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    Wesburn Victoria Australia
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    1 . 92 mtr tall / 112 kg ugly as sin BEER drinkin' AUSSIE
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    Drinkin' BEER , blacksmithing & drinkin' more BEER
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    Sewing Machine Mechanic . / Jack of all trades ( master of none ) Retired ( before 50 .. :) )

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  1. G'day Joe , Dont know if these will help you with your choice or not , but Dale Russell
  2. It is of great sadness to announce the passing of Ian Lowe Ian died at home due to on going medical problems R I P bro , gonna miss you Dale Russell ( aka ) " convict "
  3. G'day Bart , Not sure exactly where in Gold Coast you are , but here's one smithing group you could look into . http://www.gchheritagemuseum.org.au/the-blacksmiths-shop Dale Russell
  4. Hi Peter Have you looked at your local smithing groups ? https://www.abavic.org.au/ https://www.montdelancey.org.au/blacksmiths/ https://watersidemetalart.org/ Dale Russell
  5. Bluerooster , kinda reminds me of this , enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeeE9DyI52w Dale Russell
  6. To save you going looking David F .... Dale Russell
  7. Just letting you know the intensity of the bushfires down here in Australia . This what's left of a BMW after it's been through a fire . The snaking rivers that have run away from it are what's left of the engine block . Dale Russell
  8. You know it's hot when the drop of sweat from your nose evaporates before it hit's the ground
  9. Marc , stay safe mate , first sign of that fire coming to you i'd be heading for the river . Like you I also live in a bushfire prone area , if a fire breaks out here this summer it'll make Black Saturday look like a single candle on a cake , 5 times this last year they told us here they where going to be doing fuel reductions , 4 time it was cancelled due to it was " raining " ( never heard why the 5th wasn't done ) In recent years I intended on staying , but with an ailing disabled wife I've had to make the hard choice of " leaving " at first sign of fire . Maybe one day the people in-charge will heed the advice of the local native Australians & do the " fuel reductions & do it often " like they did before the white man came to " their " country . Dale Russell
  10. Just talked to Moony , fires to the east and west of him about 2 KMS from his property , packed and ready to leave if he has to . Moving equipment away from the w/shop as I was talking to him . Wil call him tomorrow to see how he went . Dale Russell
  11. Not sure if this is what your after , I looked into doing this myself awhile ago as an alternative fuel to store brought briquettes . Dale Russell And this
  12. While showing my son the 2Cellos youtube clip he put me onto this . Mongolian throat singing / instruments " Heavy Metal " & this one .... Enjoy Dale Russell
  13. My 2 cent's worth ..... If in doubt call a " Licenced Electrician " to wire it up to " your " countries wiring code . Dale Russell
  14. Found this , am blown away what these to blokes can do with a Cello ( followed the rabbit hole of YouTube on them as well ) WOW is all I can say .
  15. Ohio , not used one myself , am looking into these types of units myself for producing wood " chunks " for charcoal production myself ( Using a " Hookway " style retort but with waste cooking oil burner as a supply for my heat source ) . There is a poster on YouTube " Made in Poland " who has 2 vids on a " Branch Logger " build he made ( 1 with build plans ) . Sorry not much more of a help , but is a starting point for you anyway . Dale Russell
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