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    1 . 92 mtr tall / 112 kg ugly as sin BEER drinkin' AUSSIE
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  1. Dale Russell

    My first forge..jabod..kinda

    Frosty , is this the link you where looking for ? https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/52308-a-collection-of-improvised-anvils/ Dale Russell
  2. Dale Russell

    What do I start with?

    Hi ForgingH , First thing I would do is go check out your local smithing group . https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/247-florida-area-blacksmiths-assoc-faba/ Dale Russell
  3. Dale Russell

    What did you do in the shop today?

    FPF , I like it , kind of reminds me of one of these Dale Russell
  4. Dale Russell

    My first set

    JHCC , do you mean a pair of these ? .....
  5. Dale Russell

    Air powered closer for post vise ideas?

    Hi all , not air powered , but I came across this yesterday while playing down the YouTube rabbit hole . Dale Russell
  6. Dale Russell

    My first forge

    Hi Lupercal Might I suggest you contact your local Blacksmithing group , they can point you in the right direction on constructing your " first " ( of many ) forge . 30 seconds down the rabbit hole of searching IFI & I found this ..... https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/29-philip-simmons-artist-blacksmith-guild-of-south-carolina/ Dale Russell
  7. Dale Russell

    1m X 1m Side Blast

    Hi mechelement this might help you with the setting up of your sideblown forge This might help as well Dale Russell
  8. Dale Russell

    Where to start?

    Hi Desamainia , As an Australian I assume Pa is Pennsylvania ? If so these people would be high on my list to see . https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/217-pennsylvania-artist-blacksmiths-assoc-paba/ Dale Russell
  9. Dale Russell

    I’m new

    Hi Chuckbuckeye , Best advice I can give you is look up your local smithing group , 30 seconds down the google rabbit hole & I came up with this . http://www.indianablacksmithing.org/ Dale Russell
  10. Dale Russell

    PBS arts show

    This is what I get when I click on the link .... " We're sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to rights restrictions. " Dale " Downunder "
  11. Dale Russell

    RIP Phil Johnson - Forgemaster

    RIP Phil , u'll be missed downunder . Phil at his best . https://www.youtube.com/user/forgemaster01 Dale Russell & family http://tributes.theherald.com.au/obituaries/theherald-au/obituary.aspx?n=philip-james-johnston&pid=190333428
  12. Dale Russell

    Stump problems as an Anvil

    Strike , please read the thread below & u'll see what " us " Admins / Moderators have to try keep up with . Dale Russell IFI Staff member
  13. Dale Russell

    New Shop at Gidgegannup

    G'day Heelerau , have you contacted the BAWA " Blacksmiths Association of Western Australia " ( http://www.bawa.net.au/ ) to see if you can buy solid fuel for your forge ? Dale Russell
  14. Dale Russell

    Multi bar seax

    JIBlohm , if you have a problem with " anything " including a " personal attack " report it to the site admin ( aka ) Glenn , then he can look into the problem & sort it out . Your not banned , just under Moderation for now . Thread is now locked Dale Russell IFI Staff
  15. Dale Russell

    Multi bar seax

    Takes off Mod cap upon entering thread JIBlohm I'm not a knife maker , but did some research & came up with these . 3 minutes chasing the rabbit down the " google " hole I I came up with this . The curve on your blade looks nothing like the III/II one in this chart if that's what you where going for . To me as a " non knife maker " this is a " Bowie " ( my opinion ) Put's Mod cap back on Please explain ?????????????? Then approx. 9 hour later No answer to the question Then you come up with this statement . Was it you were unfairly being picked in by Steve (remembering templehound stated the same thing 9 hour earlier ) or were you singling out Steve for some other reason ? I despise personal attacks which I hope this wasn't Personal attacks on members & / or staff will not be tolerated on IFI .