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I Forge Iron

Aussie Brush Fires Leaf Memorial, make and send leaves.


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That's great Jeremy,

What we need now is a whole lot more (from everyone, not (just) you Jeremy!), and please if you can post a picture of your leaves here on IFI, I'll put the whole lot up on the the tree project website when it's up and running (hopefully) in the next few days.
And please don't for a moment think "I don't have to make one, they'll have enough without one from me", because if we have to make two trees to fit them all on we will! Maybe even a whole forest if we need to, so get out there and start hammering!

Thanks for your support.

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I'm with Richard - gum nuts are next on my list along with some more leaves. I should have enough S/S for at least 2 dozen leaves and a couple clusters of gum nuts, so the Australians can count on me for at least that many. I'll certainly make more if time and mat'ls are available. I am hoping anyone who can, will step up and forge a donation for this project. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's done. -JK

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I think it'd be a good idea for those who wish make something for this project to post here and give them an idea as to how many they can expect to receive, so they know what size to make the tree/s - all for the purpous of expediting the planning process. - JK

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Passivation of SS can be done with most any acid that does not contain chlorine.

Nitric is pretty popular, 20-40% 20-60- minutes at 70-100f. Acid into water, wear safety gear, etc. It's dangerous stuff be really careful!

Then there's Citrisurf available from Stellar Solutions

Vinegar will work but takes weeks.

You can also use a SS wire cup and polish it up.

Passivation is the removal of free iron from the surface leaving the chrome to oxidize and form a relatively impervious layer.


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