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  1. All the best with the opp Dale,I had a great weekend at Ironfest.it was good to have a beer with you and the other Blokes around the fire and share idea's with such a friendly mob. see you down there Salty
  2. G'day Frank all the info about the Leaves is on our site The Tree Project we would really appreciate your help mate. all the best Salty
  3. Richard,Moony and Dale are great bloke's but.I hope they did'nt make you drink too much Aussie Beer mate.I'm looking forward to see-ing the leaves Moony make's us for the Tree Project under his Massie. we'll give you and any of your mates agreat time here in Victoria,next time your over Salty
  4. Bart that look's fantastic from down here.any chance of a closer look,how bout a couple for the Tree Project good onya Mate Salty
  5. Richard Thibeau G'Day Mate, Fantastic your welcome Down here any time you like.how's this,I was telling Paul Mills this morning I was making some leaves at the Berwick show over the weekend and telling some Blokes in the CFA (volunteer fire fighters) about the Tree Project,when I looked up they all had tear's in their eye's.they could'nt believe what the Blacksmithing community from all over the world were doing. They All said Thanks Salty
  6. Jeremy that's fantastic,as we say down here.a bloody ripper Mate. Strine you go for your life mate,were all in this together,I only hope Blacksmiths from all over the World join in as well Salty
  7. One Place suggested by Ray one of our members in the middle of this Disaster for our Tree Bollygum Adventure Park - Kinglake, VICTORIA sounds like just the spot to me.what do you think. Salty
  8. Good on ya Dale nothing to do with being a member,we hope every Blacksmith will join in. the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Vic) will have all the info on their site soon. The Leaves will have to be stainless with a bit of a stem to weld to branch. thanks for helping Mate and spreading the word I owe you a beer Salty
  9. Calling all Blacksmiths from all over,We can Help,Lets grow a Tree from our Fires in Honour of all the volunteer Fire Fighters.You can make one or as many leaves as you can send with your own mark,the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) Australian Blacksmiths Association (Vic) Inc. - Welcome could co-ordinate the lot,make the trunk and branches and fix the leaves.the Tree could then be placed in one of the burnt out towns in country Victoria as a sign of our sincere thanks regards Salty
  10. G'Day Glen That sounds like too good a turn to miss mate,is it going to be a bit like the old Iron Corroboree's at Christophs place.is he still around.who's going Woody and some of the old faces.I don't like my chances at the moment but I'll try to get there. sounds like it will be heaps of fun. pitty Dale's off the Grog might see you there. Salty
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