a week to order As Received Specs: Size: Pea 1 x 3/8 or Nut 3 x 1 1/2" Moisture: 1.48% Ash: 7.12% Sulfur: .75% BTU/lb: 14,373 BTU/lb: 15,724 (dry, ash-free) Volatile Matter: 18.63% Fixed Carbon: 79.62% (dry ash-free) Free Swelling Index (Coke Button): 9 Lbs sulfur per million BTU: 0.52
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