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  1. Back in the fire it went. Not as long as I'd like to though. It was getting late and I'm sure the neighbours wouldn't appreciate it much. My dad told me to tack weld the ends before welding the seams of the whole billet to keep it from popping apart. I put the whole thing in a vise though, so I don't think it would have mattered much for the stick welding part at least. Not sure why my welds didn't quite work out. Probably lack of wallop as I am still worrying about de-centralising the core. It's getting wallopped now for sure though!
  2. Can't forget that! Well here is the billet, but this won't do will it? Back in the fire?
  3. Just haphazardly welded together a billet of mild steel with a o1 core. Hopefully it's completely sealed and I won't have to worry about fluxing.
  4. Better than nothing that's for sure. Perhaps more popular in use than I'm imagining too. Just thinking multiple bent prongs makes for a weapon that is pretty bad at penetrating even rudimentary armour while also being somewhat unwieldy. Also, I'll hope you'll forgive me just thinking out loud without much sources to back it up; although infection would be a big killer, the ability to incapacitate your opponent during the battle itself is more important, and you need a good hit with a pitchfork for that to happen. Pitchfork in the arm, shoulder or leg? Eh... probably still in the game. There should be plenty of farm tools more easily adapted into something akin to a glaive or halberd. Scythes, sickles and billhooks comes to mind. No golf for the English! Bow only! Also I love spears. Spears are great. Apologies for the rant. I just enjoy the thought exercise.
  5. And scythes and bill hooks... But pitch forks for their common depiction as the peasant weapon of choice, i don't think was neither an effective nor popular weapon.
  6. Finished another sløyd knife. This one with a Queensland maple handle. Had to round the silky oak handled sløyd, but that one looks alright now too. This one gets to keep the faceted handle.
  7. Wonderful! It certainly does wonders for my mental health and fortitude. Highly recommend! Just finished up this little sløyd knife, but I've managed to misalign the blade. Hope I can shape the handle around my stuff up.
  8. Been taking some days off work here and there to focus on well... doing things I enjoy I suppose.
  9. Thanks! Yes it is. 6mm x 25mm (about 1/4" by 1"). Somewhere between 15 and 20 cm length. Now with matching stabby fork!
  10. Second krumkniv together with the first one:
  11. Sure wouldn't want a sand leak! I got some big sheets of plywood I got from work, so that would be a cheap option to try at least. I've tried making some wedges and also filling in with epoxy. Neither has been a very long lasting solution. Might make some steel wedges and give another go though.
  12. It is probably not deep enough. I probably made it too tight a fit too, so I'm not sure if it bottoms out a hundred percent. It is very slowly skewing as I work, but enough to be annoying. Appreciate all your suggestions. I'll abandon the concrete idea and will probably build a new set up with either dimensional lumber or a plywood pyramid with sand. Thanks everyone!
  13. Thanks. That was an interesting read. I was thinking along the same lines in that the post anvil itself will not be directly on top of the concrete, but the concrete will add mass and stability. I am losing a lot of energy from my hammer blows with my current setup. It's not impossible that I could take my anvil, stump and all, put it in a bucket and cast the whole thing in cement. (Just for a reference to what size stump my post anvil is actually mounted in. I'd be a bit concerned that that setup would quickly crumble.) I think a 20 litre bucket would add about 40 kg or 80 pounds to the mass, and as long as I can do that in a way where the base doesn't crack, I reckon I'd be golden. At least better than what I am doing at the moment and at least until I can get a proper/better anvil).
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