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  1. Any good plans on building a good sized fly press? Or would hyraulics be the way to go with presses? I agree with the noise issue with a powerhammer...i built a small one on the krusty principle...uses a cars leaf springs as main pivot. Works fine but makes quite a racket...which is a problem if you are a backyard smith lol you become unpopular with the neighbours!
  2. Thanks Forsty guess ill find another use for it...i have a lot of stuff stowed away with later uses in mind...think most blacksmiths hate to get rid of any peice of metal lol
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May your hearts be merry and may you have the best new year ever!
  4. Great looking tomahawks hard to believe youve been at it for only three weeks...keep up the good work and welcome to ifi!
  5. hey all Good to see you around Frosty...have a question , thought it may be relevant. Ive found a peice of 316 stainless steel at work, it used to be an agitator blade which has been worn thin. It has nice patterns worn into the metal which i thought would make a nice texture on a knifeblade. Problem is its too flexable to make a decent blade...any way to harden it?
  6. Wow great work some impressive peices there im going to try some of it for sure thanks for sharing! BB
  7. well welcome to iforge i agree with you on not spending to much while you are learning and building it yourself is always fun! Experiment its the way to learn...about those lumps of charcoal just bash them with a hammer viola smaller peices lol Good luck with the learning process around here there are always experienced people to lend a hand so ask if you struggle! BB
  8. Hey Frosty how are you doing?

  9. Hey there Sam long time no chat just checking in to see how you are doing! Drop a line! lol Andre

  10. I have a portable forge so i wheel it outside of the garage and work underneath the big open door...that way no smoke comes into the garage where my anvil is and my forge is under cover in case it rains which it does quite regularly in Graskop. I recently built a power hammer based on D. Gentiles Krusty if anyone is interrested ill post some pics. Andre
  11. Very nice work! I think the economy is down all over , unfortunately. Good luck with selling those, im sure you wont have any difficulty. Its hard to find the right market...im still looking lol most people dont appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating something by hand.
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