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  1. I was mistaken, I do not have to be a member. I posted in their forum, I’ll see if I get any responses. If not I may consider sending them to you by mail if you’re fine with that
  2. It looks like I need to be a member of the New England Blacksmiths Association to access the E-Mail list, do you happen to know anyone in particular I should try to message?
  3. They are steeled wrought iron. The one by George Hight has a laminated cutting edge and the entire top half of the blade on the one by George Underhill is steel, you can see a change in color where the wrought iron and steel meet. Thanks for the advice, I will try contacting some people closer to my area and see what they say
  4. Hi, I have two antique framing chisels, one made by George W. Underhill (founder of underhill edge tool company), and the other by George Hight of Gorham, Maine. Both have mushroomed sockets, and I was wondering if anyone here might be able to fix them. Thanks
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