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Aussie Brush Fires Leaf Memorial, make and send leaves.


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Yes, the pozible campaign is rolling along now. From what I understand it is not uncommon for the pledges to come through in a rush towards the end of the timeframe.


If you can help out every bit counts.


Thanks Jeremy for posting the update.


Here's that all important link again http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/4997/description/0/0





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Jeremy , you beat me too it :)


But i'd realy like to thank the bloke who set it over the mark .

1 of the ruffest , gruffest persons i've ever met & the same person who has a heart of " gold "


Mr Richard Thibeau ( aka ) rthibeau on this site .


I wont say ow much this man just gave , but i know it was part of the $ he was savin' to come to OZ next yr for Get HAMMERED @ MOONY'S 2013


He'll probably go off at me about this , but ppl like Richard are a once in a life time & to call him a " mate " is a honor & a privilege .


Thank you Richard , youse bloods worth bottlin'


Dale Russell

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I could not express adequately the appreciation I have for all that Mr. Richard Thibeau (Richard) has done for me personally.


When I was having computer problems he stepped up and assisted me in solving my problems. 

He has given such good advice about many things also.


And then one day; out of the blue I received a package from Richard.

It was a beautifully crafted “Diagonal Peen” Hammer!


I kept it in a location where I could see it each day. It reminded me of what we are all supposed to end up doing for each other.


I could not have been more pleased.  When someone makes something for me as Richard did,

I treat it as though it is a treasure. And that is because the seed of giving is a treasure.


I am also aware of many other things that Richard has done such as donating time and money, assisting, and encouraging other people.

Note: “Other people”, also includes young people.



I cannot help but to believe that people like Richard who has served our country so honorably in the military by giving unselfishly and freely of themselves (but not cheaply), afterward seem to continue serving and keep on giving to the people that they (Richard) put their life on the line for.  They seem to have hearts designed for service.   



So it is no surprise to me to hear what you said about Richard Dale.  We are fortunate to associate with men and women such as Richard. 




I am pleased that the goal was reached. If the world would send leaves that were forged with love to each other, I doubt that there would be more war.

My Best Wishes to the Project!

Ted Throckmorton

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Well said Dale,

Thank you Ted for your thoughts and background on Richard.

I am aware of his contributions to our campaign and like Dale I won't mention a figure but I would also like to acknowledge his selfless generosity and to say thank you.

Amanda did a Radio interview this afternoon and she told me that she has had some great feedback from people affected by the fires and other wishing to contribute as a result of the interview.


Ted,  well said about sending leaves forged with love, what a wonderful sentiment, if only it could come true!


As I've said in the forum it is an honour to be involved in a project such as the Tree Project and our sister project the Roses for Norway memorial but I certainly don't do it for personal glorification or publicity, to me it is about helping others in a time of need and to put into the community as an individual. I've stuck my head above the parapet (so to speak) lately to help Amanda promote the project at this pinch point as she was in danger of getting snowed under, otherwise I would have been very happy in the background forging leaves as needed and branches and whatever else I can help with.

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Thankyou to all the wonderful smiths of I Forge Iron! We've just officially ended our online funding campaign for the Tree Project and there's a lot of people around here who are pretty happy right now. The support of this online community is very significant as I Forge Iron was the birthplace of the Tree Project.


I've been talking to members of the fire affected community today and they are touched that it was one of the first blacksmiths who discussed the Tree on this forum in 2009 and sent leaves to Australia that made the pledge to get us to our target. The way crowdfunding works is that if your project does not reach it's target by the end, you get no funding, so this is pretty important to us.


Thankyou Richard (the incredible), Jeremy (for those fabulous corkscrews!), Dale, Bruce, Ted for your kind words and everyone who spread the word. You've made the Tree a reality. Hope to see a few of you here in Australia when we've put it all together.

It's a good feeling to know it's full steam ahead with the assembly of the Tree. Right now, just behind me in the Tree Project studio, two volunteer photographers are photographing some of the international leaves before they get packed up for welding. Next week we move in trestle tables to our welding factory and we'll start welding in the New Year. The trunk of the Tree will be coming down to Melbourne from Albury in the New Year also.


Warm wishes,


If you'd like to keep updated on the progress of the Tree and you're not on our e-newsletter mailing list, please email me your name and email address and I'll make sure you get our newsletter.

Email to: treeproject@abavic.org.au

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This is a call out to any experienced TIG welders in the Melbourne area. We're currently assembling the intricate canopy of the Tree (over 3000 leaves!) and are aiming to have this part finished by October. Problem is, we're short some good TIG welders. If you've got some experience with TIG and can spare some time out in Whittlesea to help out, we'd love to have you. We're welding there every weekend and any weekday people are available. Some evenings too.
TIG welding machines (courtesy of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association), auto-darkening masks, gloves and leather aprons supplied. Lunch supplied on weekends. It's a nice place to work, we're having a lot of fun but we need more hands on deck! Please call Amanda: 0431 795 099 if you can help, thanks!

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>Facebook link to the BlacksmithTreeProject

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Wow! I had to stop watching at one point to wipe tears and blow my nose. When I sent my measly little two stainless leaves I was a little embarrassed to send them but was assured they would be appreciated. I had no idea at the time of the scale of this project and how it would affect so many people. I am honored to be a part -_-

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I'd recently been wondering how this project turned out, and found your FB page.  It's absolutely beautiful!  It's a very fitting memorial, which I'm sure means a great deal to the community. Those who worked on it should feel very proud.


I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity to contribute.

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G'day Amanda,

You have done a wonderful job coordinating this project.  We will certainly call in and have a look at the tree when next we travel south. Fortunately my area in North Queensland is not affected much by bushfires (we have cyclones to deal with instead), but I sympathise with those in Vic and NSW who were seriously affected this year. The tree project would remind those residents that we do care.

I was too late for the big tree, but pleased to contribute leaves to your subsequent smaller project.

Again, congratulations on a wonderful concept and a job well done.

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Amanda / Doug ,

                              is there any chance of either of you posting photos of the Black Saturday Remembrance Ceremony in Strathewen  from yesterday .



Strathewen Community invites you, your family and friends to join with us to Commemorate 10 years on from Black Saturday.


I would have attended myself , but sadly the invite was sent to an old e-mail address I hardly ever look at & I only found out about this this morning .

I'm sure the rest of the Blacksmiths from Australia & around the world who contributed to the Tree Project would love to see them .


Dale Russell

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