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  1. G'day Al, I have had to learn a lot about stainless in the past few months, particularly 316. The optimal hot working temperatures should be in the range 1150-1260
  2. We're not going to knock them back, they'll fit right in on the tree for sure. The best way to finish the stainless is anneal it, and just leave the forge scale on unless you have access to pickles and passivators. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the project. Paul
  3. You'll have to post some more pics of it with a coat of paint and that gravity defying tool rest!
  4. G'day Mark, You may have missed the boat with Jim, but we're still more than happy to receive some leaves from you. The best thing to do would be post them directly to me. My details can be found on our website here: The Tree Project: Postage Details Cheers, Paul
  5. While a leather apron isn't generally considered office attire, it's nice to be able to combine the two for a change. The event on Monday at the CFA HQ certainly was a nice note for us to end the public demonstration phase of the project on, and I am very pleased to hear that the CFA benefitted from us being there too. For us to be able to give a little back to those tireless CFA volunteers and staffers who served so many so well is just fantastic and I am very happy to have been invited. While the CFA demo may have been our last public event, the project is far from over. We have received over 1250 leaves to date and are still awaiting the UK and USA shipments, and we still have a lot of sponsored leaves to knock out yet. Stay tuned to the The Tree Project website for updates on how the tree is growing. Coming soon will be a new blacksmith leaf gallery with pics from all over, so I'll keep you posted. Cheers, Paul
  6. It's coming along well Cliff, how goes the hunt for a suitable piece of 6mm plate"
  7. The latest news from the tree project is up, showing a few famiilar and not so familiar faces from the Upper Yarra demo last weekend. Check it out here: The Tree Project: News Happy hammering! Paul
  8. I just thought I'd let you all know that I will be arranging for the leaves from Cali & London to be shipped by Qantas freight in the next week or so, so hurry up and get your leaves in! Paul
  9. Thanks Jeremy, I cannot say how proud I am to be involved in this project. The support that we here in Aus. have received from the international brotherhood of blacksmiths has been simply amazing. The support from the people in the fire affected areas has been astounding to say the least, and as has been said in this thread more than once before (and will be more than one again) the thanks from all those affect to all of those involved is truly inspiring. So from them to all of you, I sincerely thank you. Cheers, Paul
  10. G'day Gaylan, We haven't seen them yet, but if it was over 2 weeks ago, they can't be far off now! I'll be sure to let you know when they land. Looking forward to seeing them all. Thanks, Paul
  11. Insurance? Well surety at least. We'll take care of that bit, so thanks for your contribution. It's really going to be a surprise when I get to open the parcel that Jim and Shawn will be sending us. I can't wait to see them all, it'll be great, just like Christmas al over again. Cheers, Paul
  12. Nice one Cliff! Great size for carrying around to demos for sure. Plus looks like it's in great shape too, considering its age and the potential for mayhem and misfortune with the little ones. Don't worry about the kiddies hammer, it was built to use but not to abuse, the right tool for the right job. Small anvil, small hammer, small material. Large anvil, large hammer, large material. Pretty simple really. Enjoy. Paul
  13. Hey Paul, check out my first 'junior' anvil and the stand I made today. It's in the anvil thread called 'my first anvil'. Cheers - Cliff.

  14. That's pretty serious blower. Like Sloscheider says the air volume is pretty high, it's something you may have to try out. I do like the speed controller though. The specs say its voltage capacity is 250VDC, I assume that it will run 250VAC. I've got to find some of those here in Aus, they look perfect for speed controllers.
  15. The most you can expect to get for any anvil is "market price", which is determined by the number of people interested, how much $$$ they have, the condition it's in, and the number of anvils on the market in your area. It could go for as little as $50 or as much as $1000, but if you're just looking to get rid of it, please seek out a local blacksmith or blacksmith group and offer it to them for the same price as your local scrappy would pay for 220 lbs of scrap. The smile on their face will be worth the extra effort.
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