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Are you Left or Right???

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i hit with my right and facing the anvilhorn usally to the left but if i need it theother way i just pick up the anvil and the oak stump and turn it of corse its only 130 pound anvil i guess its around 200 all together i'm still using the muscle over brains some day i'll learn

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I swing a hammer with my right hand and have the bick or horn of the anvil oriented to my left.

This allows me to chamfer eyes and do bevelled scroll work -where I have to move completely around the bick - without interfering with my hammer hand.

I would prefer the hardy to be to my left over the mass of the anvil. This is not a safety concern as I rarely use a hardy cut off - favoring a hot-cut chisel, but a pragmatic want to get more return to my hammer blows.

Alas I have a London Pattern anvil and the hardy hole is in the heel and so to my right.

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I'm right handed. When I started out, I turned the horn to the right. I found that handy for some things, like keeping my hammer hand away from sharp hardie tools.....But I seldom used the heel of the anvil for any thing. It was just awkward, I guess. I rarely turned the anvil the other way because the old shop was so cramped.

When I moved to a larger shop, since I then had room, I began turning the horn to the left. I started using the heel more since it was much more accessable.
I still like the 'horn to the right' for some things, but I was surprised that it was so easy to get used to 'horn to the left' as well.

I may twist my anvil and stump around a couple times a day, searching for what 'feels right'
I learn something new every day!

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Right handed and use the horn on my right.
I have an old 400 lb Wilkinson anvil sitting on a hard wood stump buried 3 feet into the floor, it took me a long time to make up my mind on this one!
Moving that thing is not something I want to do often.
If I need the anvil the other way I simply step around it, the metal ain't gonna cool that fast.

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My anvil (having two horns) is placed such that the position of the hardy hole is closest to the hand that holds my tongs - away from my hammer hand and lessening the risk of injury when cycling from the anvil to the cut-off hardy when it is placed in the hardy hole. This also puts the upsetting block toward me and the preanvil at the far side of my manvil face.

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