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  1. Thanks for all the input! My dies for now will be cold rolled, once I am happy with the design of them, there is tool steel available locally in the same dimensions. I don't want to make dies out of tool steel to find out I don't like how they are made. I think I will go with the idea of putting a hole under the bottom die, I plan to be able to use this in the vise as well so I need the plate to support the bottom dies. I plan to make a bunch of different die configurations so we will see how it goes. Just wish I had a millling machine set up at home.
  2. Started my new guillotine tool! Got pieces all cut, just need to get material for dies and weld it all up! Will update with progress.
  3. I got some tongs and hot punches for my birthday (5 days ago) not sure if that counts?
  4. Looks great! Hoping when I set up a permanent smithy that I can put in a forge like this! Well done!
  5. I wish I could find coal in Ontario for less than $1 a pound!
  6. Looks real good! I am considering making one along these lines as my current forge is round, doesn't work well for wider work.
  7. That is a gorgeous blade!! Well done!
  8. I have that same coal, but I picked it up directly from Robb while I was up in his neck of the woods. I don't have a lot of coal experience but its real good IMO. I priced it through HH and its way too much for me to pay. I want to find a bulk supplier, I'd consider switching from propane. That is another option, I built my own propane forge and love it! Just light it and go, no fuel to add, no fire to tend. Just a thought.
  9. LOL!!! Awesome! Great name! Congrats!
  10. I have a vulcan, but not that big. I have heard a lot of people say they are too soft. I don't find it too bad, but if you do miss, it will put a dent in the face. I think they are all the same, a cast base with a tool steel top. Mine has been good, up until last night, I missed and took a small chip out of the edge of the face. Not a huge deal but it still sucks. I would say, for me, at $2 a pound, if its in good shape, BUY IT!!
  11. Thanks all for your responses! I've got a few good ideas thanks to you guys. I'm going to do some forging this weekend and I'll post results after. Thanks again! Adam PS if anyone has anymore input, it's greatly appreciated!
  12. Thanks! I may do a heart but she's not really into hearts and things of the sort. I'm thinking some practical things... I'm going to make a hoof pick for sure but don't know what else.
  13. Hi all, I haven't been on in a long time and I've decided to start smithing again. I have a question, looking for some advice... My girlfriend has horses and our anniversary is coming up. I have a bunch of horse shoes and I'd like to make her something, or a few something's. I made some hangers for bridles and such from shoes and she lived them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  14. tech413


    I run my single burner atmospheric at 3-6 psi for regular forging, 12-15 for welding. Adam
  15. I bought mine from a local brick manufacturer, they make them on site and have skids of them. They are real cheap there. I drive by the place everyday on the way to work and never gave it a thought till someone told me about it. Maybe look in the yellow pages for brick suppliers, you might be surprised, I was. Adam
  16. With a budget, I think the blanks from Polar Bear Forge are a good option, $8-10 a pair and only minimum work needed. It is a good alternative to buying tongs. Adam
  17. Good to know, maybe I'll try making some pipe tobacco next year, Thanks.
  18. Cool! Do you grow it aswell? I grow my own tobacco and to date only cure and ferment for making cigars. I do smoke a pipe now and then too. What tobacco do you use for pipe tobacco and how do you process it? Adam
  19. This is an awesome idea!! I've been reading along, I can't wait to see one done!! Adam