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    1 . 92 mtr tall / 112 kg ugly as sin BEER drinkin' AUSSIE
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    Drinkin' BEER , blacksmithing & drinkin' more BEER
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  1. I use one of these in my " coke " forge Cast iron drain grate . They come in many different shapes & sizes Dale Russell
  2. G'Day tex62 If you contact the Artist Blacksmithing Association NSW they might be able to hook you up with someone close to you Artist Blacksmithing Association NSW (artistblacksmithnsw.com) Dale Russell
  3. Personally i'd put the filter " between the tank & the pump " , rather pick up any crud " before the pump / control valve / cyl " then after it's gone through everything . Dale Russell
  4. White Nomad , the only place i know of in OZ thats doing smithing qualifications is this place in NSW . https://www.tafensw.edu.au/course/-/c/c/MEM30305-04/Certificate-III-in-Engineering-Fabrication-Trade-Blacksmithing Oh sorry about that but looked more in " google " & found this too , might be helpful https://tafeqld.edu.au/courses/18572/learn-the-art-of-blacksmithing Dale Russell
  5. This might give help with forging out leaves . http://treeproject.abavic.org.au/pdf-articles/How-to-Forge-a-Gum-Leaf.pdf Dale Russell
  6. G'day Joe , Dont know if these will help you with your choice or not , but Dale Russell
  7. It is of great sadness to announce the passing of Ian Lowe Ian died at home due to on going medical problems R I P bro , gonna miss you Dale Russell ( aka ) " convict "
  8. G'day Bart , Not sure exactly where in Gold Coast you are , but here's one smithing group you could look into . http://www.gchheritagemuseum.org.au/the-blacksmiths-shop Dale Russell
  9. Hi Peter Have you looked at your local smithing groups ? https://www.abavic.org.au/ https://www.montdelancey.org.au/blacksmiths/ https://watersidemetalart.org/ Dale Russell
  10. Bluerooster , kinda reminds me of this , enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeeE9DyI52w Dale Russell
  11. To save you going looking David F .... Dale Russell
  12. Just letting you know the intensity of the bushfires down here in Australia . This what's left of a BMW after it's been through a fire . The snaking rivers that have run away from it are what's left of the engine block . Dale Russell
  13. You know it's hot when the drop of sweat from your nose evaporates before it hit's the ground
  14. Marc , stay safe mate , first sign of that fire coming to you i'd be heading for the river . Like you I also live in a bushfire prone area , if a fire breaks out here this summer it'll make Black Saturday look like a single candle on a cake , 5 times this last year they told us here they where going to be doing fuel reductions , 4 time it was cancelled due to it was " raining " ( never heard why the 5th wasn't done ) In recent years I intended on staying , but with an ailing disabled wife I've had to make the hard choice of " leaving " at first sign of fire . Maybe one day the people in-charge will heed the advice of the local native Australians & do the " fuel reductions & do it often " like they did before the white man came to " their " country . Dale Russell
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