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  1. It followed me home

    Irondragon , How about an axel wheel bearing dust cover ? Something like this Dale Russell
  2. Shoeing Prices in OZ

    Hi all , a friend of mine who belongs to a local online horse riders group asked me to ask this question What are you paying for your track / dressage / weekend hack shoeing ? Seems there is big price range not only in different states of Australia , but in different parts of each state as well ( he did tell me the prices , but old timers has set in & I cant remember them ) Would also be interested in seeing the prices that are being charged around the rest of the world as well Dale Russell
  3. 102_0027.JPG

  4. travel demo case / stand / trolley

    The box is just an old carpenters tool box that was given to me many yrs ago , the case has been in use as my smithing box for 15 odd yrs as you can see by the plywood peeling off around the edges ( job soon to fix / replace ) Was toying with idea on fitting a draw at the bottom to take all the tongs instead of being on the inside of the hinged section , but then i'd have to lift " lid " each time I wanted to change tongs , something to think about anyway . Did think about mounting the stand directly to the case , but this works well with 4 wing nuts to put it together in either stand or trolley form & 2 more for the wheeled section Dale Russell
  5. travel demo case / stand / trolley

    Tools Frosty , got tired of having to bend down to grab a hammer / pair of tongs . It also ( the stand ) breaks down into a trolley to move the box around Dale Russell
  6. 102_0029.JPG

  7. 102_0026.JPG

  8. Travel demo case trolley/ stand

  9. 102_0030.JPG

  10. I have no tools

    Loki Smith , here's another 1 I forgot to put up . http://watersidemetalart.org/ Littleblacksmith .... thank you for posting the OZ Roll Call ( I should have posted that also seeing I started it , getting forgetful in my old age ) Dale Russell
  11. I have no tools

    G'day Loki Smith , best advice I can give you is hook up with 1 of the local smithing groups here in Melbourne . They'll set you on the right path . Here's the links to them . ( just don't tell them I sent you or they'll charge you double membership fees ) ... http://www.abavic.org.au/ http://www.blacksmithing.com.au/ Dale Russell
  12. how to make large coke in to small coke easily?

    Jackdawg , I had the same problem awhile ago . I ended up standing at my flypress for 2 day's crushing 1 piece at a time to make them smaller ( not ideal but only way I could do it at the time . ) I know of 1 person who ran a bag of " cricket ball ' sized coke through a garden mulcher , coke came out the size he wanted , didn't do the inside of mulcher or blade much good thou . Dale Russell
  13. Coal forge not burning

    Bob , have you checked out the below link ? https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/30887-forges-and-fires/ Dale Russell
  14. Frosty Feed dogs Hook & base ( which holds the bobbin case ) Yeah you soon get to know if a machine is running right just by the sound of it . I did my first apprenticeship ( 2nd was an adult apprenticeship as Mechanical Engineer ) working on machines like this . 3 rows of needles 120 inches wide , each needle had to be timed to the shuttle underneath it .... Oh Joy , Oh Bliss ... Not ! Dale Russell